How Meggie Made Me Hard

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I was a bit of a slob until Meggie took me in hand. Took me in hand. There I go again, whenever I think about Meggie my mind turns to sex. It all started when I delivered her exercise equipment. When I pushed the buzzer on the door it was answered by an attractive woman in her late 40’s with curly reddish brown hair and a sweet slightly shy smile. She was wearing a light blue summer dress. “Bring it all in,” she said, seeing the truck and realising that her equipment had arrived. “I’ll show you where to put it. Normally I get the smaller things to deliver as I’m not very fit. As I carried Meggie’s walking machine through the door I panted and wheezed. “I can see you don’t keep yourself in shape,” Meggie commented patting me on my beer belly as I went past. I thought it was rather forward of her. I brought in the excercise bike and the ab-roller, then I was finished. It was a hot day and I was tired and sweaty. Meggie offered me a cold drink. I accepted. “Pew! You stink,” she said, proving once more that tactfulness was not her strong suit. “You’d better have a shower before you go.” “Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked. “I could do with freshening up a little.” “Go ahead,” she replied, “the bathroom is that way.” Once I got to the bathroom, I shut the door and stripped off my sweaty t-shirt. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. When I was naked I turned on the shower and stepped in. Because it was such a hot day I left the water on lukewarm. I was just enjoying the feel of the refreshing water running over my body and beginning to apply soap to my face, when the bathroom door opened. Quickly, I rinsed the soap off of my face. I mustn’t have been too thorough because my eyes stung as I opened them just in time to see Meggie opening the shower door. “What do you think you are doing?” I asked. “Can’t a guy have a bit of privacy?” Meggie smiled so sweetly that I couldn’t help but forgive her instantly. “I just wanted to see if you were really as out of shape as you looked with your clothes on,” she explained. She reached out her right hand and brought it up against my belly, just inches above the spot where my hands were clasped protectively over my cock. “You could stand to lose a bit of that,” she said. “I know, I know,” I replied. “Now let me shower in peace.” “You don’t have to be so shy,” Meggie chided me, pushing my hands gently away from my prick. “If I let you use my shower, the least you could do is give me a look at your cock. I like looking at guys’ cocks. Mmmmm, I don’t think you really mind me looking, otherwise it wouldn’t Ümraniye Escort be swelling up like that.” She was right. I loved the idea of having a sexy woman like herself looking at my nude body with undisguised lust. I had only tried to hide my cock in the first place because it seemed the polite thing to do. How was I to know that politeness was not high on Meggie’s list of priorities. “I could really do something with that body of yours,” Meggie mused, deep in thought. “Oh, wow! Look how your cock jumped when I said that. You thought I meant sex, didn’t you? No, I mean if you let me be your personal trainer I could really whip you into shape. If you got yourself into shape, then a little sex might not be out of the question.” In my mind I imagined taking Meggie right away, right there, just lifting up her dress, pulling down her panties and slipping my prick into her sweet pussy. “Oh, dear, now I’ve really made your cock go stiff,” she said, teasingly. “I think you’d better pull yourself off. Then you’ll feel much more relaxed.” “What, with you standing there watching?” I asked, in disbelief. “I can tell you don’t mind the idea,” replied Meggie with a smile. “If your dick gets any harder it’s going to burst. Come on let’s see how a naughty boy likes to stroke his stiff dick in the shower.” That was it. There was no point resisting. I grabbed my rock-hard prick in my soapy right-hand and began to wank myself off. My soapy hand slid up and down my cock as I watched Meggie watching me. There was a twinkle in those sexy brown eyes of hers as she watched me masturbate. “Feel good, honey?” she asked looking me in the eyes briefly before returning her attention to slippery stiff cock. “You bet,” I sighed. “Would it give you a bit of inspiration if I let you see how wet my panties are getting?” she asked, lifting her skirt and leaning back with her legs spread so that I could see the spreading patch of wetness on her pale pink knickers. She gently teased the area through the wet material with the tip of the index finger of her right hand.” To feel my hot, hard cock in my hand, and to know that the sight of it was making her drip pussy juice into her fresh clean panties, sent me over the edge. My cock jerked in my hand and spurted a shower of hot cum across the bathroom floor. “Yeah!” cried Meggie, dropping her skirt and clapping her hands. * * * “Now these are the rules,” said Meggie, “if you want me to be your personal trainer. “1. You have to come over at 7.00 every night and stay until 10.00. “2. You have to do Ümraniye Escort Bayan anything that I tell you to without question. “3. As soon as you arrive