ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #6

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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #6iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #6 – The Anniversary 4 – The Demon’s BrunchAs the two pained teens made it back to their cabin, they couldn’t help but notice the grey overcast sky above them. Clearly, they had made it back just in time before a storm hit. The two had barely made it, Freddie’s leg giving him some major trouble as he pulled Jade, who he knew was in pain from their lovemaking, through the woods.Almost immediately, Jade rushed to the bathroom to check herself and to clean herself up. She felt really dirty between what they had done, and being in the woods where God only knew what she could have come in contact with. She was never the hiking type and she silently fumed at Freddie for making her go on such a dumb adventure. Jade started the shower and stripped off her clothes, looking at her flushed skin in the mir-ror. She checked herself over, her ass still very sore, and she wanted to be mad at him, but it was her own fault for letting it happen.The pink skinned teen slipped into the shower, feeling the searing hot water splash against her skin. She always liked it when it was so hot that it almost hurt… it was as if her very being was being was being washed away and she could be a new person. Her eyes were closed tight so that she could just take in the feeling and let it overtake her.PLLSH”Fuck!” she exclaimed, turning toward the opening shower door.The sound had scared the life from his girlfriend, but the look of her wet, beautiful body was truly a sight to behold for Freddie Benson. His naked form pressed close as he caressed her arm, trying to calm her nerves from the scare. Freddie grabbed some of her body wash and began rubbing her back as she faced away from him, letting the water wash her face.She wanted to be mad at him, but she couldn’t. His touch was always so perfect and he was literally the best guy on earth for her, and she could never imagine a world without him in it. Once he had washed her back and ass, she turned so he could give her front the same treatment.Freddie was more than happy to take care of her as any chance to touch her soft and supple breasts was truly a godsend. He didn’t linger too long as he touched her skin, the soapy bubbles cascading down her figure.Freddie used some on himself as he cleaned up as Jade kissed him and touched his pecs and abs.”So…” he said, finishing up, “I think we should probably talk about what just went down out there.”Jade turned off the water and gave her boyfriend a look that clearly sarcastically said, ‘You think?’The couple dried themselves off and headed into the room to dress, neither one saying much as they exchanged looks back and forth. Freddie slipped into some boxers, a t-shirt and shorts as he watched Jade throw on a vintage rock shirt over her braless chest and slip on some pyjama pants over some lace black panties.”You were saying we needed to talk?” Jade said, sitting on the edge of the bed.”We went too far today… I mean we almost got caught, and I hurt you… like badly.””Well, yeah, but you know the chance of getting caught is an insane turn on for me, and you hurt me doing something I told you to do. How’s that too far?”Freddie sighed and sat on the bed as well. “I’m just saying that we are like a sexual tornado, and that’s not a bad thing, but we keep getting into these situations where we just lose ourselves to the sex-“”The love,” she corrected.”Yes, but primarily the physical stuff, Jade.””Freddie, we only see each other like once every few months- of course we take advantage of those times we can fool around. I don’t regret a bit of it.””Me either,” he said, “but we aren’t rabbits, and I think we owe it to ourselves to have a deeper relationship.””Fine…” she groaned, laying back on the bed. “So, what… no sex for the rest of our vacation?””I don’t want to take that away… I just want a day. Can we go 24 hours without losing ourselves to the passion?””Sounds like fun…” she said, rolling her eyes. “It’s 4:56. At 5 pm tomorrow, I believe we should do nothing but be together until we leave. In the meantime…” she said slyly.Freddie was going to speak when she gripped his shirt in her hands like she was going to threaten him, but instead planted her lips onto his and pushed him onto the bed so she was on top of him.The couple kissed passionately, their hands exploring to savour this for the days’ worth of non-physical torture. Their tongues wrestled for control in each other’s mouths as Freddie teased his thumbs along her bra-line, feeling the soft underside of her bountiful chest. Her hand snaked to undo his pants, unzip and reach inside his boxers to stroke him as they continued their heavy kissing session.All at once, Jade sat up and took a second to get her bearings before looking down at Freddie, simply saying, “It’s 5. The challenge is on.”Freddie’s hair was a mess as he looked up at his sadistic goddess, and smiled before she laid back down with him and cuddled close. He hit the TV remote and began to channel surf, desperate for something interesting to watch.”Stop there,” Jade said calmly as Freddie dropped the remote about the time he watched some 80’s teen get grabbed through a window.”Why am I not surprised by what you picked…” he said, kissing her head.”Because slasher movies are one of the best kinds of movies out there, and they’re certainly the best type of horror movies.”Freddie chuckled, anxious to hear her thesis, “And