The Cellar Part 1

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The Cellar Part 1I had made friends with a guy called Henry. He was a member of one of the CD sites that I also belonged to and it soon became obvious that our tastes were very similar. At first we chatted and exchanged pictures of shemales or CDs. We both knew that the other dressed as well and so we shared pictures of clothes that we might have brought. We lived over an hour apart by car and meeting up was difficult for both of us as we were both married. He told me a little about a club that he belonged to. It was a large house in it’s own land where guys would meet up to dress and enjoy the club and it’s facilities!I was actually very interested and then a chance occurred. His mother-in -law became ill and his wife thought that she ought to spend time with her. He couldn’t go because of work commitments. I wondered how to get rid of my wife when she suddenly said that one of her female friends was wanting a long weekend away and had arranged a girly weekend! They were leaving Friday morning. I tried not to sound to keen on her going but told her that some of my friends had arranged a golf weekend and wanted to know if I would caddy for them. I don’t play golf at all. Hate it. She was pleased, I could tell and so it was ll go! Henry was so pleased. I told him that I needed to get the wife out the way and then would pack and make my way over. I also told him that I would text when I was about 10 minutes away to make sure it was all clear. That Friday morning it all went like clockwork. No word from Henry so all must be well. Once Angela was out the way I packed a small case with a bout half a dozen changes of clothes and shoes and make up and wigs etc. Nighties I thought! sincan escort So I packed a couple. Henry told me that we would spend the whole time together dressed apart from the journey to the club as that would be Saturday afternoon. When I was 10 minutes away I texted him and his wife had gone! So I carried on to his house! He peered round the door at me to make sure and then let me in. “She only left 30 minutes ago.” He told me. “So I am still half dressed. “”You look fabulous!” I assured him. We kissed briefly and then he showed me into the spare bedroom where I changed! I had bought shiny black leggings with me and I put those on with ankle boots and a pretty top. I put breast forms into a bra as well. Once I had dressed and done my make up I went looking for Henry and found him in the kitchen. “Oh God!” He sighed. ” You look fabulous too.” I don’t think I am convincing but he obviously liked the way I looked. I sat on his lap and we kissed. His hands were all over me stroking and squeezing and rubbing. “I will get us a cup of tea.” He said. His voice sounded very tight and a little nervous! He was wearing a very pretty blue skirt and top with a black wig. The cups clattered as he pulled them out. I went over and cuddled him. I hope it is not me that has made you nervous!” I told him.”Not done this for ages.” He admitted and I was nervous before you arrived. “And you dressed like that…. That is so horny.” He squeezed my arse.”Thank you.” I grinned at him. “Will you check to see what you think I should wear tomorrow?””Yes of course I will.” We took our teas into the living room and settled ourselves on the sofa. We chatted about most things. Shared experiences escort sincan and pictures or videos that we had watched and people we were both friendly with on that site! When we have finished tea I take him into the bedroom to show him what I had brought with me to wear the following day to the club. He chooses a red dress. I am pleased as that was the one that I had thought that I would wear. We are sat on the bed and I notice that his tight pencil skirt is showing a distinct bulge. I lean into him and kiss him again and gently rub the bulge. I can feel him squirm under me. “I will cum if you carry on doing that.” He tells me.” Yeah?” I answer. “Don’t you want to cum then?” I ask him. “I have not cum for ages.” He tells me. I lay him back onto the bed and ease the tight skirt up to his waist. I lick the front of the pink satin panties and he flinches each time I hit a sensitive spot. I ease the panties down and lick around his knob and across his peehole before taking his cock into my mouth. I suck on it hard and pull it deeper into my mouth. He gasps again and squirms. His cock is so hard. I slip in two fingers to pull the skin back and with his cock deep in my mouth I swirl my tongue round it and underneath the glans! Once again he squirms and twitches as I find the sensitive spots. He suddenly gasps and grabs my head and his seed pumps into my mouth. He cums for ages it feels like. He gasps and twitches each time he does. He slumps back exhausted on the bed and I lie beside him and kiss him on the mouth, letting him taste his own cum. “That was lovely.” I told him. “Thank you.””No, thank you.” He replies! “More tea?”We stand up and make our way back out to the kitchen. sincan escort bayan The tea takes the taste of cum away. He is far more relaxed now. “If I order us a meal would you take it at the door.” “Yes of course.” I tell him. “Are you going somewhere then?””No.” He answers with a grin. “I don’t fancy changing again just to answer the door.””But you expect me too?” I laugh. “No of course not. I want you take the food dressed like that.””Oh!” I find myself staring at him. “The lad who comes won’t know you at all. He is a sweet boy too. I quite fancy him.” “Oh really. I suppose it will get me ready for tomorrow.” I say slowly. He pulls out a chinese takeaway menu and phones them. I order the hotter and more spicy Szechuan menu. I help Henry, ‘please call me Henrietta’ to tidy up. A shadow looms at the door and I open it. A very pretty Chinese or Asian lad stands there. “Come in.” I tell him and he puts the bag with our meals in on the counter in the kitchen. His face when I opened the door was one of shock.”Is Mr John not here?” He asks me. “He had a phone call just before you arrived and is in the living room.” “Oh right.” He says. He looks me up and down. ” You look very nice.” He tells me shyly. “Thank you. That is very sweet of you to say.” I look at him. No wonder Henrietta fancies him. “What is your name?” “George.” “Thank you George. You are very sweet as well.” I lean forward and kiss him on the cheek. He responds by turning and kissing me on the mouth. I hold him to me as we kiss. “What time do you finish George?” I ask him.”Nine o’clock.” He tells me. “Would you like to join us when you finish?””Yes please.” He responds warmly. I rub the front of his jeans. He is very hard. He squeezes my bum. “Good. We will see you later. George.””Will it be Mr John?” I nod and smile. We kiss again and he leaves.”What were you up to?” Henrietta asks me as she comes out of the living room.To be continued

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