Bill and Jeans Adventures Ch. 07

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Please read Part One for context.

Jean and Marie’s Trip to Omaha Part 2

Picking up where we left off from ‘Jean and Marie’s trip to Omaha Part 1.’

Marie pulled her car to a stop under a large shade tree at a rest stop, which sat further off the road than most because the highway was re-routed some years back. George and her would stop here back in the day for some outdoor adventures.

“Oh, what a quaint little spot,” Jean said, with a little slur, a reminder to Marie that she was the designated driver for the rest of the day.

“Yes, it is. There is a picnic table further back behind the restroom building, out of sight of the highway, shady trees there as well. Your father loved to stop here for a picnic, and then fuck me on that table,” Marie said, with a laugh.

Jean giggled, “Bill is always trying to get me to fuck him outside, but I have never been bold enough.”

Marie could tell it bothered Jean, that she has not been able to do the things with Bill, that Marie had done with her father. “Don’t worry honey, before you know it, you will be spreading your legs for Bill anywhere and everywhere he asks, and for whomever he asks.”

“We are still an hour away from where I was planning on us stopping for lunch. Maybe we should have a little brunch at the picnic table before we continue our drive.”

Jean jumped up and down like a happy little girl and said, “Yippie! a picnic.” Jean grabbed herself another wine cooler and a diet coke for Marie, as she grabbed up the little picnic basket with the sandwiches and a blanket.

Jean was whistling and very happy. Marie couldn’t help but notice that Jean was so different after she had been drinking, and her inhibitions were lowered. Marie, like Bill, hoped there was a way to have this Jean around all of the time, and not just after she had a few drinks.

When Jean arrived at the table, she was surprised at how secluded it felt. Aside from the sound of a distant semi going by, you would not know you were close to the highway; and facing the other side was open farmland.

Jean took another drink and said, “Oh, I wish Bill was here right now. I would let him fuck me on this table like you and daddy used to.” She asked, “Is it the same table, Marie?”

Marie replied, “Well, it sure looks like it,” as she popped the top on her diet coke, and walked around the table looking at the boards. “It is! Come here and look at this, Jean.”

Jean went over to where Marie was standing and saw scratched in the weathered wood, ‘George heart Marie.’

“Your father loved to leave little signs like this, when he would fuck me outside.”

“Marie,” Jean asked, “did dad always say fuck, when you would have sex, and not say make love?”

“Yep, your father loved to say, ‘Marie, get over here. I need to fuck you, right now!’ You see it was like a little game we played. George would say we are in love and when we make love, we are fucking; it is more natural. In many ways, sex is best when you’re having sex with someone you love; but sex is also great just for the sake of sex. Love is mental, an emotional state; fucking is a physical state.

“Marie, when you said I would get to the point where I would spread my legs for Bill anywhere he asked, and with whomever he asked,” Jean queried, “did daddy have you fuck other men?”

“Oh yes!” Marie exclaimed. “Remember, I never told your father, ‘no’–but I wanted to do it, as well. It is fairly common, really. Back then, it was called swinging; then later, swapping. Today, the phrase, ‘Hotwife’ is used; but it is all the same thing.

“And it is Bill’s profession to study the sexual practices of the various cultures around the world. It is very common in other countries, that when you have a guest, you entertain him by letting the visiting man fuck your wife; and in turn, you would expect the same when you make a reciprocal visit.”

Jean paused, “If I go on Bill’s trips with him, will he be fucking the wife of whoever we are visiting?”

“Quite likely, Jean. And in turn, that man will expect you to fuck him,” Marie said.

“It would be considered a great insult and embarrassment if the man’s wife would not fuck Bill, or if you did not fuck the man you and Bill were visiting. It would be an embarrassment for Bill, since it would likely be the village chief or someone of status.”

Jean seemed a little stunned, but with the wine coolers perhaps doing the talking, Jean said, “I think I could do that for Bill, just like you did that for my dad.”

“Well, Jean,” Marie said, “I did fuck other men for your father, but I also fucked them because I wanted to. That is what made it so exciting for both of us. Your father would almost always be in charge of the process; but, it also was important for him, that I was on board with it.

“Usually, your father and his friends would do me at the same time, but other times your father would just smoke a cigar, have a drink, and watch the show, as he would say. He liked that escort izmir as well. It established how he was the man in charge, and directing things. A guy’s ego is such a powerful thing, Jean. When it is strong, they can accomplish anything, or if it is weak, it can kill them.

