Massage to Arpita in Pune – Day 2

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I hope you guys must have read the first part. Now let me tell you what happened on day 2.

I woke up by 10am the next day. She served tea on bed. I was almost being treated like her hubby. I guess, she had taken bath few minutes back. Her hairs were still wet. I felt so nice and so good seeing her like that.

This experience of mine is being penned by both Arpita and I.

Hi guys. All the words which are mentioned in this experience are absolutely true. Nish and I, sat together and wrote this.

If any females are reading this, if at all you get a chance, don’t miss a chance to contact him and get a nice massage. Don’t worry. He is a nice and decent guy. He will definitely not disappoint you. If any males are reading this, you can make your wife feel special by giving her a nice massage by Nish. Don’t worry. He is a nice and decent guy. He will definitely not disappoint you.

Arpita : Wake up Nish, its 10am now.

Nish : Good morning.

Arpita : Good morning darling. (I could see a glow on her face). Here is your tea.

Nish : I don’t drink much tea. Since you have made it, lemme have it.

Nish : Nice tea. Feels fresh.

Arpita : I have never been so comfortable Nish. I feel so relaxed. Even after lot of my desperation to have sex last night, you did maintain your professionalism. You really made me feel special. Thanks a lot dear.

Nish : Thanks dear. Now lemme get refreshed.

Arpita : Yes. In the meantime, lemme get the breakfast ready for you and also, I have a small surprise.

Nish : Surprise for me. Please tell me what is that?

Arpita : It’s a surprise darling. You need to have patience.

Nish : (I smiled) ok. Will be eagerly waiting for that surprise.

By the time I finished my shower, she had prepared delicious breakfast. While having breakfast, we spoke about the previous night’s experience and few other things. Things were absolutely normal.

Arpita : You were telling me about Nuru massage yesterday. Tell me more about it.

I explained her about nuru massage. I was carrying Nuru gel with me, which one of my client had got it from the US. Nuru Gel is a very slippery and odourless gel.

She asked me to pack the bag with couple of clothes and the necessary things for massage. I realised, this was the surprise she might be talking about.

Nish : Where are we going?

Arpita : Patience Nish, patience. You’ll get to know that very soon.

Nish : Cool!!!

We kept our bags in the car and she drove. We picked up chocolate sauce and jellies on our way. The surprise was killing me. I was wondering where is she taking me? We kept our conversations going. I kept on asking her about the surprise, but all the reply I got from her was, wait and watch.

She illegal bahis drove the car to one of the resort in Mahabaleshwar. The resort was just marvellous. Later, I got to know that, she is a member of the resort and had made the plans before I had arrived in Pune, but, confirmed about this only after the previous day’s massage session.

We checked into the cottage which was given to us. Surprisingly, she had also hired the spa room, which consisted on a massage table and the Jacuzzi bathtub. Both the rooms were filled with pleasant aroma. We explored the resort for sometime, played housie/lotto and other group games. It was fun. We went back to the cottage, got refreshed.

Nish : Now, I need a nice massage. Lets go to the massage room.

Before going there, we had little food.

I gave her a nice massage, a normal relaxing massage. In return she tried to offer me massage too. She was good to a certain extent. But was happy, she tried it.

We came back to our cottage post massage.

Arpita : Nish, you are a good companion now, rather than a masseur. And yes, I mean it. I was very much apprehensive, but your hospitality, your caringness, aahh… I’m flattered. You are such a nice person to be with.

Nish : Thanks dear

We relaxed ourselves, had dinner and were just in each other’s arms, making the moment to feel cozy. She shared some of her personal moments during then.

Sorry if I’m boring you guys. But, I’m trying to make you guys feel that, you are experiencing fun while reading this experience of mine.

Arpita : Offer me the nuru massage.

Nish : We may end up having sex post nuru or during nuru massage. Is it ok for you?

Arpita : Yes. Its been a while since I have had sex. So, I wouldn’t mind.

Nish : I can control my sexual desires. Will you be able to control?

Arpita : Nish, like I said, its been a long time since I have had sex. Its ok for me. I can easily bank on you, without any second thought.

Nish : (I just smiled)

She asked for a mattress with the resort authorities. To our luck, we did get one.

I arranged the mattress in the cottage. The cottage was spacious, hence we thought of using the same, rather than going to the massage room, without any disturbances. We both helped each other by giving a sensual feel to the room. Lit the aromatic candles, soft music, fruits were already there.

How the nuru massage was experienced, will be told by Arpita now.

Hey guys. Hope you have not got bored. For those who have felt bored, we are so sorry. Without wasting much time, let me narrate you in my words, MY NURU MASSAGE.

