ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #3

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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #3iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #3 – Chapter 3August 189:30 amUCLADelta Iota Kappa House”What do you mean, this is normal?!”Freddie had nearly gone hoarse as he yelled at the college senior standing before him, Mercer Hayes, the president and head of the Delta Iota Kappa fraternity. He and Jade had stormed the frat house together several minutes ago, but thanks to some gender concerns, Jade had to wait outside, no doubt getting the leers of all the shit brained punks here, he thought.Truth be told, he had no idea why he was here, getting sneers from the larger guys that seemed to roam this house constantly. He had no real connection to Tori outside of Jade, but there was just something awful and sinister about what happened, which he felt like he only really knew half of, since Jade didn’t seem to want to tell him everything.And now here he was, after a restless night, facing down someone who was a bit more distinguished than he would have expected. The early 20’s leader had slick black hair and was dressed in shirt and tie and khaki combination.”What I mean, Mister Benson, is that there was nothing out of the ordinary at the party last night. I should know, I was there when your… ‘friend’ arrived with Mr Alexander, and I was still here when she left, albeit a bit underdressed,” Mercer gave a half smile, testing the humour of the freshman, which seemed to anger Freddie further.”Be that as it may, Tori was drunk, and this Hunter guy took advantage of her. He shouldn’t have even had beer to begin with since he’s only 20, from what I understand.””Look, k**… I get this whole white knight thing that you’re doing, and I think it’s really noble and all, but nothing but fun happened here last night. I have tons of witnesses that I have talked to since you stormed into this house that can attest that she was here of her own volition, as she went with Mr Alexander of her own free will. What happened behind those closed doors, I can only imagine, but we have a tradition, and I’m sorry to say that your girl fell victim to it.””A joke? Tori was left naked, and was laughed at and photographed by your guys, and maybe even you… what is so funny about that, asshole?””Stop right there,” Mercer said, rising from the desk and leaning in close to Freddie’s face. “Let me make something perfectly clear to you, you quivering little piss-ant. You do not talk to me that way. No one talks to me that way. And I will fuck your life up if you even think of saying any-thing like that to me again… Am I clear?””Crystal…””Alright then,” he said, sitting back down, and smoothing his attitude along with his hair. “Now, we do tend to mock those who take the walk of shame when one of our br*thers has a conquest. That’s something that we have done for a long time. If there were any cell phone pictures taken of her, I made sure that they were deleted within minutes of her exit, and checked everyone’s phone that was on the top floor when she exited. We’re not monsters, you know.””And you’re not the least bit bothered by the double standard of your guys taking advantage of these girls, and yet their ‘man-whore-ness’ is ignored?” Freddie said, giving an eye to signal that he just said something witty.”Look, the way I see it, if there’s a key that opens a large number of locks, I’d call that a master key. But if I had a lock that would open to almost any key, you know what that is?””What?” Freddie said, regretting asking the moment he said it.”A fuckin’ shitty lock,” Mercer laughed, looking for the faintest smile on Freddie’s face.”Glad this is so funny to you…”Mercer looked over Hunter’s folder, and after seeing that this wasn’t exactly his first, or even third, time doing this, he figured that perhaps some-thing did need to be done. And then Freddie interrupted him again.”Look, dude-“”It’s Mercer or Br*ther Hayes.””Sorry,” Freddie said, rolling his eyes with a sigh. “Look, Mercer, all misogyny aside, my friend was completely embarrassed by what happened here last night, and at the very least, she deserves to get her clothes back. I wasn’t here so I can’t really say what happened and what didn’t but stealing her clothes was beyond uncool. And possibly criminal, if you catch my drift.””Freddie, I’m going to level with you… School starts tomorrow and I have a lot of work that I need to do, but how about you come with me, and we’ll get her clothes, and then you can be on your way and we can forget about this?””So, nothing? No punishment for Hunter?” Freddie said, getting upset again.”I will deal with this issue and make sure he doesn’t do this to any other girls, but we have a code here, and we handle things ourselves.”Freddie wanted to push this fight further, but with what he had, there really wasn’t much more he could do. He stood up at the same time as Mercer, before the leader lead him up the stairs to the bedroom where the incident occurred, before stopping just outside the door.”Now, I’m going to get her stuff from this room, but I’m gonna need you to wait outside here, since this is one of our more sacred rooms that only members can enter.””Whatever…” Freddie said, blowing air as he planted his feet as Mercer ducked into the room.The older student sighed as he hit the light, bemoaning the lack of manners in this freshman, but he had to admire the way he stepped up for the wronged girl. Maybe, Mercer thought, just maybe, this Benson k** could be a good fit for their br*therhood. He slid across the wall, looking for where her name was on the wall. At the very end, he found her pictures and clothes, and took a moment to take in how hot this bitch was that Hunter fooled around with. A shame she was so easy, he thought before walking out with the bag, leaving the pics on the wall.”There we are. All of her clothes and belongings that she so casually left strewn over the room. Now, let me walk you out.” Mercer led Freddie down the stairs and out the front door, to where Jade