Bait a Hook Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: Pumpkins

*Author’s Note: Thanks for all of the coments and feedback. I read every one and try to make adjusments when I can. I hope you are enjoying this story.*

The following morning after I finished eating breakfast there was a knock on the door.

“Well good morning Mrs. Thompson,” Rob’s cheery voice sounded as he entered the room with his hands full. “My uncle grows gourds, and I thought you might like some to decorate the house and cook with. This is a pumpkin pie pumpkin.” He said handing her a medium sized, light orange, almost tan pumpkin. He set a basket down that was full of tiny little pumpkins and squash before heading back out and returning holding a rather large pumpkin.

“Wanna go outside and carve a pumpkin Bobby?” he asked as my mom gushed over Rob’s gifts.

“Thank you sweetie, you shouldn’t have, but I love it! Tell your uncle thanks.” Mom said before placing a kiss on Rob’s cheek and turning around to examine her stash.

I followed Rob to the picnic table out back where he had already placed a large knife, a small knife, and a fine tipped permanent marker.

“My mom is going to want to date you if you keep this up.” I said laughing as I sat down across from Rob. Rob smiled as he deftly removed the top of the pumpkin. He walked over to the creek and dumped the contents into the water before heading back taking his seat across from me.

“Do you want a scary or happy pumpkin babe?” He asked as he handed me the marker and placed the pumpkin in front of me. I removed the cap and started to draw, Rob moved to my side of the table in an effort to see the face I drew.

“Can’t go wrong with classic triangle eyes.” He chuckled at my unoriginal design. I laughed and handed him the marker.

“You don’t like it, you do it.” I said sliding the pumpkin in front of him.

“I was just teasing babe. I don’t care what the pumpkin looks like. I was just trying to spend some time with you, thought this might be fun.”

I squeezed his thigh before saying, “It is sweet and any excuse for me to be with you is fantastic. I’m just not a very a good artist.” He looked like he was going to touch my cheek, but I shook my head after I saw the pumpkin guts on his fingers and he laughed before looking at the pumpkin. He studied it like it was a slab of marble and he was Michelangelo trying to find the David hidden inside. He quickly scribbled a square nose and a goofy buck-toothed mouth before placing the cap back on the marker and releasing a satisfied sigh.

“You wanna cut it out babe?” he said handing me the tang of the smaller knife. I carefully cut out the eyes and the nose.

“You better do the mouth Rob, I wouldn’t want your creation to lose his only two teeth.” He grinned at me and skillfully removed the remaining bits of the pumpkins mouth. I stood up and kissed the top of Rob’s head before I grabbed the water hose and rinsed off the table. He rinsed his hands before helping me wind the hose back up. We walked up to the house with our pumpkin creation. Mom came out with a couple small candles and matches. It wasn’t midday yet, and the sun was shining brightly, but apparently Rob was eager to see his new friend come to life. He placed the pumpkin beside the top step, removed the top, lit a candle, placed it inside the pumpkin, before sealing the top of his head. Mom came down the steps with us and laughed at the buck-toothed pumpkin.

“It’s perfect.” Mom and I said together as Rob chuckled.

“Well I gotta run some errands. I’ll see you later Mrs. Thompson, Bobby.”

“Thanks again sweetie.” My mom called after Rob as he walked to his truck. She squeezed me by the shoulders as we waved him off. Mom gave me a knowing smile as we headed back illegal bahis inside.


The middle of November brought with it a lingering cold rain. I had a track meet cancelled, but the football team played in a freezing, sloppy mess of a field. I shivered huddled up on the bleachers and watched the team win 10 – 0.

The next week all of the students and teachers were in Holiday mode. We would have a half day Wednesday, and then off through Friday for Thanksgiving. On Monday as I walked into school with Rob we learned that there was an assembly for the seniors first period in the cafeteria. Rob and I sat next to each other looking at the tables full of pamphlets and the handful of adults standing around.

Our guidance counselor informed us that this was a meeting to discuss plans after high school. She told us about the many advantages and disadvantages of traditional 4 year schools, community colleges, job training programs, and apprenticeships. I knew I wanted to go to college, but this is the first time I realized that I had no clue what Rob wanted to do, as we had never talked about it.

I noticed Rob paying close attention to the speaker from the Newport News Apprentice Shipbuilding School. After the several presenters had finished, we were allowed to get up and collect information on various things that were offered in the state. I grabbed 4 college pamphlets that I thought I was interested in they were: The University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, The College of William and Mary, and James Madison University. Rob was holding a pamphlet and speaking excitedly with the shipbuilding school representative.

