Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 2

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Part II: The Contest

Introduction: The Blue Dragon Sex Club was a group of friends who met every Monday night for recreational lovemaking. Tamara and her boyfriend Eric, Dana and her lover Curtis, and occasional invited guests enjoyed finding new sexual games to play. On this particular Monday evening…

* * * * *

The four founding members of the Blue Dragon Sex Club met at the appointed hour in Tamara’s furnished basement, and the hostess was prepared for them. Wine, a few light snacks, lots of cushions, and plenty of towels. If this was to be a night of good wet sex, the towels might prove to be the most indispensable thing here. Curtis wasn’t taking any chances though- he had already drifted over to the wine. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little buzz to lessen inhibitions, at least until the juices started flowing- literally.

The foursome was slowly getting undressed and stacking their clothes out of the way. In a way, it was silly for any of them to be nervous. After all, this was the room where double dates invariable turned into lovemaking sessions. Each couple had made love in front of the other pair before, but it still seemed that there was a little extra tension in the air tonight.

“Well, well Tamara. That’s a new look for you, isn’t it?” smirked Curtis.

Tamara was sitting on a chair having just removed her panties, her last article of clothing. Her three friends stared between her legs at her hairless crotch. “Damn, you shaved your pussy?” Eric asked, although the answer to his question was rather obvious. The skin around her slit was bald and smooth, while the hair above her clit had been trimmed close, but not removed.

“Well,” started Tamara in explanation. “Dana and I discussed it at work this week, and we decided that one of us would give it a try. We just wanted to add a little spice to the proceedings. Wouldn’t want you boys to get bored. Remember, this is all about sexual adventure. The Blue Dragons are going to be daring. We tossed a coin to decide which one of us would do it.”

She was relieved to see that Eric approved, as was evidenced by his growing erection. “So you tossed a coin, and you lost?” he asked as he removed the last of his clothes.

“No,” she smiled. “I won.”

Curtis was now embracing Dana from behind and kissing her neck. The sharp contrast of his dark brown skin and her paleness was erotic in itself. “So you girls decided about the shaved pussy at work? What else have you two wicked ladies been brewing up for excitement this week?” he asked.

Dana turned around and gave her muscular black lover a quick kiss. “Well, we do have a pretty cool thing we came up with to get things started this evening. Eric, you and Curtis come over her and sit in these two chairs. Sit down with hands behind your backs, please.”

“I already don’t like it,” said Eric in jest as he and Curt complied.

As the two men sat down, hands dutifully placed behind their backs, Dana squatted in front of Curtis and Tamara assumed a position on her knees in front of Eric. The two naked men already had the beginnings of erections, just in anticipation of the evening’s events. Tamara thought nastily how that would not actually be in their best interest, at least not in the opening act of tonight’s sexual play.

“Okay,” Tamara said as she began to explain to the men what her istanbul travesti and Dana had dreamed up. “First up this evening is a cock sucking contest.” The men laughed and smiled. “All right! I’m going to like this,” beamed Curtis.

“You might not like it if you lose,” Dana answered. The smiles softened on the male faces.

“What do you mean, lose?” asked Eric.

Tamara explained. “What she means is there will be a female winner and loser and a male winner and loser. I’m going to suck you Eric and Dana’s going down on Curtis. Everything depends on which one of you guys comes first. The girl who gets her guy to shoot first is the winner. The other girl loses. On the other hand, the man who holds out the longest wins- the guy who comes first loses. Get it?”

The men looked at each other, then Curtis spoke up. “I hate to ask, but one of us has to. What do the winners get? And- and this is the part I really hate to ask about, what do the losers get?”

Dana and her dark blonde haired friend looked at each other and smiled. “The winners get to fuck the losers,” Dana responded.

Curtis knew his woman, and read the mischief in her voice. “That’s it. The winners get to fuck the losers?”

“Well, to be more precise,” Tamara said slowly “the winners get to fuck the losers up the ass.”