“In fact, on this very table, I fucked your father and a business associate of his for the first time. Tony was his name, and he was from Chicago. Your dad had visited Tony a month before, and both George and Tony had fucked Tony’s wife. She was a hot blonde with big boobs as your father described her, but he told me he had bragged to Tony that my boobs were even bigger.

“Tony did not believe him, but your father said, ‘Next month when you are in Iowa, you will see.’ So when we picked up Tony at the airport, your father asked me to wear a low-cut top with a few buttons undone and to run up to Tony and give him a big Iowa hello; which meant me pressing my boobs against him and giving him an eyeful of cleavage. Oh, Jean, it was so hot!

“Tony, thought of himself as a suave cool dude, but I rocked his world and left him speechless. Your father was so proud of me, he just beamed.

“When we got in the car, George told Tony and me to get in the back and get acquainted; that he and Tony could talk business tomorrow, so we would have fun today.

“I was surprised, and I think Tony was as well, that George was not waiting ’til we got home for the fun to begin. At first, Tony was almost shy as I asked him questions about life in the city and how long he and his wife had been married. I caught your father eyeing us in the mirror and could tell this was great fun for him. He noticed me looking at him in the mirror and with his devilish smile mouthed the words ‘go ahead.’

“I started running my hand up and down Tony’s leg as I sat on his right. Tony was rambling on about the Cubs and even blushed a bit when I ran my hand further up and brushed his cock for the first time. He was hard as a rock and felt pretty big. I made a little sound of surprise as I just held my hand on his cock. I curiously asked him, ‘So Tony, is it hard…’ then I paused, ‘to get into a Cubs game?’

“He coughed a little, and said, ‘Yes, it is hard, but I can always get it in,’ with a smile.

“I said, ‘Oh, so you think you could get in me… me in to a game, that is,’ as I started to slowly tug down on his zipper.”

Jean gasped, “Oh god, Marie, that sounds so hot! And daddy was watching you in the mirror?”

“Yes, his eyes were darting back and forth from the road to the rearview mirror. I was teasing Tony as I pulled his zipper down and reached my hand inside to rub his cock some more.

“I gave him an amazed look and said, ‘Why Tony, I think you have a baseball bat inside your pants! Do you take that to the Cubs game with you?’

“Tony replied, ‘Hell yeah, I take it everywhere I go.’

“I said, ‘Hmmm, why don’t you pull those pants down and give me a better look.’

“In a flash, he had his pants down around his ankles and his hard cock sprang up in the air. I spit on my hand for some lube and started stroking his cock up and down. As he reached an arm around me and started feeling up my boobs, I could tell he was amazed at how big they were.

“I asked proudly, ‘George tells me your wife has some nice big tits, Tony. Is that true?’

“Tony said, ‘Oh hell yes, real big!’ He was also wondering just how much George had shared with me, and he was starting to think George had told me just about everything. His hand reached in the opening of my top, and tried to slip inside my bra.

“When he felt down as far as my hard nipple, I squeezed his cock hard and said, ‘Hmm, that feels good.’

“‘So George has seen your wife’s boobs, hasn’t he. He has groped them and sucked on them, hasn’t he.’ Tony just nodded his head surprised by my boldness. ‘Tony, was George bragging to you that my tits are bigger than your wife’s?’

“Tony glanced at the mirror to see George smiling that I had told him, so smiling, Tony replied, ‘Yes, he was bragging, bragging a lot.’ Tony added, ‘You know, I still have not seen your tits, Marie–just felt them.’

“‘Hmm, that doesn’t seem fair, would you like me to take them out for you, Tony?’ I said, as I undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and then leaning forward removed my top and tossed it on the front passenger seat by George.

“‘Hey! What is going on back there?’ George asked, with a feigned tone of surprise.

“Tony just laughed and said, ‘Oh, I think you know.’

“Turning to Tony, I said, ‘Well, what do you think, are my tits bigger than your wife’s?’

“‘Holy fuck,’ Tony murmured, ‘they are fuckin’ huge.’ It was George’s turn to laugh; I knew he was really enjoying my show.

“‘But,’ Tony said, with a smile, ‘George got to see my wife’s tits with her bra off, so I can’t really tell, Marie; now, can I?’

“‘Oh, that’s right, it would only be fair for you to see me naked, as well.’ I turned my back to Tony and said, ‘Be a dear izmir escort bayan and unsnap my bra.’

“Tony’s fingers fumbled with the snaps, ‘Geez, this is trickier than I thought,’ he said.

