Hannah’s Night

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“You have been staring at him since we came in.” Lisa complained, “Either hit on him, or give me a shot at him.”

“No.” Hannah said with exasperation, “To both. He’s just doing his job. How much do you hate it when guys hit on you at work?”

“Yeah, but like… He’s a guy.”

Hannah glared at her, “How the hell are we friends?”

That shut her up, but Lisa clearly wasn’t understanding it. She was too busy salivating over the waiter at the bar like he was a hooker advertising their wares on the street.

It wasn’t the first time a night out had ended up this way for them. It wasn’t even the first time that Lisa had threatened to get in first and steal Hannah’s opportunity. And had. Successfully.

Between the two of them, Lisa wasn’t just the extrovert. She was the extrovert with no sexual inhibitions and the body of a model. Blonde, dimple in her cheek, startlingly blue eyes.

Hannah never had a chance whenever Lisa got involved.

Thankfully, her friend did usually offer a consolation prize. Either taking her out to dinner or taking her to bed, sometimes both. Lisa was probably Hannah’s most regular sexual partner at this point in time.

She did always enjoy it, but she actually want to hook up with a guy without her friend stealing them away from her.

Problem for tonight was that the guy who was hottest by far was the one working, and that was just awkward. Compliments and the occasional flirting is generally okay, but asking out the bartender was one of those things that felt wrong to Hannah.

She didn’t want to imagine the number of skanks he had to deal with on the average night.

Lisa waved him over, causing Hannah to stomp on her foot. The girl glared at her, “Hey! I just wanted a drink.”

“Wanna drink him.” Hannah said in a hiss.

“That too.”

The waiter made his way over, “Enjoying the night, ladies? Another round of shots?”

“Nah, want to ease it back. Cocktails?” Lisa said with a smile at him, “Anything that you’d recommend for two disappointed women?”

Hannah’s jaw clicked as she got pissed at the lazy segue.

He frowned, “Disappointed? Atmosphere isn’t what you wanted?”

“Oh, atmosphere is fine.” Lisa shrugged, “Good music. Drinks are nicely mixed. It’s just… I was really hoping to find someone to take home, other than Hannah.”

“Hannah.” The waiter picked up on it immediately, “Not so sure you’ll find a one night stand here, I’m sorry. Most of the regulars, they look for an actual connection.”

Lisa turned up her nose, “Connection doesn’t mean we can’t just have some fun. But, I suppose I’m settling for Hannah. She usually takes an appletini. Boring. Got something more fun to offer her?”

“You’re the more talkative one, aren’t you?” He smiled at Lisa with amusement, and then turned to Hannah, “What’s the deal with her saying she’s settling for you? You two an item?”

“S-sometimes.” She stammered, flushing red.

He laughed at embarrassment, “Nothing wrong with that. I was trying to gauge if it was serious. Some couples like to play.”

“No.” Hannah swallowed, “Not like that. We’re just… Lisa is kinda… Forceful. Sometimes. And I don’t mind. Sorry. I’m… Not that talkative.”

He nodded and pulled a stool over, “So, if I’m guessing correctly, my challenge for the night is to find a drink that you like, that makes you feel calm, and indulging. Make you feel like a princess.”

“Perfect!” Lisa lit up, “Me, too. If you can.”

“Oh, you’re easy.” He replied, “A French Kiss. Champagne, lemon, raspberries, few other things. Fruity and exciting, but refined and smooth to the tongue.”

“He’s got you.” Hannah tried a half smile.

“Well, I’ve got both your names now. Hannah and Lisa. One bubbly and a hell of a time. The other… Hmm. Haven’t quite got you worked out. The shyness is just the surface.” He scratched at his chin, “Hamish, by the way.”

“Hamish.” Lisa said, as if she were a lioness growling, about to pounce on her prey.

His attention was still on Hannah, which almost made her feel like squirming. She was used to disappearing next to Lisa, not the fixed gaze of someone she was extremely attracted to.

His green emerald eyes with flecks of hazel were unshaken, barely even acknowledging the flirting of her friend.

“I think I’ve got an idea. Tell me if I’m barking up the wrong tree, here.” He eventually said, surprising her as she realised she’d just been silently staring back into his gaze. “Apple Kneel. It’s basically a mix of sour apple and cherry brandy. Playful, light, but taste has a little bit of a kick. More than you expect at first.”

Hannah flushed, and rubbed at the back of her head nervously, “That… Sounds kinda fun.”

“Coming up.” Hamish stood up, ending the conversation.

Lisa waited until he was probably out of earshot and elbowed her, “He was totally hitting on you. That’s like, permission, now. You still not going to ask him out?”

