Wearing Pantyhose Cost Me Dearly, Or Did It?

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Wearing Pantyhose Cost Me Dearly, Or Did It?I have always loved wearing tights (Pantyhose to those guys over the pond!!), or hold up stockings, panties and matching suspender belt with stockings, under my normal day clothes for work, gives me a hell of kick. I love sport so have to remember not to wear when with the lads. As a gay bottom, I often think my cock and balls, although both pretty hefty, simply get in the way of wearing lingerie, the big bulge spoils the cut and shape of them. My partner says he loves me in lingerie and its gets him more aroused than ever when I strip off after work and he fucks the hell out of me. Lost count of the lovely panties and tights he has ripped not waiting for me to remove them!!I got home this evening and Ralph seemed rather quiet, asked him what the matter was and he said “Well Trev, I have been thinking, how about you and me making our living arrangements permanent and getting married?”“Too true, as long as you let me carry on wearing some fem gear” So it was all arranged, a civil ceremony about 4 weeks from now.We had an early night, took some drinks to bed, I left my suspender belt and stockings on and wore some neat cotton/lycra women’s shorts and they fit sooooo well…I woke up first the next morning (Saturday) and realised immediately something was wrong. I felt odd. I woke up Ralph and told him, he got up and pulled down the duvet, “Fucking hell” he yelled “I didn’t think osmaniye escort it would really work, Trev I am so sorry I slipped you a pussy pill last night, not thinking it would work, you are going to hate me for ever” and he burst into tears and sat on the edge of the bed.I sat up, and looked down at my crotch, no wonder I felt odd I was soaking with some whote sticky jelly oozing through my shorts.I gingerly put my fingers inside the waistband and pulled them down, Ralph was looking intently at me, my cock and balls had gone, simply vanished into thin air, and there , in their place was a, I have to say, wonderful looking vagina, pussy, gash whatever you want to call it. Just where my balls had been, there were two raised pink lips and an opening slash between them., jelly was still oozing out, I licked it, it was cum, nothing else…… I gently pushed my fingers inside the rather tight gash and felt more flaps of flesh and it was warm and moist and I was turning myself on. I pulled my fingers out and looked at Ralph“What the fuck were you think of?” I tearfully asked him. “It was simply a joke, I never thought it would work, but you look so hot and I need to try it out”I was absolutely blazing “Do what you like” I snarled. With that he lay on top of me, and next minute I felt his cut cock pushing its way inside, I was tight and he had to push, I felt his balls hitting my thigh tops and he fucked me like escort osmaniye a mad man AND I LOVED IT.“”Hold on Trev, I’m cumming” Ralph yelled……… “Cumming?, he nearly blew me off the bed. It was amazing…. He was kissing me madly and squeezing my nips…how much better was this than lying on my stomach, or my legs over his shoulders, or over a chair?. He pulled out, cum dripped down onto the bed down my stockings and over my panties. I loved it.I looked at him “you still going to marry me??” I asked him.. “Course” he laughed “more so then ever now”…. I have a 6’3” hairy man with a pussy, what could be better”I stood up and went into the shower, still leaking cum.. I showered and came out. I put on a pair of red lace panties, which immediately got soaked in jizz, I felt my gash, I was sticky again. Ralph laughed “I think you need a tampon or pads to stop you leaking your cum , the tablet did say that this vagina was only a rearrangement of your cock and balls and you would still pre cum, and cum when you were fucked., you will still leak pre cum when you see a guy that you want to fuck you, so be warned”He went into the bathroom and came back with a small box, he puled out a small cigar shaped packet, opened it and pulled out a tampon, “Here let me” he whispered., and slid the little tube up inside my pussy, I felt it swell up and fill me, safe now I thoughtI decided to wear tan tights with my jeans osmaniye escort bayan and top and we went shopping. I didn’t miss my cock and balls, although y jeans looked a bit baggy in the crotch, Ralph bought me some Lycra shorts and I wondered why.We went back home and he asked me to try them on, I pulled them up over my tights and he Ralph was positively slavering and he pointed at my crotch. There even through my tights, was the very obvious outline of a pair of pussy lips. He laughed “Shit, Trev, you look so hot in those” ###“Err, what am I supposed to do this afternoon, when we play rugby? These will be obviously on view through my lycra shorts, and I cant wear a jock now”Ralph, opened a drawer in the cupboard and produced a small box, I opened it and inside was a silicone cock about 6” long, complete with cock head (Like mine was) and soft balls, all attached to a large butt plug. “Trev” he smiled “Simply push this inside your pussy and it will stay well in place and look just like th real thing, even in the shower”Cutting the story short, I was in the communal bath with the lads and one said, had anyone heard of the new pussy pill? He took one two nights previous and now had a pussy, and then stood up the show the boys. It was even better than mine, well bigger anyway. Some of the lads then stood up, one at the front pushed inside and one around the back went up his back passage, wow fucked by two cocks.. I stood up with Ralph, and pulled out my prosthetic cock and balls, the rest of the lads gagged and Ralph was in my gash before I could move and another of the lads in my ass. If life is going to be like this, Ralph did me the best favour EVER.To be continued…..

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