A Wake Up In The Best Possible Way

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Its two o clock in the morning, I’m hot, bothered and can’t sleep, as I roll over to look at your handsome face I notice that your cock is half erect, and you seem to be moaning very quietly, the sound of this is making me have rude thoughts and although I’m exhausted, my body needs to be made love to. I roll onto my back and slowly slide my legs apart so as not to wake you, your breathing is getting louder and I know you must be having a wonderful time in your dream.

I slide my hands across my firm breasts and gently start to circle my nipples, they respond eagerly and I can feel my pussy start to get moist. I concentrate on my breasts and the feelings down below are starting to grow, each little touch is sending a little wave of pleasure over my body, rolling my left nipple between my fingers, I slowly start to stroke my way across my stomach. Just tracing my nails over my hot skin, enough to bring the small Goosebumps up under my touch, I work my way down to my wet pussy, I start by slowly tracing the outline of my moist lips, all the while I am still playing with my nipple and the pleasure is causing me to groan slightly.

I can feel my wetness start to slowly ooze out of me and onto my finger as I run my nails over my sensitive lips, my fingers start to work their way in with each stroke and tingles of excitement are building up inside me.

I glance over at you and wish it was your hand on my pussy, but you look peaceful so I’ll pleasure myself, your breathing has calmed down and I’m kuşadası escort guessing your dream has ended.

As my fingers find my sensitive clit I have an amazing urge to slide down the bed and slip your semi hard cock into my mouth, but fearing of waking you, I stayed where I was, my middle finger is now rubbing, very slowly and lightly and already I can feel the build up of an orgasm inside me, I move my hand down so that I can rub my bud with my thumb and my first finger automatically dips into the wetness below, it feels good, very warm and sticky and my hand starts to take on a slow rhythm of rubbing and penetrating, my body starts to move and my back arches, it wont be long before I cum all over my fingers, but its not enough, I want your cock deep inside me stroking my insides. I slowly reach over with my left hand to where your cock is sitting on your stomach, its still a bit hard and I ever so gently slide my hand underneath it and as smoothly as I can wrap my hand around it.

As my hand starts to squeeze you gently, your body reacts with a quiver, which really turns me on. Knowing your asleep while I have your cock in my hand brings me closer to orgasm, I push two fingers deep inside me and moan as I find the sensitive spot way up high, at this point my hand starts to slide up on down on your now hard cock, I’m worried about what you might think if you wake up and me with my fingers buried inside me and with your cock in my hand, but I’m so turned on it’s a risk I’m going to take.. My pussy clenches round my fingers as the waves of orgasm hit me, I moan loudly and the muscles in my legs tense up as the juice flows freely down inside me and over my fingers.

My other hand is working on your rock hard cock and I can’t believe you haven’t woken up yet, as my orgasm dies down I just have to have your cock in my mouth, so I slide down the bed until I’m level with your tool and start by running my tongue over the tip of your cock, slowly down your shaft, licking and sucking all the way until I reach the base, I then concentrate on your balls, Gently lifting them to my mouth and licking gently, sucking each ball in turn then rubbing my finger below your sac. On the sensitive part, the part you love to be sucked and stroked, it drives you wild you say, and I can tell it does, you have started breathing rapidly now and a very small moan escapes your lips.

I start to slowly tongue my way back up to your cock and making my way to the head, all the time fondling your balls. I sink my mouth down onto your cock making sure I put pressure on your shaft as I do so. Then slide back up to the top to kiss the tip, then sliding down again, circling my tongue around your length, you moan again, and this time its loud, the thought of you receiving a blow job while you are totally unaware is a great turn on for me.

I speed up the working on your cock, making sure none of you goes with ought, I can feel your balls start to tighten and know your reaching climax soon, your body has started to grind into the bed and you are breathing quickly now, I so badly want to taste your sweet cum and I want to make sure your awake when you cum, I suck hard and make sure my mouth covers you all each time I go down on you, I’d love to know what your feeling right now.

As I slide down on you next time, I gently shake you with my free hand as to wake you, but you being a heavy sleeper take no notice, so I carry on running my moist lips over your hardness, again the next time I get to the top, I shake you harder this time wanting desperately to wake you, with that you start to stir and try to roll over, oh no you don’t I say out loud and pin you down, which takes all my strength.

You open your eyes wide with shock and look down at me, you open your mouth to say something, but all that comes out is “Mmmm, oh my god I’m coming!”

I smile and start to work faster on you, squeezing your ball gently as you fill my mouth up with hot cum, I swallow it greedily and then turn to look at you with a wicked grin on my face, You look surprised and shocked but u also have a horny look on your face “I can’t believe you did that to me” was all you could say to me, all I could do was smile a wicked little smile, I reach over and kiss you, turn over and pretend to go to sleep, I can hear you muttering something about getting a fantastic blowjob and not even being awake to enjoy it, a small chuckle escapes my lips and before I have chance to respond you tell me that I’d better give you a rerun of what happened in the morning, of course I agree readily, and I’m sure you will enjoy the show.

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