“‘Well, baby, a bra for really big tits has extra snaps.’ I heard him catch his breath. You know, Jean, sometimes it is the silliest thing that just wows a man.”

Jean nodded, enthralled with Marie’s story, and wondering if she could do the same thing with one of Bill’s friends.

“I tossed my bra on the front seat alongside my blouse and turned to face Tony. Oh my god, his eyes got so big, he just stammered, ‘Holy fuckin’ Christ! George you weren’t kidding.’

“George started laughing so hard that he swerved the car into the other lane. ‘Hey, baby steady up there; don’t get us killed with my boobs hanging out.’

“Tony reached out both hands and started caressing my boobs. I was surprised at how gentle he was, at least at the start, squeezing them and rubbing my nipples. I felt the early stages of an orgasm start to build–my nipples can be so sensitive.

“He started sucking on them softly at first; but then harder, sucking hard and then releasing them with a sucking sound, and motor-boating them and bouncing them back and forth. I started to stroke his cock again, harder.

“He pulled back and said, ‘You know my wife also gave George a blowjob.’

“‘She did, did she? George,’ I asked, ‘does Tony’s wife give good head?’

“‘Oh she sure does, babe; she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.’

“It was Tony’s turn to be the proud husband.

“‘Hmm, well I suppose I should suck your cock; you know, I usually don’t suck a man’s cock an hour after I have met him; but since my husband fucked your wife, it only seems fair.’

“I started to lean my head down towards Tony’s cock, his hand softly pressed against the back of my head like men do, afraid that we might get away or something.”

Jean laughed, “Oh god yes, Bill does that, too.”

“And just as my tongue swirled away a drop of pre-cum from his cock and he moaned slightly. I pulled back up, which really surprised him.

“‘What! What’s wrong?’ he asked.

“I looked at him in fake seriousness, ‘You didn’t answer my question.’

“‘What! When! What question?’ he stammered. God he was so desperate, I love to make a man desperate, at least once, every fuck.

“‘You didn’t tell me who has the bigger tits, me or your wife?’ I said.

“‘Oh Jesus, you do!’ he said, grabbing for my head again.

“‘So, George was right?’ I asked.

“‘Yes, god yes, George was right!’ Oh the smile on your father’s face was priceless when Tony said that.

“Tony had earned his reward, so I went back down on his cock and he held my head with both hands, desperate that I did not escape again; but, gently which kinda surprised me. I thought he was really going to fuck my throat, but he just relaxed and let me do all the work.

“Since he was being a good boy, I decided to spoil him. His cock was about a match for your father’s and Bill’s in size, so it took a while; but eventually, I got him in and down my throat.

“‘Holy fuck George! Your wife has sucked me all the way in–my wife has never managed that,’ which made me very proud, and although I could not see George’s face, I knew he was in his glory.

“‘Well, I taught her that, you know,’ George said, as I started to laugh with Tony’s cock in my throat causing great vibrations and making him moan.

“He released his hands from my head and let me bob up and down, slobbering on his cock, blowing on it, and making a humming noise on it.

“I then sat back up, causing a look of panic on Tony’s face as I knew he was about to shoot his load.

“I whined, ‘Oh George! I think I forgot something, we might have to go back to the house!’

“‘Forgot something?’ George asked. ‘Marie, you’re not doing that–we have to go back and check that the coffee pot is off thing–again.’

“Tony started to panic, as his wife would do the same thing. Tony put his arm around me and grabbed my right boob and was trying to pull me back down, ‘Oh I am sure it is off, Marie; don’t worry about that.’

“‘No! No! It isn’t that, it’s something else,’ I said, pushing Tony away.”

“Now, Jean,” Marie said, leaning closer, “this was a surprise for your father as much as for Tony.”

“‘Well, what is it baby?’ your father asked.

“‘Oh, I am too embarrassed to say.’

“‘Too embarrassed? You just had Tony’s cock down your throat and your tits are out, what are you embarrassed about?’

“‘Well, George, I left the house and I think I forgot to put… any panties on!'”

“Holy fuck, Jean, your father freaked. I think just the tease, or the realization that he could have been playing with my pussy all the time on the drive over; but either way, he swerved even worse than before.

“Tony seemed puzzled and even more aroused. He said, ‘You think you might have forgotten to put any panties on, you are not sure?’

“I izmir escortlar put my little finger in my mouth and shook my head playing the ditzy big-boobed gal that drives men crazy.