how is that?””Because they usually have a single killer and while supernatural stuff is there, it’s really about one bad guy versus a strong female. There are rules and they are always elaborately set up in such a way that you can follow an expected course and still be surprised. Plus there’s the gore.””Well,” Freddie said, trying to make an argument, “what about psychological thrillers? Things like Funny Games or Cabin in the Woods.””Technically, both of those are kinda like slasher movies for the most part,” she snapped back.”Touché,” he said as he watched the teen get stabbed through with a shovel by some hulking man-thing. “So, I know your favourite movie is The Scissoring, but what’s your second favourite?””I think, and no one has heard of this movie, but Cherry Falls.””I know that one… that’s the one with Jay Mohr that kinda throws the slasher thing on its head by the guy killing all the virgins.””Ohmigod, yes!” she said, nuzzling into his neck, savouring that he was really perfect. “What’s yours?””Gotta be Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.””That’s a porno isn’t it? Perv…”Freddie was stunned and didn’t know how to respond. “No way. RDJ and Val Kilmer in a modern day noir mystery. The dialogue in and of itself is amazing.””Hmmm… maybe I’ll let you show it to me one day. Fave TV show?””Ever or on now?” he replied as if there was an answer prepped for either.”Both.””Ok…” he breathed deep and said, “Right now it’s Community or Archer but ever… I think Firefly.””I have never watched any of those actually, F-“”What?! ” he exclaimed sitting up. “Firefly is the hands down best show ever created. You have to watch it.””Robbie tried to make me once, but I nearly crushed his shoulder blade when he tried to make me… so bad news for him. I think mine would have to be American Horror Story.””That’s a good show. I’m hoping the next season will be as good as the first. But on the more pressing matters, you need to watch Firefly, and then I can show you the movie, and then the comics, and-“”Alright, you big dork, I have to draw the line at reading comic books. I do have a reputation to uphold, Benson.””Reputation or not, comics are a really important medium. I mean, look how popular superheroes are right now and a lot of great films have been inspired by comics. In fact, I think I have the perfect comic for you.”Jade rolled her eyes. “I am waiting with baited breath to hear this…””Hack/Slash.””Well, at least the title is appealing. So let’s hear it… what is this wonderful magical ch*ldren’s picture book all about?”Freddie groaned at how difficult she was being. “First, it is definitely not a book for k*ds. It’s about this girl… really a woman, and her only friend who go around hunting serial killers and monsters called Slashers.””Ok… and what’s the point?””Until recently, all the story arcs have essentially been like little movies. Taking down crazy religious cults, zombies, skinless serial killers. It’s pretty epic.”Jade laughed at his use of epic. “So, let me guess, the girl is the damsel in distress that the guy has to save and she’s really hot?””Well…” Freddie said, knowing she might have him on this point. “She is pretty hot, but only if you like Goth girls with a lot of attitude and she is never the damsel. She’s incredibly tough. And her friend is too… he’s disfigured and really sweet.””So it’s essentially about us? The pretty Goth badass, and the big sweet lug?””Ha ha,” Freddie said, rolling his eyes, still believing that she was mocking him.”I’ll read it. But you have to buy it for me.””Deal,” he said, kissing her head. She kissed his lips back, feeling that his nerdy thought was sweet.The couple settled back in as Freddie held Jade close as they watched the movie, the faint sound of thunder in the distance. It was a very soft and simple rain outside and Jade was so comfortable she was pretty close to falling asl*ep. Just as her eyes fluttered closed, there was a loud CRACK outside and everything went dark.”Holy shit,” he exclaimed, sitting up a bit, trying not to dump Jade from his lap. “I guess that’s it for the power.”Jade really wasn’t affected as much, as she had everything she needed here in this moment- a soft bed, cool air, Freddie, etc. He settled in back next to her and relaxed, listening to the soft sound of the rain and his love’s soft breathing in between whispers of their love. Every so often they would see a flash and hear the deep rumble of the storm, but it was surprisingly peaceful.The couple lay there, just enjoying one another as nature ran its course. Both considered a very physical way to pass the time, but with their plan, it wouldn’t be right. Nearly 20 minutes passed before Freddie spoke up.”Do you want to get out of here… maybe grab some dinner?””Do I have to move from this spot?” she said, her face pressed into his chest.”Probably… but I don’t have any cell service to call a cab. Think I should try and use the light to check the phone book while we have it?” There was grey light flowing in through the windows, but it wasn’t near enough to see with without being right on it.”I think if you move from this spot, I’m going to sucker punch you.”Freddie groaned, knowing his boredom was slowly winning out. He stared up at the ceiling, waiting for something to happen, or Jade to let him do what he needed to do. “What if I have to use the bathroom?””Ughhhh…” she whined, “Fine… but you better stop being such a bitch when you come back.””Yes ma’m,” he said coyly, heading into the bathroom.As Freddie did his business, Jade felt hot and got up and headed over to Freddie’s clothes, fishing out the red, button up shirt from last night. She stripped off canlı bahis her rocker shirt and replaced it with his, only buttoning a few buttons in the middle, and losing her pyjama pants before diving under the bed’s sheets. As she tossed her clothes on her suitcase, she checked her phone for the first time since she boarded the plane here, and saw 4 missed calls and about 15 texts. Most of which were from Tori:Ugh…-The Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground-How are Trina’s feet a thousand times worse smelling than my like 40 year old dad?