you have to take off all of your clothes and remain completely naked until it is time for you to go. (This has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the workout, you understand. It’s just my reward for helping you.) “4. You are not allowed to touch me in any way. That is your reward when you have achieved our goal. “Sound O.K.?” she asked. “I suppose so,” I said. “How will you be dressed?” “I’ll start off the way I am, but if you do well, I’ll gradually wear less, is that a deal?” she asked. “I reckon you need to lose about ten inches from around that waist of yours. Let’s say that by the time you have lost two inches, I’ll be totally nude. Then while you lose those last eight inches you will have a bare-bottomed, hairy-pussied, bouncing-boobed totally naked trainer giving you the encouragement you need. But still no touching until you lose those other eight inches.” “Oh, God,” I sighed, rubbing the crotch of my jeans, where my cock was once more making his presence felt. “Don’t worry,” Meggie assured me, “you can have as many masturbation breaks as you want. And if I’m feeling really horny I might just join in.” * * * When I got over to Meggie’s house the next day she answered the door dressed in her business suit. She hadn’t changed yet after getting home from work. Her suit consisted of a navy blue jacket and matching knee-length skirt over a white skivvy which was stretched deliciously over her boobs. “Come in,” she said, “and get those clothes off right now.” “Of course,” I replied, taking off my shoes and socks, then pulling my t-shirt over my head to reveal the pigeon-chest and beer-belly that would be the targets of the exercise regime. “Hurry up and get your pants off,” Meggie insisted, “I want to see your cock before it starts getting stiff.” “It’s too late for that,” I informed her, dropping my jeans. At the prospect of being perved at my Meggie my cock had stiffened enough to be poking over the top of my jocks. “Oh, well, at least I know he’s glad to see me,” she consoled herself, as I pulled down my jocks and was completely naked. “Now I want you to do 20-minutes on the walking machine as a warm up,” Meggie informed me. She turned it on and I stepped on and began walking, my now rampantly stiff prick wagging about in front of me. Meggie came up close to watch, then she reached out and began stroking my butt-cheeks as I walked. “Hey,” Escort Ümraniye I said, unbelievablly turned on by what she was doing, “I thought there was no touching?” “Oh,” said Meggie, “no, you misunderstood me. I’m allowed to touch you, but you’re not allowed to touch me. I have to be able to check for muscle tone. To see if you are getting hard. I’m even allowed to touch you here,” she added, running her soft fingers gently over my stiff cock and making a trail of precum trickle down its underside. “But that’s not a muscle,” I corrected her, “and you can see how stiff it is.” “I know,” she giggled, “I’m just being a really naughty girl. Maybe if you get fit enough, you’ll be able to catch me and spank me. But for now, I’m the boss.” “Oh, God,” I sighed, “I think I need the first of those masturbation breaks now.” “But you’ve only been walking for ten minutes,” she protested. “Oh, all right, I did promise you could have a wank whenever you wanted. And I do like watching you rub that stiff cock of yours. Here I’ll spread a towel over the sofa so you can sit down comfortably and not make too much of a mess.” I sat down on the soft bath towel and gripped my stiff cock in my right hand. The precum made it splippery and it was easy to slide my hand up and down as I wallowed in the delicious feeling. The fact that Meggie was watching me with a big grin on her face just made it all that more exciting. “That’s it, David,” Meggie encouraged me, “stroke that big, fat, stiff cock of yours. You like wanking much more than you like walking don’t you? There is only one letter the difference but that’s enough for you isn’t it. Oh, dear my pussy is getting so wet that my panties are soaking.” She got up and turned her bum towards me, looking over her shoulder at it to see a small patch of wetness on the back of her work skirt. “Oh, dear, I’m going to have to get changed,” she said, “but first I want to see you shoot your spunk.” She sat back down and watched as I continued to rub my hand up and down my stiff prick. “Pull, pull, pull,” she said, dropping back into the role of trainer. It wasn’t long before I threw back my head in ecstasy as the hot, white jism gushed in powerful spurts from the eye of my cock. I directed it upward so that it splashed down on my belly and the towel rather than the carpet. I heaved a contented sigh. “Now you had better have a quick shower, while I change out of these clothes,” Meggie said. She walked into her bedroom while I made my way to the shower. I noticed that she didn’t close her bedroom door all of the way. I had a very quick shower, because I thought that if I got out of there quick enough and pushed Meggie’s door open I would be able to catch a glimpse of her naked. I wasn’t disappointed. Naked, and still a little bit wet from only a cursory once over with a towel, I pushed Meggie’s bedroom door open gently.

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