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Mom and dad fuckThis story is a true life experience. It tells about the first and only time when a six year old watches his parents fuck.I remember when I was 6. On Christmas day our X-mas tree caught fire and almost everything in the room was ruined. Since our flat was only two rooms, I and my 3 years old brot/her had our beds in there while mom and dad slept in the other room. But by necessity we had to sle/ep in our parents’ room for a while during the renovation process. Maybe some months earlier my mother had told me ‘approximately’ how babies were made when I asked her why girls didn’t have penises and some more questions in that direction. I had seen my mother naked when she took a bath and I had studied my dad’s penis once when we were both peeing. Mother’s pussy was very hairy but I could see her slit because I was so small that canlı kaçak bahis I really looked at it from below. I had also seen two of my girlfriends’ pussies and they had studied my tiny cock. One of them was my age and the other one was two years older. She told me that when a man put his cock inside the hole of a woman, it was called fucking.One night I woke up when my parents went to bed. I lay still and didn’t want them to find out that I was awake. They thought that I was asle/ep and quietly they took off their clothes and went to bed. I was hoping that they would fuck because that was something I wanted to see. And I was lucky.After a short while I heard that they were whispering. I couldn’t make out any words, but soon I heard mama moan and dad was breathing heavily. I watched them closely and took great care not to move. online bahis Of course there was no light on in the room but my eyes were accustomed to the dark and also because the room was so small I was only about 5 feet away from them, so that it was easy to find out what was happening. Suddenly my dad moved. He almost rose in the bed and I could see that he was kneeling. Mom moved herself to the middle section of the bed and put her legs one on each side of my dad, who now lowered himself over her. While he was kneeling, I could clearly make out his cock which was enormously erect.-Yeah, put it into me, mom said and forgot to whisper. Dad didn’t say a word, but laid himself down over her. They both panted a little and moaned when he started to move his ass up and down. I knew that he was fucking her. Mama was moaning a lot while makrobet güvenilir mi dad only breathed heavily while he fucked. I didn’t dare to move, and since I saw them from the side I couldn’t see any of their genitals except for dad’s cock before he put it into mommy’s pussy. I was so excited that I could hardly breathe. I followed every move of daddy’s ass for a long time. Mom was always moaning louder and dad breathed faster and faster. All of a sudden he fucked her very for/cefully and put his cock in her a few times and then lay still. They both moaned and breathed heavily for a while. Then mama said in a low voice: -This was wonderful my darling. I love your cock. And dad answered: -Yes sweetie. And I love your wet pussy. Then he dismounted her and lay down by her side and I knew the fucking was over.This was the only time I saw them fuck. But for years after this I used to listen with my ear against the wall or the door of their bedroom while they fucked. I kept the habit until I was 16 and moved away from home. Since then I have been an eager voyeur and listener.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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