was standing impatiently. “If I could offer some advice, Freddie… you should really rethink the people you spend time with. Nothing but trouble, girls like the one there, and this Tori, are. People judge you based on the company you keep.””You ever think about taking some of that advice?” Freddie shot back as he headed to his girlfriend, earning an annoyed glance from his former host before he walked back indoors, leaving Jade and Freddie to make the trip back to the dorms.The previous night had been a nightmare for Jade, and she was running on very little sl*ep, requiring coffee just to function. When they left her, Tori was fast asl*ep in Jade’s bed, after staying up until well after 6 am talking with Jade in that study room before she finally passed out. Once they were up, Jade took Tori to her room, and set her up in her bed as the couple headed out to take care of this.”I found her phone,” Jade said softly, hoping it would trigger Freddie to say something about what went on in there. “Called it when I got there, and sure enough, it was right where she dropped it. Miraculously safe besides a few scratches from that bush.””That’s good. I think I got the rest of her stuff from this weird Mercer guy who is apparently their president. All things considered, he was pretty helpful.””Oh great,” Jade said sarcastically, “Maybe we can have a double date with us, and him, and whoever he wants to rap* that night.””Jade… I know Tori’s your friend and all, but-“”If you value your balls, Freddie Benson, I would think long and hard about what you’re about to say.””I’m just saying that we don’t exactly know what really went down in that place, and while I believe Tori, I have to wonder if she really recalls everything since she was drunk, and delirious by the time she made it back to you.””If Vega said it, then I believe her. Are you saying that she’s a liar?””No… I’m just saying that maybe we should put this matter to bed, and we should look out for her so this doesn’t ever happen again.”Jade sighed and rolled her eyes. Of course, he’s being methodical, she thought, he just has to look at things from every angle and get every detail before he fucking does anything.”I’m going to bed, Freddie. I might see you for lunch.”And with that, Jade disappeared into her dorm, leaving Freddie standing outside watching her walk, as the former iCarly tech producer sighed and started the trek to his room.* * *August 1812:15 pmUCLAPhelps Dining HallLuckily for all those involved, the next few hours were not the least bit hectic or drama filled. Freddie had returned to his dorm, coming face to face with Robbie passed out in nothing but his briefs. He managed to grab a quick nap on the bed across from Robbie before he got a very direct and brief message from Jade telling him when lunch was. Apparently, Cat wanted to look at and set up the schedules that everyone had so they could work out the best time to eat together. Robbie had apparently received this same test a few minutes before Freddie, the new roommates sharing a quick glance before just saying “Lunch is at 12.”When Jade stormed off to her room, she immediately wondered if she had been too mean to Freddie, but once she saw Tori curled up in her bed, Jade forgot all about it, and went to hold her friend and rest for a while. Thanks to Cat’s message, this rest was short lived, and the two girls grudgingly got up, and once Jade, Tori, and Noelle all got showers, they headed down to Tori’s room so that Jade could lay the smack-down on Kelly. The two girls agreed not to speak of the previous night again until Tori felt she was ready. Neither Jade nor Tori was sure why Noelle was tagging along, but she wasn’t annoying, so the two girls weren’t going to argue.The girls were a bit surprised, especially Noelle, when they found Kelly and Beck in her bed, and Tori’s appeared virtually untouched, and still made. Jade began to wonder if maybe Freddie was right about this. Maybe Tori was so stressed, she forgot which bed was hers. Beck was clearly awake as they entered and while Tori got some clothes to wear, Jade and Noelle made sure they had his attention so he wasn’t staring at the vulnerable Latina.”Not going to make lunch,” he whispered, clearly having gotten Cat’s text.Jade, without missing a beat raised her index and middle finger and flicked her tongue in between them then transitioned right into a whipping motion. Noelle tried her best not to crack up at the action, while Beck just looked annoyed.”Cat’s the nicest person and the last person who would ever treat you bad, Beck,” Tori said, now dressed and joining the girls and trying to keep quiet. “If you can’t pull yourself away from… that… for a while, then just text the girl your schedule.”Beck sighed and looked at Tori as if he was trying to apologize, but Tori just shook her head and headed out the door with Noelle while Jade walked backwards from the door, grinning a fake smile as she stiffly raised her middle finger towards her ex, before slamming the door, to wake Kelly up.”Da fuck was that?” came voice behind Beck, and he came face to face with a girl who really should have taken her makeup off the night before.”Tori came in,” he sighed.”You tell her what we did?” she said through an evil grin.”Nope… though after you fell asl*ep, I did try and make it look like it did before she left. Believe me, the last thing we need is her to know. It would crush her.””Good,” Kelly said, “But whatever, I guess she isn’t nearly as big of a bitch as that Goth chick you used to bang.””Yeah… you should give Tori a chance,” Beck said, his conscience growing heavier with each passing minute.”I bet you gave her a chance or two, didn’t you?” Kelly said, sneering.Beck didn’t respond and just shook his head before laying back down in the bed with her, hoping he could fall asl*ep before she made too much of a fuss.Over at the Dining Hall, at exactly 11:55, a perky redhead and her extremely annoyed roommate arrived outside to wait on their friends. Things had certainly been interesting that first night, with Sam’s constant hunger when she woke up to Cat