-How’s the weekend going?-Trina is sexting with Robbie. We actually had to pull over so I could be sick.-Are you dead?-Are you mad at me again? I’m sorry…-So, woke up this morning to coyote trying to get in the vehicle-Guess you’re busy…Andre had texted her a couple times wanting to know when she’d be back so she could help him with another song. And Cat had apparently lost her favourite giraffe, but then found him. She quickly responded to her friends to let them know she was fine and answering all the questions.Freddie was doing the very same thing in the bathroom, checking his calls and texts which were pretty sparse, ignoring his mother’s. One from Sam telling him she missed him and one from Gibby asking if he could borrow his shoes. The brown haired teen considered asking why, but decided against it.Freddie came out and was immediately struck by how beautiful Jade looked in his shirt in the bed. He knew she wasn’t wearing pants under those covers, so his eagerness only increased to be back with her.”I know this isn’t your ideal vacation, babe,” he said softly, wrapping his arm around her.”I’m with you… I really can’t ask for much else. Events of today aside, this has been a real dream come true.””If you could go anywhere,” he asked, slowly stroking her arm, “where would it be?””Somewhere cold… like northern Europe.””I think my ideal location is your room in your house in LA…” he said, smirking at her.”Oh you’re really subtle, Freddie Benson…” she said. “It’s honestly not that great.””Are you k*dding?” he said incredulously. “I was actually shocked that you weren’t staying there and living in the dorms instead. What made you-“”Freddie, I’d prefer not to talk about it…” she said softly.Freddie considered pressing the question to get her to open up, but he figured she would tell him once she was good and ready.The teen couple kissed a couple times as they listened to the storm slowly dissipate, each with their minds bouncing all over.”Do you ever think about the first time we were together, baby?”Freddie was actually taken aback by her out of the blue question, but gave it some quick thought before responding. “Of course I do, yeah. Why?””Just thinking… what was going through your head that first night? Were you planning for us to get together, hoping for it, or was it a split second thing and what-“”Baby… calm down… I don’t know what’s up, but let me take you through my thoughts that night, ok?”Jade nodded and stared into his deep brown eyes as he sighed and began his story.”The first night was really crazy and it felt like fate from almost the beginning. You were heartbroken and lonely and I was too, and between each other we found a way to seek comfort. It shouldn’t have worked, but you made the choice to trust me. And that trust evolved into us sharing some-thing special between the two of us. I’ll never forget you asking me to join you in my bed after only knowing you for a couple hours, and the passionate way we held each other and made each other cry out for more because our connection was so strong. My only thought was that you were a goddess who deserved to be loved and treated as such.”Jade couldn’t help blushing from his words as her heart swooned, knowing she felt something very similar with him. “I hated you when we first met that night- the way you were so handsome and I guess I blamed you for Sam hooking up with Beck, but you were really cool no matter how much of a bitch I was being. That night, after seeing my female friends all fool around and my ex fucking yours, I just needed an escape, and I never planned to sl*ep with you until that moment I started asking you to come to bed. I guess I felt like I owed you for-“”Whoa,” Freddie said, sitting up and raising his hand, to stop her. “You owed me? For what?””You know… just being there.””So, what… sex with me was just you throwing me a bone. I didn’t earn sex with you and you sure as hell didn’t owe it to me…” Freddie was clearly upset by her phrasing. “You’ve never owed me anything. Everything I do is, and everything you do should be, done completely out of your own want and your love. Did Beck make you think this?”Jade was taken aback by his flippant use of his name, and the way he was honestly upset. “No…” she said softly, but Freddie could tell there was something deep underneath her surface that she was keeping hidden. “I made a bad choice of words, ok?””Ok,” he said, giving a deep sigh. “Well, what I said stands… I love you and you never owe me a thing for-.”Freddie was cut off as the lights flickered back on, along with the television which emitted a loud scream before the picture became clear as a teenage girl was being chased through the woods by a clown with a drill.”Huh…” he said, his mind drawing a blank on what he was trying to say. “I’m thinking of trying to make a schedule to keep once college rolls around. I don’t want to get behind or lost halfway through the semester.””That’s incredibly geeky and sounds like you,” Jade muttered, happy that the