“That’s probably just because you were doing everything except flashing him.” Hannah istanbul travesti said with annoyance, “Can you ever keep yourself under control?”

“No.” Lisa laughed, “But he was. Why not try and give it a chance?”

Hannah bit her lip, and then shook her head. “No. I’m not going to ask someone out whilst they’re working. He’s just doing his job, keeping women interested and around.”

“Ugh. You’re so boring.” Lisa pouted, “Well, because neither of us are getting anything, you get to go down first.”

“You’re pretty sure I’m coming home with you. Maybe I won’t.”

Lisa looked at her with wide and innocent eyes, “I don’t mean to take you for granted. You’re the only one who can put up with me.”

“You just want to get laid.” Hannah ignored her.

“No, seriously.” Lisa said, begging.

Hannah sighed and turned, giving the woman a quick kiss on the cheek, “You are way too cute to stay mad at. Just tone it down a little.”

A hand landed not just on her thigh, but in her lap, and threatening to brush up against her panties. “Promise.”

Hannah flicked her in the head, “Okay, do that again and you’re going home alone.”

The hand quickly pulled back as Lisa laughed at her, but it was more restrained. Her friend had heard her, loud and clear.

“You know I prefer getting romanced.” Hannah shook her head, “Why do you always default to… Owning me?”

“Well, mostly because I was jealous, this time.” Lisa said with a pout, and nodded at the bar, “You made Hamish drop a glass when you kissed me. Imagine what he’d do if we started making out.”

Hannah glanced over in surprise, and saw he really was cleaning up something. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She did want his attention, but she didn’t want to ask. Had she just killed her remote chances?

Then she turned to Lisa, “Jealous? That’s not really like you, either. Did you take me out because you were missing me?”

“Sorta. Yeah.”

Hannah sighed heavily, “So that’s why we’re at a bar lacking in the usual hot factor. You were really hoping I’d settle, weren’t you? You don’t have to get me tipsy to convince me. You know I like the corny things. Could have read me a poem, that’s cheaper.”

“Well, maybe the drinks were a bit for me, too.” Lisa shrugged, “I mean, look at yourself, Hannah. You’re not exactly that easy to approach. Even for me.”

“Huh?” She stared in confusion, “You’re the hot one.”

“I’m the horny one. You’re the hot one.” Lisa retorted, “Do you know how long I take to get my hair this wavy? It ain’t natural the way you get that. Even your morning bed hair barely needs a damn brush.”

“You’d know.” Hannah teased.

“She’d know what?” Hamish arrived with their drinks.

Lisa seemed almost annoyed at the interruption, as if she was trying to make up her mind on something. “Oh, just girl stuff. Hannah doesn’t think she’s the hot one. Care to give a guy’s opinion?”

Her eyes widened and she kicked her friend, “Hey! Stop that. He’s working.”

“I don’t mind.” Hamish shrugged as he handed them their drinks and sat down again, “Honestly, you two are hilarious. But, there’s something you could do for me, too.”

“Eh?” Lisa raised an eyebrow.

Hamish shrugged, “Nothing big. There’s a bit of a bet going with the staff. About which of you is going to kiss the other first. French kiss. My money is on Hannah, obviously. Everyone else thinks it’s going to be you, Lisa.”

“You want us to help you make some money.” Lisa glowered, “Have a mind to ruin it for you. But… I suppose I can’t let Hannah’s insanity pass.”

Hannah, for her part, was bright red. Red enough to almost hide her freckles, and blend in with her hair. “I… I am not okay with this bet.”

“Girl, you always kiss me first.” Lisa rolled her eyes, “So, french me, which I would very much enjoy, and then the guy you have the hots for can tell you how damn sexy you look. That’s a win-win, right?”

Hannah picked up her drink and sipped at it, almost wishing she could climb inside it and hide.

Hamish had been right, she really did like it. The tang and fizz made it fun, but it was also easy to drink.

“Well, suppose I’m being unfair.” The waiter said carefully, “I have to say, I go for the redheads, usually. Especially when it isn’t quite curls, like yours. Did you know most redheads have brown eyes? Yours are blue. That makes you some kind of rare beauty. Hard to approach. Almost like a mirage.”

“Guy has game.” Lisa said jealously.

Hannah wanted to hide under the table with all the attention pointed in her direction. She smiled sheepishly, staring at her feet, “Th-thanks. You’re not bad yourself. But I guess you know that. I’m sorry.”

“I’ve been flirting. Very obviously.” Hamish stated openly, “And maybe the bet started as an excuse to at least see something before the two of you take off.”

Lisa elbowed her, “See? This is the part where you ask him when he gets off shift.”

