Hit and Run

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Hit and RunI work in the city as a delivery driver. When I get my deliveries done and have some time to kill I drive to tourist area and check out the ladies. A couple of the alleys go right behind the condos that are full of tourist, they leave the curtains open. The windows are right level with the truck I drive so I can see inside the condos perfectly. Some times a guy can drive by and catch a woman naked or some people fucking, it is all in good fun. So I am puttering down this alley, caught one lady top less, then I come to this window, wide open window, and this woman is standing in front of the mirror wearing only some high cut panties. Perfect tits, small waist, and nice ass. I can not help but stare. She smiles real big at me and turns to me and says “if you like what you see you should park that truck and come join me, room 213, my husband will be gone for another hour. Hurry!” Wow, I pulled around the corner and parked at the curb and made my way to room 213. She opened the door, still wearing only the panties. She was in her mid fifties. About five foot six maybe one hundred twenty to thirty pounds. Blonde hair blue eyes. Her hair cut and the way she acted made me think she was some kind of business person, rich canlı bahis siteleri white bitch. I walked in and she closed and locked the door. We both looked at each other and then embraced and started kissing. Her hands were all over me and I quickly dropped her panties to reveal a clean shaved dripping pussy. Within seconds I was naked also and we fell on the bed in a sixty nine position. I have only fucked a couple of married white women, this one was way out of my league, but I was determined to make this one of best fucks of her life. I buried my face in that fine white pussy and she sucked in my cock. Within another minute I had her ready to cum. I took control and flipped her onto her back, placed myself between her legs and buried my cock balls deep into her cunt. “I have never been with a black man, I never had a cock so big.” She muttered. I hammered down on her holding her arms above her head. She came, hard. It must have been a very long time since her last orgasim or maybe this fantasy fuck or both, I thought she was going to pass out and maybe she did for a second or two. I kept up for another minute and then pumped a massive load deep into her cunt which caused her to cum again. I paused for a minute canlı casino leaving my cock buried deep in her snatch allowing her to catch her breath. Then I pulled out and got her up on all fours and started to hit her doggy style. I rammed my rod into her and she screamed out. I grabbed her hair and pulled it, then slapped her ass as I tore into her sloppy cunt. Those tits were swinging back and fourth, I thought that might fly off. I tore that pussy up and blew another load deep inside her. She collapsed on the bed face first and lay there. I looked at my watch, twenty minutes left, I thought to myself that I have enough time to hit this pussy one more time. So I took my semi hard cock and rolled this bitch onto her back again, pushed her legs up to her chest and buried my cock in her again, it will get hard from the friction and it did. I was so deep into this cunt that I was hitting the top of vagina. I banged that sloppy cunt till I could go no more and drained another load into her. I was getting worried that her husband may show up and figured he may not like all the cum that I pumped into his old lady so I should get back to work. I told the woman thanks and she pleaded for me to stay or come back tomorrow. kaçak casino “Come back at nine, my husband will be gone again for most of the day.” She said. The next day I thought about that pussy. Called in sick to work and went by there. Sure enough she was there by the window waiting. “Oh good! I was so hoping you would come back. Hurry! get up here.” I went to her room and she let me in and locked the door behind me. She had on a robe which I pulled off her. “Here is a condom for you.” she said. I took the condom and threw it across the room, pushed her onto the bed and pulled my cock out and started fucking her, she was already dripping wet. “My husband fucked me this morning, I could not stop him, he came inside me so you should not cum in me.” She said. “Did he fuck you as good as I am? Did your husband make you cum?” I asked her as I pounded her pussy. “I could only think of you and how good it felt yesterday, I, I, I am cumming again!” She replied. As her cunt clamped down on my dong I pushed in as far as I could and painted her insides with my cum, my cum mixing with that of hers and her husbands. WE fucked like rabbits the rest of the day, she was soaked with cum and sweat. We were both sore. I told thanks for everything and left. I never got her name and she never got mine. But she did get a lot of my black cock and a gallon or two of my spunk. I am going to drive by those condos more often as I like doing these Hit and Runs on those old white ladies!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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