Snowed In (Part 2)

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Snowed In (Part 2)He looked out the window while she was milling around lighting candles. He wasn’t going anywhere. Not that he wanted to anyway. He had just made love with an unbelievable woman and this beautiful redhead seemed to have nothing else planned but him. It was still snowing hard. He hoped the power would stay on but for now, the lights were out, he candles served as a beautiful backdrop, and as the water turned off, she was grabbing his hand and luring him to the tub.He crawled in and she effortlessly sat next to him. Not sure what to do, he awkwardly thanked her for allowing him to stay. She gave him a little smile, that he would learn to love, and knowingly nodded. She had him scoot forward and she settled in behind him. She rubbed his back and neck. Took her time using her hands to relax his sore muscles. He could tell that she was letting him know how much she appreciated him being there.She grabbed a loofah and started to bath him. She took her time and paid attention to every inch of his body. Slowly and deliberately, she moved around him and attended to his body. Several times he looked up and noticed her smiling. He took in her body, her eyes, her hair. Beautiful red hair that rested playfully on her shoulders and fell into her eyes. She had a few freckles but wore them well. Her blue eyes were tired but welcoming. She had her share of troubles but right now, there was no place else she’d rather be.He couldn’t help himself and leaned in to her neck and kissed it. At once, she stopped and let him run his tongue up the length of her neck. He paused and nibbled on her ear. She let out a moan and caught herself on the side of the tub. His hand slid up and cupped her smooth soapy bottom. Those beautiful pink odunpazarı escort nipples hung in his face and he gave one a playful lick. He was getting hard again and wasn’t going to miss a chance to make her feel like a woman. He spun her around and retrieved the loofah. He loaded it with soap and returned the favor by bathing her. He honestly was enjoying this as much as she was. He knew she was enjoying because she had settled back into his body, resting her head on him. He was admiring her full body. Her skin felt so smooth. So slick. He was hard now and she had reached down and started stroking him again. Her hands were skilled. She seemed to be enjoying his size. Long, slow, and caressing strokes had him rock solid.He reached forward and found her pussy. He could feel the light wisps of red hair. The site of them earlier was such a turn on. He had always had a thing for redheads and she was everything he had dreamed of so far. His fingers found what they were looking for and she was wet again. Maybe some of it was the cum he had filled her with. But this was slick and her clitoris was swollen and read. He massaged her full length, slipping a finger inside of her. She leaned back into him moaning. She was turned on so easily but she was so passionate. Her small frame was easy to manipulate. He picked her up and slid her onto his cock. It was a little easier this time but she was still so tight. It felt so good to him. Maybe it was the warm water, maybe the candle light, but one thing was for sure, he was enjoying her and every moment they were together.She had taken over and was riding him. He wasn’t accustom to this much attention but he liked it. She slid dalyan escort off and asked him if he would like to move to a better venue. Of course. He helped her out of the tub. They had been in longer than he realized. They dried off, extinguished the candles, and headed for her bed.She led him down the hall and into a simple bedroom. She excused the clutter but he could barely take his attention from her. He pulled her towel away and she sat down on the bed. She opened his towel and pulled out his semi-erect cock. It didn’t take much to get him excited again. She took her time and slowly sucked as much as she could take. Occasionally she’s stop and stroke him, looking up and smiling. Kissing his cock and enjoying him. She gently handled him and made him long and hard again. He laid her back and knelt before her. He licked her gently. This time he was gentle and caring. Making her soaking wet was simple. Looking up at her and her stunningly sexy body he had to have her. He moved her back on the bed and spread her legs. She welcomed him and wrapped her legs around him as he slid inside.She was soaked. She looked angelic as slowly slid in and out of her. She was bucking with his thrusts. He knew she would cum again easily and he wasn’t too worried that he would cum too. He wanted to make her crazy though. After several minutes of straight missionary, he pulled out. She looked confused until he slipped down and started lapping up her creamy, wet pussy. It drove her wild. His lips were covered with her slick juice when he got back up and slipped inside of her again. She leaned up and kissed his lips and face. She was enjoying the taste of herself on him. He slid out again and licked datça escort her some more. By now she was going crazy. He could tell she was close but he was afraid that he was closer. As he came up and slipped inside of her again, he knew he wouldn’t last. He tried to escape her clutches but he could tell that she knew he was close. Realizing she wasn’t going to have it any other way, he unloaded again inside of her. She received each jet with a smile. He would find out later that she could feel each jet inside of her and loved the feeling.After his last burst, he knew she hadn’t came yet. But just as well, she was smiling, satisfied that she had brought him pleasure again. She released her grip with her legs that had been holding him in, satisfied that she had milked him dry. But he had a surprise and slipped down between her legs again. She let out a scream of pleasure when he slipped his tongue inside of her again. She held his head as he lapped at her pussy. She tasted amazing anyway but now her pussy juice was mixed with his cum and it tasted wonderful. It didn’t take long and he could feel her starting to convulse. He licked her even harder and jammed his tongue deep inside of her as the first wave of orgasm washed over her. She gasped and he worried that she had stopped breathing for a second but she had tensed up so much, she couldn’t catch her breath. When she had finally collapsed, his face was soaked with both of their cum.He slid up next to her and she grabbed him and kissed him deeply. They kissed a long time as they touched each other softly. He took a towel from the floor and cleaned them both. Pulled up the blankets and settled in. She pulled herself up close to him. Very close. She wanted to feel all of him against her. He smiled. She felt good and warm and she felt safe and satisfied as he wrapped his arms around her. The power was still on, the house was warm, but the two new lovers couldn’t have cared less about the snow that was still piling up just outside the window. They drifted off to sleep without a care. (To be continued…)

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