Wife arranges group fuck for hubby – Part 4

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Wife arranges group fuck for hubby – Part 4A bit shorter, working on more now, thought I’d add what I had so far…Nick slides his cock all the way in and I feel his balls pressed up against my ass. Joe’s fresh load acts as a great lube and Nick is soon building up a nice rhythm as my wife and I continue sucking on Bills amazing cock. We are working so well as a cock sucking team you’d think we’d been doing it for years! As one of us was sucking on his knob and down his shaft the other would hold the base or his balls, or lick his balls, then we’d swap, or we’d both lick up each side and then kiss each other with his knob in between… I think it was possibly the single most sexiest part of the night and morning so far! I am so distracted by what we’re doing I barely notice Nick has upped the tempo and is now fucking my ass hard and fast and is obviously building up to blow another load in my ass! He thrusts in a final time and lets out a satisfied groan as he empties his balls and then slowly pulls almost all the way out before gently sliding back in a couple more times for good measure. “I think maybe you might be lubed up enough now for my turn.” says Bill as he extracts himself out from my and my wife’s grip on his cock, but we aren’t left empty handed or mouthed for long as Jeff brings his fat cock in to replace Bill and my wife and I go to town again!Bill moves into place behind me and rubs that big cock up and down my now surely gaping asshole but thankfully he asks someone to pass him the lube and he adds a little to his cock head just to be on the safe side. He lines up the tip at my entrance and in one firm push slides all the way in balls slapping on my own again and I can’t help but open my mouth bursa escort wide and groan loudly as the full feeling consumes me again. Jeff’s cock is forgotten by me, but not my wife, as Bill is ramming in and out of me now and giving me a real fucking! He pounds back and forth for a while and then pulls his cock completely out, forcefully pulls my ass cheeks apart and looks at the gaping hole and then rams back in again, balls deep, and pumps hard twice before exclaiming loudly that he is going to cum. I feel him swell even more as he blows deep inside me and his body shakes and he lays forward on my back as I feel him still cumming and I feel some of the three loads, but mainly Bills I guess start to dribble down my ball sack. At this point I have completely forgotten about Jeff, and haven’t even noticed my wife had moved as well. I feel the bed moving and someone, Tom I think, is sliding their head under my body and he starts to lick the cum from my balls as it flows out from around Bill’s slowly softening cock. Jeff leans over and starts licking up and down Tom’s cock and I shift a little so I can get in on the action too. Bill slowly removes his cock from my ass and I feel a big load of cum run out of my ass, down my balls and is greedily slurped up by Tom’s waiting tongue. Bill retires to an armchair in the corner and I notice a look on his face of complete satisfaction and an almost blissful exhaustion as he closes his eyes and seems to drift off to sleep. The action on the bed however doesn’t seem to be letting up just yet and I feel someone move in behind me again and push a hard cock at my entrance once more. I have no idea who though as Bill is in the chair, Tom is under me and Jeff is helping bursa escort bayan me on Tom’s cock. That leaves Nick and Joe who seemed to be done earlier, but also, the cock nudging my ass seems bigger than either of them… Then it dawns on me as I feel the bigger, harder and more silicon feeling cock of our strap on my wife and I use. “My turn to fuck your ass darling, I promise it’ll be the last one up your ass … for a little while anyway…ha ha” As it’s two sided, vibrating and the best strap on we have ever used, I know, or hope anyway, it’ll get my wife to orgasm again fairly quickly as I think my ass definitely needed some recovery time! She has become a master at fucking me, but now I know the difference in a real cock up my ass and wonder if this will be different now. I am about to find out as she slowly slides in until her hips are against my ass cheeks. She moves her feet up next to my knees and now is standing up behind me so she can really pound into me and she proceeds to do just that, sliding the fake cock out until just the head is inside me and the she drops down onto me and forces the buzzing member back in. She repeats relentlessly and I can hear her moaning as I guess her side is really working for her now and the events of last night and today have her in a state of extreme arousal as well. She buries the cock in my ass again and then just grinds around, making it work how she needs and then with a high pitched squeal she comes loudly and actually squirts all over my ass, back and Tom’s face as well and shakes with an almighty full body orgasm (I later find out she also had a small butt plug in, and it really was a ‘full body’ orgasm)Thankfully she pulls out of my now tender ass and escort bursa collapses at the foot of the bed. I meanwhile have placed my straining cock into Tom’s mouth, and pushed Jeff out of the way so I can gobble greedily on his cock. I want to come and I want his come in my mouth…Now! I pause and say to Jeff “You better get wanking that cock of yours, I want both your loads down my throat!” I knew Tom was close, I knew I was very close and Jeff seemed to catch up pretty damn quick! I felt Tom swell and he moaned around my cock as his nuts contracted up and he exploded what seemed to be another big load into the back of my throat. That was all it took for me as my cock came out of Tom’s throat, but still in his mouth as I also emptied my load into his cheeks and then Jeff grabbed my head and stood up over me and tipped my head back as he wanked his cock in my face and I held my tongue out as best I could with some of Tom’s load still in my mouth. Jeff proceeds to shoot his load into my open mouth and Tom slides out from under me and also comes up to my face and opens his mouth over mine and lets my cum roll down his tongue and mix with Jeff’s and his own semen in my wide hungry mouth.I close my mouth a sec and swallow and feel the huge loads slide down my throat, and then continue to lick as much cum as I can get from Jeff’s fat cock head and Tom adds his cock to my face and I clean up any remnants from his cock as well. What a greedy little cum hungry cock sucker I’d turned into! We all fall in a heap on the bed, and then after a few minutes all the guys quietly get up and leave the room as my wife and I cuddle up in the middle of the bed completely spent and well and truly fucked senseless! We drift of to sleep again, needing the rest, and my last thought is “Its only Saturday morning, what in the world does the rest of weekend hold…”As always, I love comments and likes, and let me know if you want me to continue?

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