making faint high pitched noises canlı bahis as she slept. Both girls could tell this might take some getting used to.Freddie and Robbie arrived right on time, followed immediately by Tori, Jade, and Noelle. As Jade broke the news that Beck wouldn’t be joining them, she barely tried to hide her happiness at his absence while Cat looked sad.The teens hurried into the crowded dining hall, so that they could grab some food and find a place for all of them to eat. Luckily, a table was freed up, and while it was a tight fit for 7, they somehow managed to make it work, as Jade made Freddie’s lap her seat.”So, I want to know everyone’s schedules so that I know we can eat together,” Cat said, before eating a roll on her plate. “You know, if we can. I’m actually free every day from 11-1 and after 5, since I have British Lit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and Dance and Music Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Then after lunch on Monday and Wednesday, I have Chemistry and I’m pretty sure we all have World History together after that.””Yeah, we do,” Sam said, eyeing Freddie as if to say ‘You did this to me,’ before she continued. “I’ve got a math class way too fuckin’ early on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then after lunch on Monday and Wednesday, I also have a Communications class and American Lit. Only class I have on Tuesday and Thursday is a Mass Media after lunch.””Looks like we might be hanging out there,” Freddie said, hoping Sam would lighten up. “Besides the Mass Media and World History classes, I have Chemistry and Brit Lit too, Cat, and some early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday math classes as well, but they are Calculus and not Intro to Math-“”Wow… Benson, why don’t you tell everyone I’m retarded?” Sam said, clearly offended he had exposed what the class she was taking was.”I have Intro to Math too,” Noelle shyly said, speaking up for the first time that day really. “Nothing wrong with having trouble with that stuff. I guess I will see you there and I guess it was fate I got that World History class too. I’ve got Art and Japanese Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I’ll also be in Brit Lit with you guys,” she said, speaking to both Freddie and Cat, but her eyes remained on the redhead.”I’ve got American Lit with you, Sam,” Tori said, earning the glances of those at the table, half of them unaware of what she had gone through the night before. “I’m also in Music and Dance with Cat. What I’m more worried about is this evening Theatre class on Tuesday and Thursday. I will be there until like 8:30 I think.””Well, at least you’ll have some company, Vega,” Jade said, giving a glance at Tori as if the two friends were already considering what roles the other might beat them out for in upcoming productions. I’ve got Art with Noelle and Brit Lit with most of you guys I think.””Yay!” Cat exclaimed, revealing that she had been writing a chart while everyone was speaking to plot out a timeframe for lunch and dinner so that virtually everyone could eat together for both major meals. “I guess I will just see if Beck lets me know if he wants to come… but his girl-friend is really mean. And not just Jade-mean…””What’s the difference?” Freddie asked, raising an eyebrow to the redhead.”Well,” Jade interjected, “My kind of mean is awful and might be life endangering, but there’s usually a purpose or a plot, or at least a joke there… with this fucked up gank, she’s just a bitch to be a bitch. I hate people who fuck with people just to fuck with them.”Hearing all that language was too much for Cat as she got up from the table to dispose of her tray, and was followed closely by Noelle before the others got up to go dump their lunches as well, until only Robbie was left at the table.”No one asked me about my classes…” he sadly said to himself, then silently cursing himself for talking to himself, thus creating a vicious cycle.* * *August 1811:46 pmUCLA- Pierce HallRoom 114Freddie Benson couldn’t sl*ep.For one thing, he was beyond stressed out about what tomorrow was going to bring as classes began. He had already printed out the schedules and picked up all of his books after lunch, but he still felt like he wasn’t ready. The second thing that was going on in his head was the lack of Jade.With Tori uncomfortable in her own room, she had opted, at Jade’s offer, to sl*ep in the bed with Jade. While Freddie’s mind played games of what that might look like, it was still a lonely concept, especially with Robbie a few feet away, nearly naked and drooling into his pillow.Unable to fight off the stress any longer, the former tech producer began fooling around on his PearPad and thought he should look up his teacher’s ratings on Learn or Spurn. He scrolled through a few names to find some familiar ones.Apparently Calculus with Dr Soriyama was going to be a real nightmare with the professor’s thick accent, but there’s a lot of curving in the class it seemed, so Freddie figured that was a good trade-off.Truthfully, after reading the reviews, Freddie was looking forward to his Literature class, British Lit with Dr Rydell the most. Apparently this was a really smart and witty teacher who wasn’t afraid to push what was acceptable, which was appealing to Freddie, almost as much as sharing the class with his love.Chemistry, he knew he’d have with Cat, and he prayed that she’d be interesting since Dr Kincaid seemed to be a very boring and monotone teacher, and even worse, Freddie couldn’t tell if it was a male or female professor.Mass Media, he felt, was going to be a breeze after all the work he did on iCarly and apparently the teacher, Mr Ryan was a really laid back guy with a very loud and intense voice, and he apparently ran the college radio station.By far, the scariest class was the one that he would be sharing with all his friends: World History with Dr Dorian Drago, apparently known as the “Dragon.” Only one of the 38 reviews featured someone that made an A, and nearly all commented on his difficulty, quick temper, and the fact that he could destroy a GPA easily.Freddie knew he would have to stay on this guy’s good side, even if that meant distancing himself from the others if they became a problem. This cold response to how to solve the problem made him uneasy. Emotionally, he wasn’t a robot by any means, but sometimes, he wondered if the way he felt, or didn’t feel, made a lot of sense.