“It doesn’t feel right.” Hannah whispered.

Hamish istanbul travestileri leaned forward just a little, “You know, the concern about whether or not I’m accepting… That’s exactly why I decided it was okay to flirt with you. You won’t take it too far.”

He slid a piece of paper onto the table, “And now, here’s me hoping I haven’t taken things too far. I’ll leave the two of you to it.”

Lisa snatched the slip before Hannah could, and giggled, “He totally gave you his number. I don’t really want to give this to you. You’d choose him over me, any night.”

Hannah glared at her, “Give it back.”


She moved her feet uncomfortably, “Lisa. Come on. Give it back. Don’t play this game. You know how hard this stuff is for me.”

“Make him some money and I will.” Lisa tried to extort her.

Hannah turned her attention back to her drink, sipping at it and feeling down. “You are crazy possessive tonight. It isn’t fun anymore.”

“Sorry.” Lisa put the note down beside the drink.

She shrugged, “Is there… A reason?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Hannah sighed and glared over at her friend, “No, spit it out. You took me out to drinks, to calm your nerves, just to ask me to sleep with you? That doesn’t add up. You’ve sent me text messages that are as subtle as a single word to ask me to fuck you, before. What’s up?”

“Another time. When you’re not getting tapped by a freaking sexy guy.” Lisa said with disappointment.

“And there you go, again!” Hannah said in frustration, “Assuming my choices for me. I hate it when you do that.”

“Tell me I’m wrong.” Lisa rolled her eyes.

Hannah thought about Hamish topless and went a bright red, “Well, probably not. But that doesn’t matter. You’re still not supposed to assume. Maybe I wanted carpet today.”

“I was getting up the courage to ask you something. That could ruin our friendship.” Lisa said tiredly, “Moot, now. You managed to get the guy, even without trying. So you should try it. He seems the romantic type. Could play out as more than a night of fun.”

“Huh? Ruin our…?”

Lisa shook her head, “Forget about it.”

“We’ve been friends since we were twelve. Half our lives. Got to be something huge if you think it could possibly wreck things.” Hannah said seriously.

The blonde took a large mouthful of her drink, “Okay. Fine. You know how you said we weren’t a couple? And didn’t hesitate? That… Really hurt. Because I was maybe thinking of asking you. And it isn’t just the sex.”

“Are you in love with me?” Hannah blurted it out in shock.

Lisa finally blushed, shrugging without saying anything.

“Seriously, Lisa? How long for…?” Hannah said in consternation, “This better not just be because you’re jealous I finally might have a date. If this is about Hamish, I will get so mad at you.”

The woman smiled sadly, “No. It isn’t about the date. I wouldn’t have brought him up if I knew this would happen. I just wanted you in the mood to settle for me. Because you always settle for me. Just never see me.”

“How long have I missed this for?”

“Do you remember the first time we settled for each other?” Lisa asked.

Hannah nodded, “My twenty first. Caught my date with his hands down someone else’s pants. So I announced I was bi and dragged you off to my bedroom to try and ruin the party atmosphere.”

“I was hoping it wasn’t a one time thing.” Lisa stared into her glass, “Made sure it wasn’t just a one time thing.”

“Three years.”

She shrugged.

Hannah bit her lip, struggling not to cry. “My best friend has been letting me use her for three years, because she has a crush on me, and I didn’t even notice. Fuck. I am a total piece of shit.”

“No!” Lisa exclaimed loud enough to draw attention, and cringed, “Look, that was my choice. Just like tonight was. So I’m going to walk away, you’re going to have fun with Hamish, and we’re going to forget this conversation ever happened. Better that way.”

“I don’t want to get laid anymore. I want to work out if we’re compatible. I want to think this through.” Hannah shook her head.

Lisa looked sullen, “It was unfair of me to even bring it up. But you pushed me. It’d wreck our friendship.”

“You’re so… Stubborn.” Hannah complained, and then a wicked thought occurred to her. It made her feel wet and mean at the same time. The kind of naughty that she loved about Lisa.

She waved the bartender over again.

“Don’t you dare turn him down.” Lisa complained.

Hamish threaded the crowd to them quicker, “Something else for the talk of the night?”

“I’ll help you win your bet. Even go on a date with you. But there’s conditions.” Hannah said quickly, before she had a chance to back out, “It’ll be a competition. You and Lisa. Whoever can romance me better. Playing for keeps. Interested?”

“Oh.” Hamish said in surprise, “Not just a one night stand?”

“Might have misled you. She likes romance.” Lisa said guiltily.

He smiled at Hannah, turning her stomach travesti istanbul into butterflies, “I was sort of hoping to impress. Not so keen on competing with someone who both knows you and is hot as hellfire. I might lose.”