conversation before had been dropped. “Do we have anything together?””Maybe,” he said, reaching into his wallet for his schedule. “I’ve got Calculus with Soriyama, British Lit with Harper, Mass Media with Ryan, Chemistry with Kincaid, and World History with Drago.””I don’t have a schedule printed up but I definitely have that British Lit and I think the World History class too.””Awesome,” he said, happily putting it away. “We will have at least two classes together plus we should have plenty of free time. Who knows, we may even get more than that at night…”Jade knew what he was playing at, but she shrugged it off. “Maybe… we don’t know how tough the dorms will be about us having sl*epovers, so we may have some trouble there.””Then why don’t we spend our nights at your place, after the parents have gone to sl*ep. We could-“”No!” she said through gritted teeth. “I told you to drop anything to do with my house. It’s not gonna happen.””Ok…” he said, once again backing off from the topic. “Let’s just watch some TV…””Yeah,” she said, pulling away from him. “Let’s just do that.”Several minutes passed and neither teen looked at the other or said a word as Freddie flipped through the channels, intentionally moving from Jade’s horror movie to anything else, just to make his point. Finally, Jade sat up, snatched the remote and turned the television off.”I need to tell you something.”He stared up at her receptively, hoping that she would finally get whatever she needed off her chest. “I’m here,” he said, his hand on her thigh.”My cousin Alex has come home from the military and my parents are letting him stay at our house for a few months until he can find afford to live on his own.””And that’s what is wrong with your house?””Yes… well, no… I need to tell you something I’ve never told anybody, and you have to promise me that you won’t make a big deal out of it and you have to swear to never tell another soul.””Babe,” he said, touching her again, “I swear.”Jade took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling, trying to decide how to tell Freddie about this.”We were always a really tight f*mily and my dad and his br*ther were really close, so my uncle’s son, Alex, was around forever. He was 4 years older than me so naturally I idolized him when I was a k*d, and a lot of the rocker stuff I have are hand-me-downs or gifts from him. Anyway, something happened when I was in middle school that really kinda changed things. Our parents were going to a party together, and since he was 16 and I had just turned 12, they left him in charge.”Freddie could feel where this story was going, and he could feel his bl*od boiling at what was inevitably coming.”So of course we were hanging out and having a good time, watching TV, and playing Mario Kart, and after I beat him, we had a play fight… which was normal. But as we wrestled, him clearly going easy on me, I felt his hands brush a little too much on my breasts, which were like A’s then, and my ass and my crotch. I wanted so badly to believe it was accidental, until it became brutally obvious that it wasn’t.”I knew what was happening, but I just refused to believe he meant any harm to me, and honestly, and I feel gross saying this, but at the time, it felt good. He had shown me how to kiss the year before and I thought nothing of it. The wrestling turned into us laying side by side and him touching me everywhere, and telling me how pretty I was. I was such a girlie girl back then…”Freddie could see some tears welling up in her eyes as this was clearly embarrassing for her and he wanted to comfort her, but had no idea how.”Anyway, he suggested we take our clothes off and I went along with it, like an idiot, and he showed himself to me. I had never seen a penis before so I asked if I could touch it and of course he said yes. He started to finger me and tell me how good of a girl I was and how pretty I was as I touched him. Alex kissed my naked chest and licked me down there and he made me lose it.”He was so nice and gentle that the wrongness didn’t even bother me any more. But then he stood up above me and he was hard. And he told me that I owed him-“”So, that’s where it came from…””Just let me finish so I never have to say or think about it again… He said that good girls repay their favours, so now I needed to make him feel just as good. Alex sat on the couch and pulled me on him, and kinda f*rced my face over him, and I can still smell his Axe body spray, and thrust into my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing and he just kept coaching me, and by that time, it had gone from fun to me just wanting it all over. And then without warning my mouth was full of his sour and salty cum, and he told me to swallow.”Freddie’s fist was balled so tight he was practically bleeding from the pressure. His face was as red as Jade’s both filled with anger and sadness.”He made me swear to keep it as our secret, and I can’t believe I thought this, but I still liked him. I thought this was just a game that went too far and I wanted him to be the hero that I believed he was… but he wasn’t.””Baby… that’s awful. I’m so-“”That’s not the worst of it,” she said softly. “It was a little over a week later that my fear and guilt won out and I confessed what happened to my parents. And they just laughed and said I had such an imagination. I tried to tell them, but they called me a liar. I was punished for telling the truth, and fuck if I didn’t feel I deserved to be punished. A month went by and I found excuses not to see Alex, so I was slowly getting over it, bahis siteleri and at the