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flower joint local sg galit was abt 1 year ago, me and my friend went to a flower joint club to hav some drinks…looking at those dancer(thais) dancing and mingle with us..then suddenly 2 gals carrying tequila shots come to our table, said they need to put down the tray for awhile cos their hands is tired carrying the tray…I chat with 1 of them(local), she look like mix-blood…asking her Chinese or malay…she said her father is a Chinese and her mom is a baba…not bad looking for a gal… so I buy 2 tequila shots for her…at first she sit quite closing to me…then her hands start to land on my legs and we chat a lot.she can talk Chinese too..so most of the time we chat in Chinese..when it was almost time the club going to closed and i’m abt to leave, she ask me where I am going. I said i’m heading home unless u want to follow me go for supper.. she agreed. she got changed and telling her friend she going back… we went to balastier there for some bak kut the and after that I trying my luck to see if canlı bahis siteleri she want to follow me go home… she said she is tired and just wanna lie on bed to rest… wait no more.. I bring her to hotel 81 check in overnight… when inside the room, I said i’ll go shower first. after shower I just wrap a towel nia. as my cock already half stand,showing it out abit…she look awhile and smile.. after she got out from sower…she also just wrapped a towel only…then we smoke and chit chat… my hands starts to touch her body, slowly caressing her..then her hands also got into my towel and feel my cock ,shaking it gently..and we start to French… she really know how to catbath me, slowly down to my cock and bbbj , plus DEEPTHROAT~! I feel so lucky at that time haha~!then ask her to lie down while I spread her legs finger and foddle her cup B breast sucking her nipple… I can feel the wetness of her.. when I placed my cock at her tip of her pussy, she stopped me asking me where is the condom. canlı casino I said dun hav… then she dun want my cock inside, but I said I will cum outside and continue to finger her and dirty talk… when she is not in the defensive mode to cover her pussy, I quickly ush in my cock straight inside and grab her hands aside.. she try to struggle and asking me to stopped. but instead I keep jerking in and out, tell her since already inside liao, u also get so wet, just continue to let me go in lo… she struggle for awhile, saying stopped it, take it out, stopped… but I dun care… in the end she too high and wet while my cock keep thrusting her deeply, finally she gave in.. we French like no tmr when I fuck her hard… then turn her ard to doggie her.. I pull her hair and smack her ass while fucking her in doggie, her moan was so sexy..making me cannot tahan anymore, fuck like 5 mins I was abt to cum… I grap her hips and going fast and furious mode.. I told her I was going to cum inside , she kaçak casino try to stuggle but I grabbing her tight and not to let my cock slip out..she said pull it out, but I just wanna cum inside and asking her later can go wash out, final thrust and my army just chiong inside her pussy..she also gave a loud moan while I thrusting my cum inside(like those Japanese porn). I can feel my sperm keep flowing out a lot… after that I pull out my cock… and my cum start to flow out from her pussy.. she said I very naughty and told me lucky her period just end 1 day ago. we French for awhile and she slowly blow me again to slurp out the tiny drop of my sperm that is on my cock and lie down on bed, tired..she said she never expect a Chinese cock so big and strong, making her so high.. asking why my cock got no skin… I told her I cut the skin off when I was very young…no wonder she said my cock head like big and my length like 7 inch long… not bad for a Chinese.. I feel so satisfied and we procced to go shower together .. she wash my cock nicely and keep giggling while I finger out my cum inside her pussy.. then I popped a golden Q.. wanna hav anal sex later?? she was shocked, said my cock head so big, she cannot take it la..to be continue…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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