* * *August 1902:02pmUCLA- Elkins HallRoom 232Sam Puckett had just fallen in love with someone at least 15 years older than her.Well, the feeling was closer to lust as she watched the incredibly hunky professor walk in the door, a golf club in his muscular arms tightly held by a long sleeve green shirt which was covered by a tie and khaki pants. His auburn hair caught the light just enough to show the red tint, and he was very cleanly shaven.Dr Adams was a whole new breed of man for Sam and she felt a crush brewing, but immediately felt embarrassed of the feeling as she glanced over to see Tori and Robbie sitting a few seats diagonal from her. Compared to the Indian guy, she never got his name, who could barely speak English who taught Intro to Math, and the corny Mr Bruner for her Communication class, there was no contest for what her favourite class was going to be this semester.Adams laid his bag on his desk and quickly went to shut the doors to the room, looking each student up and down.”It is now five minutes after 2. If you are going to arrive after this time, you might as well not come at all, as I will not let you in. I don’t care if you caught a flat tire, or overslept, or had a dentist appointment- you should get the notes from a classmate because I am not your secretary, so don’t ask what you missed.”So much for easy, Sam said to herself as she watched her professor walk up and down the front of the room, as if he was sizing each and every person up. Sam tried to give off the best version of herself as she could when his eyes met hers.”Some of you might know why I have a golf club… but for those who are wondering, I am the coach of the university’s golf team, and I some-times practice my swing as I lecture. Or,” he said, slowly approaching a desk where a sl*eping football player slept, slowly sliding the head of the club over the sl*eping guy’s cheek, before slamming it down on the desk, bringing the student to life, “I can always use it as an alarm clock.””Sorry, sir,” the student said, looking really embarrassed, but there was a look that Sam could see on Tori’s face as she looked at this guy which was a mix of fear and disgust.”Don’t let it happen Mister…””Alexander… Hunter Alexander.””What do you know, Mr. Alesssssander… you are the first name on my list,” Adams said looking over the roll before calling out the names of everyone else in the class. Then he reached Sam’s name. “Samantha Puckett””Here… and it’s Sam.””Sam Puckett?” he said, a quizzical look lining his face. “That’s a very unfortunate name… Try and get married fast so you can drop that.” He finished the roll, and began pacing around the class, swinging the club like a cane, until he finally settled on sitting on the front most desk. “So this is American Literature. This class will require a lot of reading, and you will be tested and quizzed over what you read so do not fall behind on your reading. We’re going to cover pretty much all the major pieces from the late 1700’s to the 1980’s. That gives us room for all the fun ones like Twain, Poe, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, and Hemingway.”Sam had no idea who any of those people were off the top of her head, but if learning about them meant she could stare at this dreamy professor as he talked, she could live with that.”There will be papers,” he said, earning a few groans from around the room. “Oh grow the fuck up… this is college,” he laughed as he looked over his intro notes for the class. “There will be three papers for the course, none of which will be very hard if you read and pay attention. I strongly suggest you have a buddy or two before you leave this class so that you can keep up with assignments. Next time we meet, we will start with the ever popular Washington Irving, so read Rip Van Winkle before Wednesday’s class.”Sam was barely paying attention at this point, and was fantasizing more about what was underneath the well groomed professor’s clothes. And it took Tori touching her shoulder to snap her out of the daydream, making Sam aware that the room was now completely empty of all but the two girls and Robbie. She quickly gathered her stuff and started to rush off, but after realizing they were all going to the same class now, she took her time.”Sooo…” Sam said, looking over at Tori, seeing that the girl was still looking pretty rough, “Who was the sl*eping guy that you were staring daggers at?”Tori started to answer, but instead, ducked into a nearby restroom for an escape before Sam asked anymore questions.* * *August 2206:30pmVega ResidenceDet. Vega could not be happier to be home. Thanks to someone’s negligence in the department, he was f*rced to work an extra hour, putting him home way later than he wanted. And since his wife had a spin class on Thursday nights, there was no prepped dinner for him.He’d never admit it, but he really missed his daughters on days like this, where he just felt exhausted. Tori called regularly, but he could tell she was struggling at UCLA, and Trina was taking classes from early in the morning to late at night, leaving Mr Vega alone in the house.The worn out officer made himself a turkey sandwich with extra mayo, damn his cholesterol, he thought as he scanned the kitchen counter. After several minutes, he finally found the mail pile.Bills, of course, he thought, cycling through the stack. Ads galore of course, but after digging and digging, he finally found something that was neither junk nor depressing.It was a red envelope, like the kind romantic greeting cards come in, and it was addressed to him, thought it was strange that it referred to him as Detective on the address, rather than George.As he opened the card, he quickly realized it wasn’t anything romantic, bahis siteleri but