same time, facing the horror of what happened. Pretty sure that’s when I got into the whole Goth thing… But then, Alex was caught having sex with a girl from my grade, and while he did couldn’t be construed as statutory since he was 16, his parents flipped and sent him off to school and he went straight into the military. Honestly, I haven’t seen him since that night… and I don’t intend to. My parents, I honestly believe, started drinking to ease their consciences for not believing me. Probably why they give me free reign for whatever. They probably drowned the brain cells that remembered what Alex did, so he’s staying with them.”Jade looked over, her story done, and her tears rolling down her soft red cheeks, at Freddie who was clearly so furious he could scream. She could tell that he was physically fighting himself to try and comfort her, but he was enraged. His anger just made her feel more ashamed, knowing that she let it happen to her.Freddie finally found the words just as Jade raced from the bed and headed into the bathroom and locked herself in so she could cry without him seeing her or making her feel any worse.”Jade!” he called out to the locked door.”I’m sorry, alright? Just leave me alone…”Freddie stared incredulously at the wood blockade, “Babe, why are you sorry… you didn’t do anything wrong.””Uhh… did you miss the part where I let my cousin mol*st me just because he made me feel pretty… that’s pretty much the lowest of the low.””No…” he said patiently, “the kind of guy who would initiate that on someone who trusted and admired him is the lowest of the low, and I swear if I ever meet him, I will-“”Freddie,” she said softly, “You’d get your ass kicked… I’ve seen his pictures and he’s buff as hell. I admire you trying to fight for me, but my innocence was freely given away to him, and I don’t deserve a guy like you.””Jade…””Just leave me alone!””No…” he said, stoically. “I am going to sit right here and wait for you to think straight. Nothing in that story was your fault. He did everything and he made you do something you didn’t want to do. You tried to make it right, and you were punished for it. You’re-“”I don’t want your fucking sympathy or pity, Freddie!” she shouted back.”Jade, I don’t pity you… I love you and nothing is going to change that. My sympathy is unavoidable because I love you and when you feel bad, I do too.”Freddie heard her weeping from the other side, and figured he should just give her some space. He moved over to the bed, so he could still hear her if she spoke to him, but was giving her enough space to get herself straight. He flipped through the channels once more until he found just the thing to help her. The bold red dripping letters highlighted the dark scene behind it, as a cartoon pair of scissors pierced through two silhouetted girls: THE SCISSORING 2: SCISSORS CUT PAPER.There were three lines of dialogue before the bathroom door opened and Jade stepped out, like a scared creature.”I like the original better, but this one’s good too,” she said calmly, wiping her eyes on his soft button up shirt. Within a minute, she had slid over to where he sat and laid her head on his shoulder. Freddie kissed it softly as she let out a gentle “I love you.””I love you too, baby… you are my dream girl and your happiness means everything to me. I’m sorry about-“”It never happened,” she said, stuffly. “That conversation never happened.”Freddie wanted to argue, but decided to just nod and put his arm around her, kissing her head softly as they watched the gore flick. When the commercial came, she pulled herself from him and headed back into the bathroom.”I’m just getting cleaned up, babe… nothing big.”When Jade stepped back into view, she had radically cleaned up, with light make-up and she had let her hair down. The way she moved in front of the mirror in the room, was almost hypnotic for Freddie. Like a flash, he could see their future- her getting ready for bed, in some nightly routine they shared, at for a moment, he saw a bump on her torso.”Is it weird that I sometimes look at you and see us married, doing things together, and stuff?””As vague as that was, I guess it’s no different from me pencilling ‘Jade Benson’ in my notebooks.”Freddie grinned at her cheesiness, and she rushed the bed and jumped on top of Freddie and pinned him down, intertwining their fingers as his finger was pressed tightly against the ring he gave her. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed it before, but looking back, she had been wearing it since she arrived.”Admiring your gift?” she said, snapping him out of his daze.”Yeah… I guess. Just never realized how perfect it was until this moment.””What does it mean?” she asked, unaware the words had even left her mouth. “We never talked about it… I just… I mean, I know it’s not a… you-“”Jade… it was a gift to her to show his commitment. I essentially gave you my heart in that white gold encased green stone.” He softly squeezed his fingers into hers, as he leaned up to kiss her. “When I give you ‘the’ ring, you will know it.”Jade couldn’t help but smirk as she let him go, letting her body just collapse onto his, as the two kissed passionately for a few minutes before she pulled away from him.”Are you still sl*eping with Sam?”Freddie’s head nearly spun at her random question. “Not for a while, I guess. Kinda been saving myself up for you and me.”Jade nodded and slowly separated from him, looking down.”You and Tori still…?””Not really… she and Trina went off with their parents for some summer long trip, so I have texted and talked to her, but we