“‘Tony,’ I asked, with a pleading voice, ‘would you check for me?’ and I sat further back in the car seat and spread my legs wide.

“George would look in the mirror, then the road, then the mirror–I was driving him crazy, and his face was turning red.

“Tony said, ‘Well sure,’ and placed his hand on the inside of my left leg just above my knee. ‘Oh wow!’ he said, ‘Marie, your skin is so soft and you feel so hot!’ Further and further up my leg, he moved his hand, your father straining to see.

“I was starting to breathe harder, not from playing with the boys anymore; but because it was just so erotic. As he got near my pussy, I was so wet–my thighs were wet–then he slid up further and found my naked, wet pussy; and without hesitation, thrust two fingers deep inside me. I let out a loud moan, ‘Oh fuck!’

“‘WELL!!! WELL!!!’ your father shouted, in that voice of his that would rattle the walls. ‘Did she forget! Did she!!!’

“‘Holy fuck, George! No panties and I have two fingers deep in her!’ Tony said. I moaned again and shook my head from side to side as Tony finger fucked me through my first of many orgasms that weekend.

“‘Goddammit!!!’ your father bellowed, as he could hear the wet sloppy sounds of Tony finger fucking the shit out of me! Then your father turned off the road at about twice the speed he should have as Tony went flying onto the floor and me atop of him in a heap.”

Jean gasped, “Oh my god! Were you okay?”

“Oh, I was in heaven and kinda smashing Tony, your father leaped from the driver’s seat and slammed the door so hard the whole car shook!

“Tony panicked. ‘Oh shit, he has lost it!’ he said, as I tried to scramble off of him in the crowded confines of the back seat. ‘Hell, he told us to get back here, he knew what we were going to do, and now he is going to beat the hell out of me!’

“I said, ‘No, Tony, he is going to fuck the hell out of me! He is not angry, just very horny, and I am sure he is going to want you to fuck the hell out of me, as well.’

“George opened the door and reaching in, practically lifted me up and out of the car in one motion and started kissing me so passionately. ‘Holy fuck, you’re so goddamn hot, Marie,’ he said. His hands were everywhere, his tongue as far down my throat as Tony’s cock had been, ravaging me is about the only way to describe it.”

Jean just sat there mouth agape, as she could clearly picture the scene and she realized that the other man fucking Marie, had aroused the alpha male in her father; would Bill be the same way, she wondered.

“Tony had exited the car from the other door and came around to where we were, relieved to see that George was not angry, just horny as fuck. Tony thought George had been a little rough when he fucked his wife, but realized it was nothing compared to a super aroused George. The word, rape, came to mind; yet, it was not that, just passion turned up to eleven.

“I felt Tony come up behind me as I was in a deep kiss with your father, and his hands were grabbing and groping at my boobs like he wanted to take them away with him. Tony was sliding his cock between my legs trying to get the right angle to fuck me. He poked but missed, and then he poked again, nearly getting it in my ass. I leaned forward to give him a better angle, and then he rammed it home!!

“Oh god, Jean, Tony was as big as George and he slammed into me so hard. He went balls deep with the first stoke, it usually took several strokes for your father to bottom out in me. It was so intense, I screamed; but your father held me tight and a second later, I had such an intense orgasm the pain faded and was replaced by pleasure; and Tony settled into a more controlled fucking rhythm.

“I knew we were too close to the highway to be standing there and fucking, so I pointed in the direction of the picnic table and managed to mutter, ‘Over there, picnic table there, fuck me there,’ and pointed again.

“Thank god, Tony pulled his cock back out of me, and then Jean,” Marie exclaimed, “your father lifted me up and over his shoulder and started walking towards the picnic table!”

“He called back to Tony, ‘Hey buddy! Grab the blankets out of the trunk, my wife has been naughty and needs a good fuckin’ from both of us!'”

Jean gasped and put her hand to her mouth, “He carried you off like in the caveman movies?”

Marie nodded, “I have had many erotic moments, Jean; but, I gotta tell you, that is right near the top. Your father set me down on the picnic table and stepped in between my legs with his monster cock getting ready to thrust it in. I held up my hand and said, ‘Please George, just a second, I have to catch my breath.’ Jean, have Bill carry you across his shoulder sometimes, the way your boobs hang down feels great.”

“Just then, Tony reappeared with the blankets and spread one on the ground and one across the table. I stood up and pulled my skirt down and as I stood there naked I said, ‘Okay boys, how do you want me?’

“God, the smiles they had on their faces, Jean. It was priceless.

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