“Oh, you little bitches,” Curtis said, trying to hide a bit of a smile. “I knew there had to be a down side to this.” All four of them understood how the winning man and losing girl were going to carry out their end of the bargain. Now Tamara showed the men the means by which the winning girl was going to punish the losing guy. She reached into a bag next to the chair and extracted a strap-on harness and eight inch plastic dildo and placed it on the floor between her and Dana. It was the kind that looked like a real white man’s cock, veins and all. “The wonders of modern science,” observed Eric.

“Oh Lord,” was the reaction of Curtis. Eric seemed to have a more competitive spirit. “Just don’t lose,” he said.

“I have no intention of losing. Dana baby, you know I love your blow jobs, but I’d really like to get between those sweet cheeks of yours tonight,” Curtis purred as Dana smiled back at him.

“If we could finally get started,” Tamara spoke impatiently. “The other thing we haven’t mentioned is that Dana and I can only use our mouths and tongues- no hands. The goal is to suck you to orgasm, not jerk you off. We have to keep our hands away from your crotch. Remember guys, you also have to keep your hands behind your backs. If you don’t, you lose automatically.” Tamara paused for a moment. “Ready Dana?”

As the sexy brunette shook her head in the affirmative, Tamara played starter. “Ready, set, suck!”

The men were already rock hard with pre-cum oozing as the mouths of the two girls attacked their targets. Tamara choose to use her tongue early, and began licking Eric’s rod up one side and down the other in long, smooth strokes. Dana decided on another strategy. She engulfed Curt’s manhood in an early deep throat move. Dana held Curt’s cock in her mouth for a moment, then slowly started to pull away, pressing her wet lips tightly against his brown shaft. At that moment, he almost shot his wad, not a minute into the competition. Somehow, he held on.

Eric was desperately trying to think of something, anything istanbul travestileri that wasn’t sexy. He tried to think about sports, the news, anything to get his mind off of Tamara’s mouth as it mugged his swollen prick. Just watching her head bob up and down in his lap was incredibly erotic. He tried to look away, but found himself entranced as he watched her work her magic.

Curtis on the other hand had simply shut his eyes, not that it was helping much. Dana’s short black hair bounced up and down, matching Tam’s head motions, as if the entire thing was choreographed. Dana continued to suck hard on Curtis, and was nearly successful when she took as much of his large cock into her mouth as she could, then drew back off of it, letting her teeth lightly pull over his sensitive skin. At just that point, he made a little whimpering sound and Dana thought she had him, but he managed to stay in check.

A few minutes passed. Every once in a while, one of the guys would moan or made some sort of sound, and his woman thought she was on the verge of victory. Tamara had been concentrating on Eric’s balls, licking and sucking, but now moved back to the swollen head of his dick. She flicked her tongue repeatedly on the delicate skin at the edge of his cockhead. When she was sure he was just about to come, she pressed her mouth over his head and moved her lips over the sensitive ridge several times as rapidly as possible.

Eric moaned and said something. Tamara thought it was “here I come”, but she wasn’t sure. She moved her head to one side just as the white cream shot out toward her. It sprayed outward, splashing on her back and in her hair. The contest now over, she reached up with her hand to help him.

“Yes!,” shouted Curtis as Eric came, and a split second afterward, mounds of juice shot from Curt’s tool. Dana wasn’t quite as fast as Tamara to move, and she took some of the cum on her face; most of it washed up against her large, beautiful breasts. “Not like I’ve never had that happen before,” she said mentally to herself as she proceeded to go back down on her lover with mouth and hands to bring him to completion.

Several minutes and towels later, the four were sitting on the floor drinking wine and gathering back strength. Tamara, obviously enthused by her triumph, had placed her wineglass on a table and was now putting on the strap-on dildo.

“Hey Tam, why don’t you have another glass of wine. Maybe I can get you drunk enough to forget that,” Eric said, winking at the other couple.