“Does he deserve a handicap?” Hannah teased, beginning to feel confident.

“No. You always prefer guys. It isn’t fair.” Lisa retorted, and then looked somewhat pathetic, “I don’t want to lose this way, Hannah.”

Hannah turned and planted the kiss on Lisa. She pulled the woman into her lap by the front of her dress, making sure to let not just her friend but the whole world know her intentions.

Lisa tasted as sweet as she always did. As hesitant as she always was. A moment from giving in and letting her violent passions show, but afraid of doing too much, too soon.

Hannah pulled their mouths apart, a trail joining them momentarily. “You’ve won that bet, Hamish. Question is, are you up for a challenge?”

“Holy shit.” The man very nearly stuttered, “I wasn’t wrong about your hidden side, was I?”

“Nope.” Lisa practically purred, and tried to resume kissing Hannah. Who pushed her back into her seat.

“Lisa’s got tonight to impress me. I’ll send you my number. But don’t wait too long. She wants to win. And she cheats.” Hannah said, using the last dregs of her confidence and adrenaline.

Hamish smiled and nodded at her, “I… I won’t.”

“Leaving. Now.” Lisa ordered.

Hannah laughed and put her money on the table, including a generous tip, and let the extremely horny woman hustle her outside, and away from the hot bartender.

They got about three steps outside the bar before Lisa had pushed her up against a wall and was kissing her neck, lifting up one of her legs to ride up the tight dress. Her other hand held Hannah through her panties, pushing lightly but firmly against her.

Apparently the competition was all it had taken.

“Mmm. We going home, yet?” Hannah asked, enjoying the attention.

Lisa spoke between kisses on her neck, playfully nipping at the end of each, “Taxi… Is on… The way.”

“Fuckin’… When did you do that?” Hannah struggled not to moan at the attention, keenly aware that they were in public and that Lisa did not seem to care.

Lisa’s teeth sank gently into her exposed shoulder, making Hannah shudder in excitement. “Oooh. Stop it. Wait… Until we’re home.”

The blonde reluctantly released her, taking her hand and half-pouting. “I used the app whilst you were convincing Hamish and ignoring me. It was only like three buttons. Your place or mine?”

“Yours.” Hannah shrugged, “You are supposed to be doing more than just sleeping with me, you know?”

“Oh, yeah.” Lisa grinned and leaned over to kiss her neck again, “You’re… Just… Irresistible.”

“You’re ruining my underwear.” Hannah complained as she shuddered under the touch.


Hannah groaned quietly, “Not for whoever’s car I have to sit in. That’s mean.”

“You think about other people too much.” Lisa was completely lost to her lust. She always got like this, focused. It was embarrassing in public, and amazing in private.

Hannah tried to lean away from the kissing, “Where the hell is the -. Thank god. Taxi.”

The vehicle pulled to a stop and Hannah dragged Lisa towards it quickly, whilst the woman stared at her with a deep and growing hunger. Any hope that Lisa would be more contained on their way home was absolute folly.

The driver had to remind Lisa to sit in her own seat more than once, as she tried to lean out of her belt to take more of Hannah’s attention. Though, he didn’t seem annoyed. More amused by the lustful display he was getting an eyeful of.

By the time Hannah found herself heading inside Lisa’s apartment she was certain she had three or four hickeys clearly showing on her neck.

“God, you’re possessive.” She complained, as Lisa pushed her into another wall, this time biting her neck from behind.

An agile hand snuck inside her panties, a slender finger slipping down passed her ass and dipping into the edge of her pussy.

Hannah bit her lip at the intrusion, moaning loudly, and continuing to try and resist her best friend. “I know… You offered me a drink… But seriously.”

Lisa kissed gently at her ear, and eased the finger up to the first knuckle. “Tonight is mine, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes.” Hannah gasped.

The finger moved in to the second knuckle, beginning to gently probe her. “You’re mine for tonight, aren’t you?”

“T-technically.” Hannah shivered, “Oh, shit. That’s sensitive.”

Lisa kissed at her neck, “Then, tonight, I want to show you. I want you to understand that this isn’t just some crush. That what I feel for you goes beyond just fun. That I want all of you to myself.”

With that, the finger was inside and beginning to curl against her most sensitive parts. Not just making her flow, but making her knees shake as she gasped, leaning her forehead against the wall.

“S-s-sensitive.” Hannah moaned loudly.

Lisa bit her, pushing her towards her edge. Making her cum whilst she was forced up against the wall, at the mercy of this lustful beast. Ignoring her cries.

Hannah jerked, hitting her head against the wall as she grunted and stiffened enough to hurt her neck.

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