something meant for his daughter, which was strange, because the “I’m So Proud of You, My Daughter” cover seemed like something he’d have given Tori instead of something given to him.Suddenly, he felt very uneasy, and his brain warned him not to open the card further, but he couldn’t help himself, and dropped the card in an instant.Fuck, his brain screamed, as he kept seeing the contents, making him feel sickened, nearly throwing up right on the counter.Inside the card, a paper with copies of Tori’s dubious Polaroid pictures, and the words, “Aren’t You Proud of Your Cum-Dumpster?!” bolded. Once his stomach settled, he could see nothing but red as he picked up the photos, using his thumb to cover his little girl at her must vulnerable, and looked around the background, as something seemed familiar.After a few minutes, he realized why it was so familiar, and knew exactly where this had happened. Not even concerned about anything else at this moment, Det. Vega grabbed the greeting card and hopped in his car, heading towards a place dropped in on about once a month for com-plaints- The Delta Iota Kappa house.* * *August 2208:15pmUCLA- Nolan Fine Arts HallIt was only the second time he had done this, but Freddie Benson was already running late to walk his girlfriend from her theatre class. Jade was already having a bad enough night as it was, with Mrs Blaylock just handing Tori a part in the fall play and having to sit so close to Beck and Robbie, when all she wanted to do was curl up with her one true love.To make matters worse, instead of walking with her and Freddie like she did Tuesday, Tori had opted to walk back to her dorm with Beck tonight. Jade had no idea what in the world she wanted to talk to Beck about, but hopefully it was about getting some help to take out that asshole who assaulted her, and even then there wasn’t much he could really do.The first week had really flown by for Jade, and for everyone else it seemed, with only a handful of classes keeping her from her weekend. Her Biology class with Dr Franklin actually seemed kinda fun, despite it being yet another class with Beck, and her Art class with Dr Sindel seemed quite the opposite- monotone professor, and a really boring structured class with no room for real creativity. Plus, that awful bitch of Beck’s was in there. But then again, at least she had Noelle to keep her company in there.The best class by far was her British Lit class, for one, because Freddie was in it, but for two, the class was really laid back and the professor, Dr Rydell was hilarious and rude, which Jade loved. A student even got so brave on the first day to ask him how old he was, and, without missing a beat, scanned the class for who said it, and responded, “That depends… How old are you?” The guy was the definition of cool in Jade’s eyes, and she harboured a bit of a teacher crush, but she knew nothing would ever happen.The other class with Freddie hadn’t been so fun, with Dr Drago- the Dragon, he’s called apparently. He could instantly tell that she and Freddie were together and made the move to put us on opposite sides of the room. They’d only had the class twice, but Freddie had already filled up 6 pages, front and back, of notes so far. However, the Dragon had a very dry sense of humour and she still couldn’t tell when he was joking, but just from the way the man carried himself and his very professional look- coat and tie, with neatly trimmed salt and pepper hair- it was clear he carried a lot of weight around the school.Thankfully, Freddie showed up only a few minutes late, instantly apologizing for the tardiness, as he always did in those situations. And she naturally forgave him instantly, but wouldn’t let that on for a while, until he did something romantic. As usual, he did not disappoint, after seeing that she wasn’t up for his small talk, he took her hand as they approached a streetlight, and began to playfully dance with her.Jade tried not to show any signs of enjoyment, as she was led, twirled, and dipped, but eventually his charm was even too much for her and a smile grew across her face. Freddie gently kissed her lips as they waltzed by the front fountain, and just as they spun, laughing, Jade pushed Fred-die towards a wall.Freddie can see her game pretty quickly, and spins so that she is now heading for the wall, and finally he pins her against the wall. Illuminated only slightly by the streetlights while shadows cover them, the couple share several fast but deep kisses. He holds Jade tightly, not letting her budge from the trap of his arms, not that she would ever want to escape, but he slid his knee between her legs, and moved his body so that he was rubbing between her thighs.Jade let out a few moans into Freddie’s mouth as she smiled through some very warm and wet kisses. “I love you, so much, Fredward Benson.””And I love you, Jadelyn West,” Freddie smirked back, taking her hand in his as he raised them above their heads.With no arms to use between them, their torsos only got closer together as their legs intertwined, to rub and feel each other as best they could in this moment, just breathing and experiencing one another.”Do whatever you want with me, baby,” she said, biting her lip, as she rested her lips for a moment from kissing him. “I’m yours. I will be whatever you want as long as I can be with you.” She lowered her voice to an absolute whisper as she leaned in to whisper in his ear, a grin going from ear to ear. “Fuck me raw and make me your cum-puppet.”Freddie was taken aback by her language. Lately her dirty talk had been getting pretty intense, and it reminded him a bit of Carly, which was as disturbing as it was hot. He also feared that she wanted to lose her identity due to a theme of wanting him to make her into something of his de-sign. He thought it was sexy at first but as it kept going, he really started to worry about her.He silenced her with his mouth, moving one hand down, while holding her hands in place with one of his, caressing her face, neck, and upper body as he felt her up. Once brave enough, he slid his hand under her shirt