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This story was so much fun, I had to share it with someone. It’s a true story that happened to me this past week.

I had some friends (two guys from back east) come in town for the week and I was going to show them around. There were a couple of events going on, so we had plenty to do and kept busy all week. Well, as the week came to a close, we decided to spend the penultimate night burning the town down. We went downtown for a little festival and grabbed some beers and started mingling. Before long, we were at a bar with a group of girls and guys. The guys I knew before, and they kind of had a rep as being wild, so we decided to hang with them. We met several hot girls and some average ones, but all of us were getting drunk fast. Well, next thing you know it was a whirl wind tour that included lap dances from sexy ass strippers, girls kissing girls, shots, taxi rides and late night coffee and hash browns.

During our 3am coffee shop adventure we met up with 4 girls we had mingled with earlier. It was still the three of us, but we had picked up another guy along the way. I honestly don’t remember any of the girls’ names, but they were all in their early twenties, college students, and had nice bodies. The Hispanic girl had the hottest body. She had on a nice grey skirt and black tank with long heels. And her ass was hot for days. Unfortunately for me, one of my buddies had a rep for his large cock. I’m not sure how she found out, but she did and of course wanted his dick. The two brunettes were a study in contrasts. One had dark skin and a thin body, while the other had light skin and was a little more curvy. They both were pretty cute, but especially the thin one. She however had a boyfriend and was not interested in any of us.

The last girl was the one that really caught my eye. She was a tall leggy blond with a big smile. She had wavy hair and green eyes. All of the girls were in town for the recent events that took place in town. So there were 4 guys, and 4 girls. After our meals and mellowing up a bit, the girls asked us if we wanted to join them back at their hotel and continue the party. Of course we obliged them.

Well, next thing you know we all ended up pairing off into the beds. The hot Hispanic girl took my buddy with the large cock and they took a secluded spot on the floor. The other bed had the curvy brunette with my other two buddies sandwiching her. And that left me in the bed with the tall blond and the cute skinny brunette. However, the brunette holding strong to her values, wanted no erotik film izle part in me, so she slept on the far side of the bed and that left the tall blonde sleeping in the middle of the bed with me on the other side. Even though I dreamed of a threesome, with a tall leggy blond, with green eyes, long wavy hair, a thick solid ass, and huge tits, I was not to argue. I usually like smaller tits, and smaller girls for that matter, but this Swedish looking Amazon was all about me and I love blonds, so I wasn’t turning her down.

We started our “slumber” by spooning and rubbing our hands all over each other. I was rubbing her stomach and thighs under her clothes and she was rubbing my cock through my jeans. Being drunk we passed out with our hands down each others’ pants. I woke up feeling fresh sometime later with a raging hard-on. I’m not as blessed as my buddy, but my 7 3/4″ dick still gets attention from girls. I’m not sure if she woke up, but everyone else was asleep, and I wanted this sexy girl. So I moved my hand from the front of her panties where I fell asleep fingering her sexy shaved pussy, to the back, between her ass cheeks. Speaking of her pussy, I never got to see it, but it felt like she may have waxed. She had one of the smoothest pussies I’ve ever felt.

Anyway, I wanted to finger her pussy from behind, so I slipped my hand between her ass cheeks and she was soaking wet already. Either the play before hand had worked, or she was dreaming, but her pussy and whole ass crack was slippery. I slipped one finger into her pussy and started slowly sliding it in and out. I could hear the pussy juices slurping in the quiet room as I fingered her pussy from behind. Feeling ambitious I slid another finger into her pussy from behind. We were still spooning and with 3 people on a full bed, so space was tight. My right arm was laying on was underneath her head and wrapped around her torso. I was holding her left tit still from when we fell asleep. So I only had my left hand to play with her. When I slipped my second finger into her pussy I heard her quietly moan and she reached up and squeezed my hand that was on her breast. I was in.