haven’t been together like that in at least two months. I kinda wanna keep it that way… just you and me.””I’m with you there,” he said, giving it some thought. “Having other people in the picture when we are actually together seems like a really bad idea. We should just be devoted to each other, but I guess I’d understand if you wanted to keep Tori around since she’s got a lot that I don’t.”Jade chuckled as she looked down at her boyfriend, clearly squirming at his possible inadequacy. “Baby… you have and give me everything I could ever need.””And would one of those needs be a pizza?” he asked stealing a kiss from her. “Because I know I could use one.””Oh, you are such a romantic, Benson…” she said, rolling her eyes.”Let me make an order, and I’ll show you a romantic…”Freddie, thankful to finally get a couple bars, called up the ‘best’ local pizza place from the book in the cabin and once he got he and Jade’s order he found out he had twenty minutes before the guy arrived.Using his PearPhone as a music player, he started up an R&B song with a really nice beat, and pulled Jade up to her feet, and began to dance with the Goth teen, and after she realized he was legitimately trying to dance with her, she got into it. The couple shared a few kisses as he swung her hips, and she twirled under his control for what felt like an hour.The Goth teen couldn’t help but laugh as he marched them over to the kitchen table where he took a flower from the table with his teeth. Sadly, he didn’t check for thorns as one stabbed him right in the lip. Jade tried to hold back her laughter as she kissed him, suckling his hurt lip, as if she could instantly heal it.”Sorry for sucking on your bl*od…” she said, giving him a playful look. “Guess I’m not the best doctor.””I disagree… I think I just need more treatment,” he grinned evilly as he kissed her and pushed them onto the bed, kissing deeply as they laughed between one another. It might have escalated further, but just as he attempted to free one of Jade’s shirt buttons, there was a knock at the door.Jade instinctively ran to the bathroom while Freddie threw a shirt on and met the pizza guy at the door. He paid the guy and opened the box as Jade rounded the corner with nothing but her underwear on.”Didn’t want to get pizza sauce on your nice shirt…” she said, coyly, as she innocently bit her finger, knowing this was a major turn on for him.Freddie was at a loss for words as he kissed her and the couple sat back on the bed, and dove in for their slices. The bl*od and gore mixed with their pizza sauce gave Freddie a nervous feeling in his stomach. Jade turned the channel over to Anchorman, which they simultaneously replied:”I love this movie.”* * *Once Anchorman was over and the pizza nearly demolished as they ached from eating too much and laughing too much at the film. Jade kissed Freddie’s collarbone, biting a bit, before speaking softly.”I’ve never felt the way I feel right now…””Full of pizza?”Jade rolled her eyes and stared at him. “No… you’re so dumb.” Jade’s smile dissipated quickly into a very serious glance. “I mean, I am in love with you, and everything we’ve shared in the last day has been the greatest moment of my life. I want to be with you forever, to get married, have your k*ds, and all that stuff, and honestly, I’m pretty sure I might pass out if you don’t make love to me right now.””Jade we talked about this. It’s just a day without anything happening… we’re going to be fine.”The dark brunette’s desires were really taking her over for some reason, and she felt desperate for his touch. “Just hold me and touch me… please.”Freddie wanted to argue and say no, but he really wanted her as well and she curled up with her as her hands took his and guided them under her shirt and over her body. He didn’t have to be led for long as he soon began to touch her without her guidance, sliding over her soft and warm stomach before moving upwards to the swell of her breasts. Jade’s head rolled back in ecstasy at his touch. She didn’t know why but she could not stop wanting him, and it was taking every bit of her strength not to rip his pants off.The couple shifted to the side so that Freddie was spooning the swooning teen, and while one hand used his fingers to alternate between her nipples which were incredibly stiff, the other had slipped into her underwear where he toyed with her clit. All the while, he was holding her so closely and tightly that she could feel his hardness straining against her back and ass as he whispered softly and kissed her earlobe and neck.This type of attention proved too much for Jade after a couple minutes, and she felt a sweet release as her body bucked against his. She wanted so much more than this, but she felt satisfied with this. And then Freddie spoke.”I worry about you sometimes.””Why?” she asked, sitting up in bed.”Because…” he started, “You just seem addicted to feeling pleasure. Were you like this with Beck, losing it without some sort of physical gratification?”Freddie didn’t even see her hand move as he suddenly felt a sting on the side of his face.”How the fuck dare you?!” she shouted at him. “What I do with you is nothing like things with him, and don’t you ever compare our relationship again. I am not some lovesick whore sex addict. What I do, I do out of fucking love- something you wouldn’t know shit about since you’re practically a robot emotionally.””Look,” he started, güvenilir bahis but she laid down and turned away from him.”Just leave me alone, asshole.””Jade… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that,” he said to the back of her head. “I love you so much and I’d do anything for you. I just worry about you being so impulsive. You don’t need to be that way-“”You don’t fucking know what I need!” she said, clearly upset. “I guess you obviously don’t love me the way I love you, or else you’d feel the same way. You’re everything to me, and I literally hurt when I’m away from you, so fuck you… I wanted you so much that I shared my body with you.””I know, but I’m going to die or lose myself if I can’t touch you. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, baby. We’ve lasted this long apart without mauling each other, haven’t we?””Freddie,” she said through gritted teeth, flipping over to face him, her eyes bl*odshot from the coming tears. “We couldn’t help fucking other people. Both of us, so don’t act like you could help yourself.””Ugh!” he shouted, “I only fooled around with Sam because you encouraged me to, Jade.””And I fucking changed my mind… So sue me!””And what about Tori?” Freddie started, putting his hand on her shoulder so she’d look at him. “That just happen out of the blue? No history led up to the point of you two carpet munching together. I never once told you not to do that.””Yeah… you only say that because you think I’ll eventually bring her in with us, and you’ll have a new piece of ass on the side, you fucking pig!”Freddie started to say something, but for some reason, he found that funny. He shook the bed a bit as he tried to hold back his laughter from the crying teen.”What is so fucking funny?” she said, red faced and through a snarl, as she punched him in the arm.”I don’t know,” he said, looking back at her. “Just thinking about how unbelievably screwed up we are.””Yeah… I guess we are…” She quietly subsided her anger and turned back over away from him. After a few minutes, Freddie felt her hand reach behind her and gently touch his.”I really hate talking about Beck with you…”Freddie slid closer to her and stroked her hair as he spoke. “I’m sorry… Why?””Because…” she started, unsure of how to put her feeling into words. “Because I guess I feel a bit ashamed about him.””Ashamed? Baby, Beck isn’t a bad guy I guess. He just has his own issues. Plus he was your first, and I understand the power of first loves.”Jade flipped back to face him. “That’s the point. Whenever I think about him, all I can do is be ashamed… like I cheated on you with him.””Ummm… Jade, there wasn’t any overlap to my knowledge,” he said, tucking a rogue strand of hair behind her ear. “Was there?””No…” she said, looking downward. “I mean, like you were my soul mate, and I feel like I settled for him when I should have been waiting for you. I wish I could have given you my virginity, and that I’m not that way, and you’re this perfect guy… I just kinda feel bad.””Like you owe me something?” he said, narrowing his eyes.”Maybe…” she murmured, knowing she didn’t want this to be a big thing again.”If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been with a few other girls so I’m kind of a man-whore…””Somehow,” she rolled her eyes, “that doesn’t. But do you ever wish that it would have been you and me? Maybe we randomly meet and we just fall in love. I had a dream you moved down to LA with me and lived with me and my mom, and it was just so perfect and romantic.””That does sound like some dream babe…” Freddie tried to avoid the question, but he could tell from the look in her eyes that he couldn’t escape the ‘first time’ crisis. “I won’t lie Jade, my first time was with my two best friends, and I loved them both dearly, so it was really special. But, like I’ve been saying, there’s more to us than just sex- we are in love with each other, and that’s something noticeably different.”The couple shared a few soft kisses as he took her more into his arms, and she nuzzled her face in his neck, taking a long smell of how amazing his scent was. After a few minutes, Freddie flipped the television over to the Chiller channel, and the couple relaxed to the Ch*ldren of the Corn.”I never understood these movies,” Freddie said, searching for meaning. “I mean, are the k*ds possessed or are they really evil or-“”I’m sorry…” Jade whispered into his skin.”Me too, babe… I overreacted and I have been kinda bossy through this. If you want, we can call this whole no sex thing off.””No… I think you were right the first time that I probably rely on physical stuff more than I should. I just want every moment to be as special and memorable as possible. I just kinda lost myself in how much I was craving that affection.”Freddie kissed her forehead softly as she smiled at receiving his gift. “I have an idea for you if you’re up for it…”Jade hated to be left hanging on an idea, but he was intent on taunting her it seemed. “Go on…””We should enact each other’s fantasies… like write down exactly what your biggest sexual desire is, and I’ll try and make it happen. And same with you, if you want. It could be our reward for controlling our urges…”Jade thought for a moment about this idea. On the one hand, the idea of her fantasy becoming real was a huge turn on, but the truth was that Fred-die had pretty much made all her dreams come true the night before. “Ok, deal… but you are already my fantasy, so I don’t know what I’ll come up with.””And you are a goddess, Jade West… but I think we will manage.”The couple shared a kiss before Freddie got up from the bed so he could lock the doors and hit the lights, as Jade started using her phone to look up ideas for what she really wanted. Freddie knew what he wanted to do, but he knew he would have to plan what was needed.She had started typing something when her sl*epiness overcame her, and before her fantasy was laid out, she fell out. Freddie laughed at her cute sl*eping face, a grin on her face as all but two buttons of his shirt had been unbuttoned, and despite his strength, he could barely resist her wel-coming flesh.The iCarly producer slipped beneath the covers, and within minutes of setting the sl*ep timer, he was fast asl*ep, his body subconsciously spooning his love.