and cupped her breasts, eliciting a small moan inside his mouth. He slid her flimsy bra upwards, and felt as her breasts spilled out from captivity into his waiting hands.Jade nearly squealed as she felt his strong hands knead her flesh, feeling utterly defenceless which only added to her pleasure, and the feeling only intensified when his thumb slid across her hardened peak. She quickly became putty in his hands biting his lip slightly as their mouths embraced over and over. Her body slid tightly against his, wanting her hands free so she could touch him as she felt his clothed growing manhood slide along her thigh.”Fuck baby,” Jade moaned, after what seemed like hours for her. “Please fuck me… right here and now… I need you inside me.””I don’t think we should, babe. Let’s just get to a room.”Jade was just about to say something else, when they heard someone approaching, and separated. Once they saw that it was just a large drunk guy, they were relieved, and they slid along the wall and decided to head back to Jade’s dorm.Halfway there, Freddie stopped short. “I totally forgot something in my dorm, babe. Let me run and take care of it and I will be right back to your dorm. 10 minutes maximum.”Jade stared daggers at him, clearly annoyed, “Fine… But for every minute you’re late, you’re going to eat my pussy and make me come that many times.””That’s the best deal I’ve heard all day,” Freddie said softly with a wink as he walked away from his girlfriend and headed to take care of some-thing that really couldn’t wait.* * *August 2209:35pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 339″So I can’t decide if I should go out for Zeta or Omega.””Well, Cat, why do you have to just try for one?” Noelle asked, sitting on the redhead’s bed while both girls were on their laptops. “I thought the whole point of those things was that you had options before you declared allegiance.””You talk about them like the Nazi’s, dude,” Sam interjected as she desperately tried to read up on her Lit class so she could impress Adams in the next class.”They might as well be,” Noelle said, a tinge of jealousy in her tone, but also, it seemed like she was hiding something.”You know something we don’t, No?””You know I hate it when you call me that, Sam… please use my full name. And yeah, actually, I do know something but it’s not really my secret to share.””Whatevs,” Sam said, shutting her book. “Momma’s gonna hit up the library so she can focus. You guys try to not be so cryptic while I’m gone.”A few minutes after Sam was out the door, Cat said, “I like Sam and all but she’s so grumpy. I wish I roomed with someone happy.””I’m happy,” Noelle said, her voice jumping an octave.”Hahaha… yeah, you are,” the redhead said, giggling. “One time, my br*ther had to take pills that made him really happy all the time. But then he got too happy… and that’s why we can’t go to Arizona.”Noelle desperately tried to keep a straight face as Cat regaled her story, but really had no response to it.”I have to go study with some people from my Chemistry class, but you can hang out here if you want,” Cat said, looking around for her book.”Can I come with? Kinda bored and I’m pretty sure your friend Jade and her boyfriend are having sex all over the place before he has to leave and Tori shows up.””Yeah,” Cat laughed, “They do that. But why is Tori staying with you?””I figured they had told you… Please forget I said anything.”Cat became very serious and looked the dark haired girl in the eyes. “You have to tell me, Noelle. I can’t stand not knowing things.””Fine,” Noelle said, hoping this would get her in trouble. “Tori went to a frat party and something happened there and with her roommate- the really nasty blonde girl- so now Tori is just sl*eping with Jade. I mean, not like-“Cat gave her a smirking glance, signalling that she knew something Noelle didn’t. “KK,” she said, opening her door. “Let’s go study,” she said, in her breathy high pitched way that made Noelle’s stomach twist with desire.The two girls headed out and walked happily together until they reached the library, and Noelle suddenly realized she had left something up in her room, leaving Cat standing outside the library, and she wrinkled her nose as she watched her new friend race off in a very odd direction for going back to the dorm.* * *August 2210:05pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 113″Did you fuck her?””What?!” Beck asked, completely flummoxed at Kelly’s question.”It’s a yes or no, dick bag. Did. You. FUCK! That. Skinny. Bitch?””No!” he screamed back, “I just walked her to her dorm after our class. That’s it.””You tell her about what we did in her bed? About how I made you jizz all over her pillow so she would know what a whore bitch she is? You tell her about all my pussy sweat that’s in her sheets?””No… and I’m not going to, Kelly, you know that.””Damn right… Doing that would mean you have balls, and god knows you don’t have those since you’re so much of a little bitch all the time.””You getting to a point, Kelly or are you just going off to hear yourself be a gank?”Beck’s cheek burned with her slap as her hand moved like lightning against his flesh, searing it with fury.”Don’t you dare ever talk to me like that!” she screamed, as she lowered her hand and grabbed his crotch through his pants. “You’re nothing but a dick with feelings, and if you disrespect me like that again, I will rip your shit off. Just try me.””You seriously need to relax, Kelly. I’m sorry if I was being a jerk, but there’s nothing for you to worry about. You freak out about the littlest things.””Me?” she said, her mood starting to get worse, as if Beck was mocking her. “You’re the one who doesn’t want to sl*ep in an empty dorm room since your roommate is never there. You realize how much of a pussy that makes you, right?””Fuck off, Kelly… I don’t even know what I’m doing with you,” Beck said, backing out of the door, and he could hear her going off from behind the heavy güvenilir bahis wooden door, but couldn’t make out the words, and at this point, he really couldn’t care less. All he wanted to do was hit something. Hard.