We slowly and quietly grinded with my fingers in her wet cunt for a while. Both of her hands were on my right hand now, holding and squeezing it, while my left played with her pussy. I alternated between sliding them in and out of her and rubbing her clit. I decided I wanted to play with her clit and see what I could do. I focused my attention on sliding some of the wet pussy film izle juice onto her clit and getting it nice and wet. Once I had it wet, I switched between rapidly shaking her clit and slowly rubbing it in circles. I heard her moan very quietly, but after finding out she liked a little rougher treatment on her clit, I dove in. She squeezed my hand really hard and her legs squeezed together tightly and she began to shake slightly and subtly. I was kissing her ear and the back of her neck and whispering to her how sexy she was and how much I enjoyed seeing her in pleasure. I loved it, and so did she.

After she was done with her tiny quivering, I thought I would try to use the copious amount of fluid between her legs, and I took a finger and slowly began massaging her asshole with hit. She maintained her tight squeeze on my right arm, while I rubbed her sexy asshole. This beautiful blond amazon was purring in my arms as I began sliding my finger tip up her ass. The room was still silent as we quietly played with each other. It was such a turn on to be finger fucking this girl’s tight ass in a room full of people and with one of her friends asleep on the bed beside us. As I felt her asshole stretch and loosen she would slowly grind her ass against my cock.

We were still fully clothed at this point, but I decided I wanted more access to her ass. So I began pushing her shorts and panties down her thighs. She got the hint, and raised her hips and helped facilitate the transition. With her panties and shorts now around her knees, I unbuckled my jeans and began to push them around my knees also. Now my hard cock was resting between her ass cheeks as I jammed two fingers into her tight asshole. I was still kissing the back of her neck and her ear. Her breathing was getting heavier at this point. I took my left hand and grabbed my cock and aimed it at her wet pussy and slowly slid it in. I felt her chest expand and she felt the full length of my cock slowly fill her up. I gave her wet pussy several nice slow, deep thrusts. I pumped her wet pussy for a few minutes before my cock slipped out. I reached down and grabbed my cock and thrust back into her quickly.

At first I thought I was in her pussy, but I immediately realized I had rammed my cock up her ass. She pulled away at first, but I grabbed her hips tightly with my left hand and pulled her back onto me. Her asshole felt so nice and tight around my cock. And I was amazed at how wet she was down their too. As she adjusted to the thickness of my cock in her ass I slowly seks filmi izle sawed the full length of my cock in and out of her asshole. By this point, I had taken my right arm, which was wrapped around her, and tried to pull her body as close to me as possible. I had my right arm underneath her head, and I was reaching back across her body so my right hand was in her left arm pit. I was squeezing her sexy body tightly. I wanted her to know I was there. I took my left hand off her hip, and reached in front between her legs and shoved two fingers into her pussy. I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her asshole through the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass. I was thoroughly enjoying fingering her pussy while I fucked her ass. She was real quiet at this point, but she had started driving her ass back onto my dick.

I whispered in her ear if she liked having my hard cock up her ass and she quietly whispered a breathy, “Yes”.

Here I was fucking a girl up the ass who I barely knew, who’s name I don’t remember, and talking dirty to her while doing it. It was sexy as hell. I loved the feel of her tight asshole squeezing my cock. Both our crotches were covered in a mixture of sweat and pussy juice. It was so erotic to feel how wet her ass was as I slowly slid in and out. I don’t normally cum from a slow fuck, but this was too erotic to not. We were afraid to wake up anyone in the room, but we both wanted some primal fucking. I squeezed her as tight as I could, pulling her close to me with both hands, one on her pussy, the other on her chest. She put her left hand on top of my left hand and we played with her pussy as I fucked her pink coed asshole. All while talking dirty in her ear about how she loved getting fucked in the ass by a sexy strange man she just met. It was too much and before long I blew a huge load of cum up her tight ass.

My body spasmed as I shot thick streams of cum up her ass. I can only imagine what that sexy ass creampie looked like. The whole time we were fucking we never got going fast, just a slow pumping of my cock in and out of her pink asshole. I smiled and kissed her gingerly all over her face as she turned and kissed me. We exchanged a deep erotic tongue kiss before both pulling our pants/shorts up and falling asleep in each others’ arms.

I unfortunately had to work at 8am the next morning so it wasn’t long before I was up with my buddies and we were out of the hotel room. I know I was told her name when we first met, and I know she was also visiting in town, but I don’t remember either where she was from, or what her name is. I’ll never have the opportunity to repeat that amazing night with her again, but man it was hot and my dick still throbs thinking about the tall blond I fucked in the ass!

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