* * *It was almost 10am before Freddie Benson woke up from a very deep sl*ep. He had dreamed he was trapped in the belly of a creature, and looking at the form he slept on for most of the night, he knew why he didn’t hate it. God, he thought, she is just magnificent. The way her shirt had been opened fully somewhere in the night, and it now lay across her chest in a way that it barely covered what it needed to.He couldn’t help stealing a soft and subtle kiss from her lips as his mouth worked sneakily over her neck and face. He had maybe planted twenty before the Goth teen woke up with very tired eyes, but a huge smile plastered across her face. She quickly made a squeal noise and buried her face in his chest as if the hide her morning face from her lover.Freddie softly gripped her head and pulled her up to face him before kissing her, keeping his thumbs on her cheeks as his fingers held the side of her neck. The kisses were soft, but very passionate, and they grew deeper as they went on.A wicked grin grew across Freddie’s face as he kissed her more, and just when she saw him looking devilish, he shot his mouth up and licked the end of her nose.”Ugh… Jerk!” Jade screamed as she wiped his mark from her nose on the pillow case before starting to wrestle with Freddie. As is common for such fights, Freddie’s shirt flew from her body as the two nearly naked teens playfully fought for control until finally Freddie let her pin him.”Looks like I win,” she announced, mocking him.”Not from where I’m sitting…” Freddie said, gazing up at her as the sunbeams lit up her figure like he’d never seen as she towered over his midsection. Jade arched her back a bit, showcasing every angle of her torso before leaning down to kiss him. He softly nibbled at her bottom lip as they pulled apart, with just enough time to suckle on her neck.Jade slid down a bit and gripped the headboard as she leaned further so her swinging breasts were right at his mouth’s level. She wanted to tease him with her flesh pillows, dangling above his mouth as he tried to lick and suck her extremely sensitive nipples, but she always pulled back just in time.Finally, after a minute of teasing, she bent a bit more and he feasted on her body like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. The playful bites were so erotic that Jade felt her backbone shiver every time he did it. His mouth was like magic, and she thought she might come just from his boob obsession.”Mmmm… show me how hungry you are for me, baby,” she taunted, knowing he was doing a damn fine job so far.Freddie pulled away from her body and sat up fully, with his upper body parallel with the headboard as he gripped her juicy ass and slid her up so her glorious orbs were at his face level again.Jade loved it when he took charge and manhandled her, and added to him devouring her skin, she knew he was going to get her off within minutes of awakening. His strong hand on the small of her back pushing her into his face while his free hand kneaded and tweaked the breast he wasn’t making out with.She could feel his hard member through their underwear, in the crack of her ass. Jade got a free hand and slid it down her stomach until she began to rub her hood with such a ferocity, she thought she might start a fire.”Please… pleasepleasepleaseplease…” she muttered, biting her bottom lip a bit.Eventually, Jade began seeing the all too familiar flashes of white and, holding Freddie’s hand tightly to her flushed breast, she felt a moment of warning before her body was struck with an electricity that shook her body until she screamed out, followed by fast short and high pitched breaths.Freddie was amazed that she had come like that and the grip she put on his hand was incredible. “Are you ok, baby? Did I hurt you?”Jade pulled from him and looked at him as if he had just insulted her. “No…” she said coldly, “Your fucking perfect hands and mouth didn’t hurt me. You just made me come for like the 20th time in two days. Stop being so fucking perfect, asshole.” Jade couldn’t help smiling, knowing her bitch routine wasn’t working on him.Without a word, Freddie slipped off his boxers and rushed her and hugged her playfully. She couldn’t help jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bathroom, their mouths locked in tight, deep, and playful kisses.Jade couldn’t help grinding her hips against his hard cock that she was poised on. The only thing separating her dripping core and the only she wanted to fill it with was a very thin piece of cotton.He turned the shower on and kissed her until he finally had to set her down, letting her slip her panties off, then pinning her body against the glass shower door. The head of his member teased her aching slit and she wanted him to fuck her against that shower door, but she knew they had an agreement, and she couldn’t wait for him to see what she had for her fantasy. As he opened the hot shower and led her inside before shutting it behind him, and she saw his glistening and toned, wet body, she couldn’t wait to make every fantasy of his possible.

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