“No chance. I earned this. You know, this oak coffee table over here is going to come in real handy for these kinds of things. Come on over and assume the position, baby” Tamara said as she made a jerk-off motion on the fake penis she now wore.

Tam was rubbing lubricant onto her toy as Eric climbed onto the table and got in the “all fours” position. “Hey Curtis, time you cashed in on your prize with Dana, isn’t it?” Eric said.

“Oh I will, but we wouldn’t want to miss this,” Curtis laughed as he and Dana maneuvered for another glass of wine and a better view.

Tamara was using her index finger to spread lubricant at the edges and inside Eric’s asshole. With one more gob of lube, she plunged both her index and middle finger up his ass, as much to prepare him for what was coming as to lubricate him.

Wiping travesti istanbul her hands on a towel, Tamara positioned herself behind her boyfriend. She lightly touched the head of her fake cock against his ass. Spreading his cheeks apart with her hands, she pushed the dildo forward. As the head of it pressed past his sphincter, he groaned. She pulled back, and lunged forward again, harder this time. She pushed deeper as his ass ate plastic, then Tamara began to rock back and forth. She fucked his ass much the same way he had screwed her a hundred times before.

“How does it feel Eric baby? You like that big cock inside you? How does that big, hard dick feel inside your ass?” Tamara taunted. She was fucking him hard and deep now, and several times she slapped him on the ass. “Yeah! Oh yeah, take it baby. Take my big hard cock!”

Curtis and Dana had been instantly turned on by this spectacle. They had both “lubed up” and Dana was now also in the “all fours” position on the floor next to the coffee table, facing the same direction as Eric. Curtis was on his knees, and soon his black cock was being swallowed by Dana’s pale broad ass.

As Tamara and Curtis pumped away at their partner’s posteriors, all four were making sounds of pain and delight. Beads of perspiration were rolling down Tamara’s chest as she used the power of “her penis” to penetrate her lover. Her small tits jiggled as she plunged into her man. She had no idea how much time had gone by when she finally noticed that her friends had begun their butt fuck beside her. After a while, she felt around Eric’s waist and realized just how hard he had gotten again. This whole thing excited her, but he must actually be liking it too she thought.

Tamara withdrew from Eric and walked around to the front of the coffee table. She planted a wet, lingering kiss on his lips, and whispered something into his ear. Smiling, he dismounted the table.

Tamara turned to Curtis. “Hold it just a minute, and the two of you move up here,” she said in an almost commanding tone. There really was no doubt who the ringmaster of this show was. Curtis withdrew from Dana, and she hoped up onto the table, resuming her position.

Tamara had slipped out of her harness. Placing lubricant on her fingers, she dabbed more grease just inside Dana’s butthole. The small brunette smiled and sighed with delight. Then, just before Curtis resumed his task, Tamara spread a bit more lube on his cock as she kissed his right nipple. Before he could embrace her, she guided his manhood back to Dana’s ass, and he was once again pumping into her.

Eric now stood in front of Dana, weapon loaded. Dana hesitated, then heard Curtis say from behind her, “Suck that cock baby. Go ahead, blow that thing!” She did, as she jammed Eric’s prick inside her mouth. Her huge tits hung down, swaying as the two men rocked her back and forth, fucking her from front and rear.

Tamara sat down in a chair with a glass of wine to enjoy the performance. Gone were the days when the boys went upstairs to enjoy a football game, leaving her and Dana down here in the rec room to watch rental movies. They were now the Blue Dragon Sex Club, and this was just a taste of things to come- so to speak. More people would eventually be involved. The boys would also start thinking of cool sex games to play. She had already ordered more “toys” to play with…

As Curtis spewed his load all over her ass, Dana eagerly sucked Eric to climax. Tamara watched, sipping wine with one hand and stroking her pussy with the other. Yeah. Life was good and getting better. Oh yeah…

To Be Continued…

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