* * *August 2210:20pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602Tori Vega had sat alone in Jade and Noelle’s room for almost two hours, waiting for her friend to get back from Freddie walking her back. But they were taking a really long time. She wondered if they stopped off at his dorm and were fooling around. For some odd reason that thought seemed to make her sad.It had been a growing thought of hers ever since Jade told her that they needed to cool off being together, and especially after a few days of spending the night with her, Tori couldn’t help but envy them.She envied Freddie because he got to spend so much time with Jade and got to be intimate with her, a closeness that was sorely lacking following everything she’d been through. There was just something safe about being with Jade as if the former mean girl was her guardian angel.On the other hand though, she also envied what Jade had- a wonderful, nice, and caring man. And the way Jade talked about their sexual en-counters… Tori sometimes dreamed of that feeling, and had touched herself using some of those details as fuel more than once. Someone who wasn’t cold and unfeeling like Beck, a complete disgusting asshole like Hunter, or far too nice and delicate with her like Nate. When Jade said that Freddie was the male version of her, Tori laughed but the idea of the two of them together, while it made Tori feel ashamed, was incredibly intense and romantic.Tori had no idea why her mind seemed so focused on Jade and Freddie’s relationship, but with her lack of any love life at this point, it made a little bit of sense. Spending so much time in this room alone, had made her want to go back to her own assigned room, but since Beck dropped her off and then came in the building, she knew exactly where he was. And probably what he was doing.The Latina teen had to hold back her nausea at the concept. Part of her was thankful that she had just imagined the two of them screwing in her bed that night, despite it seeming incredibly real. But both Freddie and Jade had confirmed that wasn’t the case so they were probably better judges than her.As if by magic, the door opened, and Jade walked through, looking a bit annoyed.”Hey, Jade,” Tori greeted her, but she just got a slight sneer in return.”Vega… you know how I feel about you, and you are… I guess we are friends,” the words seemingly painful as they came out of her mouth. “But tonight I really need the room, and if I end up not needing it, since Freddie is over 30 minutes late, you probably don’t want to be here.””Is everything ok? Did you have a fight?””No… the opposite really… we nearly fucked outside earlier, and he promised me he’d be back in a few minutes, and he’s not. Clearly.””Maybe he’s just running behind, for some reason. I’m sure he’ll show.”Yeah, Vega… you’re probably right, but I’m pretty impatient… which you know. So anyway, you should go.”Tori wanted to argue, but she knew it would probably be more work and that it would be a losing battle for sure. “Kay… Call me if you need anything.”There was a grunt for a response as Jade curled up on her bed and turned herself away from the room, and from the way she was jerking a bit, she might have been crying. Tori really wanted to help, but she knew that Jade wanted to be alone, so she granted her wish.Tori descended down the building and headed down to her room, but stopped a few feet from the door when she heard the pounding music coming from behind her door. Some screaming band that was no doubt killing the brain cells of all those in the vicinity. Maybe that explains why Kelly is the way she is… and the reason Beck is still with her.A heel turn later, and Tori was out of the building and heading out into the night. She walked hurriedly through the quad, avoiding any glances she received from people. She remembered something her dad always told her about staying on the phone with someone while she was out at night.Scrolling through her list of contacts, she passed over the usual choices- Jade, Beck, Cat, and stopped on Andre. A few rings later and no answer. The same with her dad and Robbie. Her mom’s phone didn’t even ring, and went straight to voicemail. Finally, she tried her last resort, someone she’d been avoiding for a while: Nate.”Hello?””Hey Nate… its Tori.””Yeah… I know. Got your own ringtone.””Yeah… I remember. Kinda depressing you picked “Best I Ever Had” though.””Doesn’t make it any less true… You got a reason for calling me so late, Tori Vega?”Tori swallowed her breath for a moment, hoping he didn’t hate her. “Kinda alone and walking around to the library, and I wanted someone to talk to.””And how many people did you plow through before you settled for me?””Only a few. Everyone’s busy or sl*eping I guess.””Yeah… of course I wasn’t really doing either, so I guess you lucked out, Tori.””Look, Nate, I’m sorry about-“”Ain’t no reason to apologize, Tori. I’m the one who dumped you and screwed up something fierce. You just did what was best for you.””I know, but- I don’t know what I’m apologizing for either, but I do feel really bad about things, and the last week has been a nightmare here.””I had heard that something happened but not much else. You doing alright?””Yeah, I suppose,” Tori lied, making her way to the library finally. “My roommate is awful. She’s dating Beck, and she has like a lot of d**gs, and… I shouldn’t have said that.””It’s fine, girlie… you’re just spilling your thoughts. Nothing wrong with that.””Yeah, but I kinda promised her I wouldn’t tell anyone.””Tori… your d**ggie roommate, who you hate and who has shit taste in men, no offense, made you promise something… and you kept it? Why in the hell would you do something like that?””I don’t know… I guess I don’t want her to hate me.””And how’s that going for you?”There was silence for a few moments, while Tori tried to find a way to say ‘you’re right’ without sounding too grateful.”I guess you have a point, Nate.””Of course I do… You get where you needed to go yet?””Yeah, actually,” Tori said a bit surprised that he had asked right as she got to the front door of the library. “Just got here. You want me to let you go?””Not really, but you should probably get to your book learnin’,” he said, trying to sound more Southern than usual. And then he hung up without saying goodbye.”Well, that was… something,” Tori said as she walked into the library, but as she walked in, she felt a sudden shudder that something was very wrong.