My Birthday Surprise

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My Birthday SurpriseI went wild one weekend, and had a hedonistic birthday. I checked out a website, and made plans with 2 hookers and an old girlfriend. One of the hookers turned out to be a cop, and I was warned off of her before we met.The other one, was a little redhead. I guess that you know how I feel about gingers by now. This little girl was a dancer and part time escort.She was tiny, about 5′ nothing and 100 or so pounds. NICE little breasts and a fine , tight ass.Her name was Sunshine, and she was only 20 years old. She showed up late. I know that youngsters these days have no scence of time, distance or money, but damn. I had planned on taking her out to eat and then having her for dessert, but by the time she finaly showed up dinner salihli escort was out. Besides, she said…”I want to play.”I had gotten a nice room, and it had a hell of a view of the city. She was standing by the picture window, just looking out over the city as the sun was setting. I stepped into the bath for a moment, and when I came out, she was still looking out, and starting to move to some tune in her head…slowly taking her blouse off, then her jeans. It was sexy as hell. She turned and saw me looking at her, and blushed…She came to me and started to disrobe me… I let her but I am tall and like I said, she is tiny, and it didn’t get too far, but she got my jeans down and led turgutlu escort me to the bed, with the very convieniant handle.We climbed into bed, and I kissed her, long and hard. She finally broke away and kissed her way down my torso, sucking MY nipples till it hurt. She finally bumped against my cock. It was RAGING! Larger than I normaly am. She looked so tiny against it. She laved it with her tounge and then took it in her mouth. She was pretty talented, I have to say. She scooted around and I tried to suck her pussy, but she was so small I couldn’t reach her. I finally pulled her off, and lay her back, then I went to town.The bed was white, and this pink little girl with the fine red erdemli escort hair and bush was spread before me. I devoured her. She SHREAKED, and CURSED, and SCREAMED… OMFG! The filth that flowed from her mouth was increadable, and I had been a sailor! That was probably the best bout of cunnilingious that I have ever performed. She fainted.Waking a couple of minutes later as I was sitting there checking her pulse, she asked me to fuck her. Well, being a gentleman, I couldn’t refuse.I entered her pussy. It was so tight that the condom broke right off. OOPS!I rearmed and she got on me, slowly sliding down on me, and rode me cowgirl till she collapsed again. I took her in my arms and rolled over, still inside her, and proceded to fuck the living shit out of her. The sewer of her mouth opened again and she spewed obscenities as she came. I fucked her till I collapsed, and we lay there, and dozed for a good half hour…She freaked when we woke and jumped in the shower.I think that she scared herself with how she responded to the last two hours.All I could say was…WOW

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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