Once we arranged everything, I was all set to get my FIRST NURU MASSAGE. He seducingly helped me to remove my dress and I removed his dress, making illegal bahis siteleri us naked. He guided me under the shower. The water was luke-warm. Once we were completely drenched, he took some nuru gel and rubbed on my breasts and shoulder. His smooth hands were making me so horny, I grabbed him and started kissing. I was already feeling very hot.

I couldn\’t control much. He is certainly not a hunk, but a nice lovable person, who would never disappoint you. I felt hot. My nipples got hard. He made me turn around and applied some gel on my back and started rubbing his body on my back. The feeling is just so great. Its really tough to explain here. I turned around, moved my hands on his chest, went closer and with my tongue, encircled his nipples, bi those with my teeth. I took some gel and applied on his body and I rubbed my breasts on his chest. I moved up, started kissing him again. Amazing, his lips are so inviting that, I couldn’t resist and we started kissing hard, exploring each other’s tongue, biting lips, sucking lips. It’s such an erotic feeling. He is the best kisser. Meanwhile, one of my hands went down to his cock and I squeezed it. I took my hands further down and cupped his balls. He was hard, but he never showed the hardness on his face. That’s the best thing I liked about him. The respect which he shows!!!

He stopped me there and said

Nish : You have lot of time for this. Lemme give you a nuru massage now.

Arpita : Don’t be so mean sweets, lemme enjoy without any limitations.

Saying this I knelled down and took his hard cock in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. He made me stand-up and rinsed me under shower.

Nish guided me to the bathtub. Once inside, he took the lofah and started rubbing it on my body. While lofah was in one hand, his other hand was moving smoothly on my body. He was making me feel so hot and horny. One of the best feeling, I was ever getting and will ever have. I rested my back in a sitting posture. He sat on and end, put his legs on my breasts, his thighs were resting on my shoulder. He leaned on me and started rubbing my breasts and tummy again. My head was almost touched his cock. I could feel it infact and I wanted to grab his hard cock and wanted him to fuck me then and there, but controlled a lot. He rubbed my back and came infront of me. As soon as he came near, I again grabbed him and was kissing him again. I was enjoying every bit of it.

After he cleaned my entire body, he guided me to the mattress which was prepared in the room. We were still dripping of water.

The Iights were dim, soft music being played in the background. I remembered my honeymoon, which was not even close to this. Well, that’s history now.

I laid down on the mattress. He sat on my legs. LOL, didn’t canlı bahis siteleri apply much pressure though. The nuru gel was very slippery, very easy to slide. It had no odour and no color. I heard this gel was given to him by one of his client who had come from US.

I felt, my body had become warm post bath. I felt really nice. He asked me to turn around (face down on the mattress). He took handful of gel from the bowl and poured on my back. He applied so generously using his smooth hands, I felt so great.

Honestly, I didn’t know how exactly nuru massage would be done. I had just asked him what it is all about. But what he replied was true. Massages should never be explained, it should be experienced. I had already started enjoying MY NURU MASSAGE.

After he applied the gel on back, he widened my legs. He laid on me and started spreading the gel all over my body. Once my back was thoroughly covered with gel, he asked to turn around and applied the gel on my breasts, tummy, legs, all over my body. He did take some gel again in between, made sure, our bodies would be sliding. Now, both our bodies were thoroughly covered in a thick layer of nuru gel. The feeling was just WOW!!!

It was almost like, we were dripping with the gel. Now he started the main massage. He made sure that body-to-body contact is there and started sliding backwards and forwards on my body. I couldn’t hold on anymore.

I made him lay on his back and got into 69 position. I really wanted him to lick my pussy. As soon his tongue touched my clits, aahh, it kinda sent a trigger within me. He was sucking my pussy so nicely and I started sucking his hard dick. This went on for sometime and I felt, lemme enjoy his licking my pussy.

I freed myself from his cock and laid down. He came in between my legs and started licking my pussy again. He can keep licking pussy all day long. I had become so damn wet. I had also started to cum a bit.

(You really don’t know how tough it has become for me to type all these. Its reminding me of the moments spent with him. What a feeling. I am really wet down.)

Enough now, I decided and told him,

Arpita : Nish, please stop teasing me. Fuck me baby. I need it inside.

He smiled and without thinking much, he guided his cock inside my vagina. Aahh!!! Finally after a long long time, I am getting a cock inside me. He fucked me for a while and finally when he was about to cum, he signalled me.

I knelled down. He positioned his cock right in front of my mouth and shot his cum inside my mouth. Honestly, I had never done before, but yeah, I had seen in movies. But feeling like this, it was just an awesome of an experience for me.

We did enjoy the entire night till next noon. Post which we drove back to my home in Pune and the next day, bid goodbye to eachother.

I’m glad to be sharing this experience of mine in my words. Like Nish says, yes, its not stories which he writes, its his experiences.

Adios. Luv – Arpita

do leave your comments. thanks.

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