* * *August 2210:35pmUCLA- Pierce HallRoom 114Robbie Shapiro watched his phone vibrate on his desk, Tori’s name blazing across the lit cover, but he really didn’t care much about answering it. Tori had barely even spoken to him since he started dating Trina, and even when she did it was usually about something completely unrelated to him. As soon as the movement stopped, Robbie started to feel bad for ignoring the call.From what he had heard, Tori had a run in with Beck’s roommate, and was having a tough time with the rejection, but then again, he only heard bits and pieces of it.He looked over at the empty spot Freddie usually filled and wondered where he was. He had ducked in momentarily earlier, but was gone in a flash, probably back to Jade so they could screw around. Robbie had never really been attracted to Jade, but the idea that his roommate was da-ting her seemed to annoy him a lot more than it should have.He tossed and turned in bed for several minutes before he knew he was better off just taking off for a while to clear his head. Maybe head over to the fountain or library or something; get this restlessness out of his system.****August 2210:50 pmUCLADelta Iota Kappa HouseMercer Hayes sat at his desk with a lamp on, still looking over Hunter’s file. He had told the k** the morning after, that this whole picture situation was all copacetic, but the truth was that he was a little disturbed about this tradition that Hunter had developed since he came in as a freshman. Bringing girls in, taking pictures when they were most vulnerable, and then slut shaming them, separately were not that big of a deal, but the fact that he seemed to get off on this sick process made the senior’s stomach turn with worry about the fallout. The last thing Mercer needed was one more scandal coming out of this frat, especially since they were already under review.To make matters worse, the girl’s father was a cop, and if things needed to be even shittier, it was the cop who had usually been pretty nice when the party’s had gotten too bad. Detective Vega had shown up, ready for war, and his blood was boiling, so Mercer did the only thing he could think of- tell the cop everything he knew and let Hunter be his problem.He had met with Hunter twice over the week to talk to him about this issue, but he was drunk during one, and the other he laughed all the way during. He was loud, annoying, and disrespectful, and that was no good for the image. Sadly, with Hunter’s dad, Jacob Alexander being a booster and a big donor to the frat, there was no way he could kick the guy out. Plus, Hunter knew way too much about things, and could make a whole lot of waves if he, and Mercer knew he would, turned on the frat and busted them for all the crap.There was only one thing left to do about Hunter, Mercer thought. The lanky senior snuck out of his office in the house and made his way to central campus and called Hunter to meet him, so that he could make an example of this insubordinate asshole.****August 2211:15 pmUCLA- Carroll Library3rd FloorSam Puckett had spent most of her study time daydreaming about Professor Adams, which was not going to help her on the upcoming quiz whatsoever. She had picked this exact study room because its window looked out over Adams’ 2nd floor office, so Sam could watch him, which wasn’t creepy whatsoever. If you asked her, that is.The feisty blonde had been bored out of her mind for a while only a floor below, when she realized what she could be looking at. A quick relocation and here she was, stalking a guy who was nearly twice her age, and she could not care less.Maybe it was the lack of sex, or the fact that he had so many of Freddie’s qualities, but Sam was having trouble of thinking of anything other than the handsome professor. She had yet to get through a shower since she first saw him that she didn’t touch herself. Much as she hated to admit it, she was completely smitten.Sam nearly jumped when the lights went off in his office and Sam watched him head out of the building, in workout clothes, which didn’t help Sam’s situation at all. The handsome professor sauntered out of the building and headed towards his car, but then turned and ran in the opposite direction towards the center of campus.Before she even realized she had done it, Sam jumped out of her seat and raced down the stairs outside so she could catch up with him and watch Adams some more from a distance. What she didn’t realize was that this decision would be the defining moment of her semester.* * *August 232:53amUCLA- Pierce HallRoom 321Beck Oliver was awoken by a very loud knock on his door. He knew who it was, and he had no intention of saying anything to her if she was going to act like a bitch, and knock like some ape.KNOCK KNOCK “Mr Oliver, this is campus police. Please open the door.””Shit!” he called out, before he could stop it, “Give me a sec.” Beck stumbled from his bed, and threw on a shirt before opening the door and coming face to face with two police officers, with name badges he was far too groggy to read.”Mr Oliver?” the older cop said flashing a light into Beck’s eyes.”That’s me.””Mr Oliver, when was the last time you saw your roommate? A Hunter Alexander.””Umm…” Beck thought back, and realized it had been a couple days. “Wednesday morning I think… he stopped in to change clothes, but he hasn’t really slept here since he moved in. What’s going on?””Mr Oliver, I realize you may not have been roommates for long,” the younger cop said, stepping forward and looking Beck in the eye, “But Hunter Alexander was found dead in the school fountain. We believe he was murdered and we’d like to ask you a few questions.

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