Tuesday night after school and practice I started a video call with Rob. I could tell he thought we were going to have a little fun as I watched him pull off his shirt, exposing that delicious, sculpted, furry, makes me want to lick it, chest. I shook my head both to clear my thought and let him know that this wasn’t one of those chats….at least not yet.

“What’s up babe?” He asked noticing the worried look on my face.

“Just wondering what’s going to happen after school. I think I’m going to go off to college, but I don’t want to be away from you.”

“Bobby, babe, I don’t want to be apart from you either, but we need to go and get ready for the real world. If that means we need to video chat and drive hours to meet each other on the weekends, then we’ll do that.” I sighed; glad to hear that he didn’t want us to end after high school. “Let’s not worry about it right now Bobby, this is the kind of conversation we need to think about, and have in person” I nodded knowing he was right. With that out of the way, I needed to let him know of my plans for tomorrow.

“We have the early release tomorrow, but coach still wants us to practice. My dad is going to be later than usual with a meeting after work, and my mom is taking Emily to a dentist appointment and to do some shopping, they should be gone awhile.” I shared with Rob, hoping he would catch my drift.

“Coach is making us practice too, but we should be out of there by 1:00 or 1:30.” Rob smiled realizing I would be home alone.

“You should probably come straight to my house after practice. Don’t shower. Don’t change. Just come.” I told him wondering if he could see the lust smoldering in my eyes.

“Damn babe, you get me so hot when you talk like that.” Rob murmured as I saw a familiar glint in his eyes.

“Save it for tomorrow.” I told him. “Get some sleep handsome.” I pressed end on the video chat and thought about what tomorrow would bring until I drifted off.

I didn’t understand how an early release day could drag on as much as it had. I was practically watching the clock all day. Rob flashed me lust-filled illegal bahis siteleri glances every time we saw each other. I was constantly checking my watch during practice, pleading with it to move faster so I could get home. Rob practically ran me off the road as he followed me to my house. I drove exactly the speed limit; I knew it drove him crazy as he wanted some alone time as much as I did. I pulled into the driveway with Rob hot on my heels.

We practically sprinted through my house and into my room before slamming the door behind us. He was still in his football gear, tight blue pants, stained with dirt and grass, dirty muddy cleats, I would have to clean up the mud we tracked in later, and a t-shirt that had cut off sleeves that was almost see through from his sweat. I had sweats on over top of my short running shorts, and a blue track hoodie over top of my sleeveless tank. We collided like magnets; the force alone combined with building lust took my breath away.

We kissed frantically as he removed my hoodie and shirt, pausing to get a better look, before reclaiming my mouth. We kicked off our shoes, not wanting to break the passionate embrace. His smell was egging me on, manly, spicy, hypnotizing. I lifted his arm up so I could attack his hairy pit. I was lost in the smell and began slowly nibbling and licking it, bathing it with my tongue, inhaling every pheromone that radiated from his body.

“You must really love me Bobby.’ I heard in some distant corner of the world. I paused and looked at him with a confused look. “I stink babe, we need a shower.” I just grinned at him and went back to my lust filled ravaging of his pit. He helped me remove his shirt before I licked across his hairy chest, loving the moans and squirms that his body made as I nibbled on his hard nipples. I worked my way over to his other pit and gave it the same bath as the other. He grabbed me by the arms and briefly pulled me out of my lust induced haze.

“Shower?” he said as he slowly peeled the tight fitting pants off, revealing a glorious well-worn, straining jockstrap. I moaned as I kicked of my sweats and shorts, following his hot framed ass into the bathroom. Our intimacy continued as we kissed and rubbed our hands all over each other. My cock was trapped and leaking in my tight compression shorts. I could feel his hardness rubbing against me through his jock. I broke away, desperate to get a taste of him. I dropped to my knees and moaned at the sights and smells of my man. I began licking the pouch that held my prize. He moaned as I gently licked my way down enjoying every smell and taste I could find. I licked the spot where the pouch ended and he released a needy moan. Feeling braver I slowly licked up his crack, lost in the intense aroma that escaped. I lightly teased his hole with my tongue, which really had him squirming, before slowly licking up his crack, spine, neck, and finally resting nibbling on his ear.

I was so turned on in what I was doing I hadn’t realized I was driving him crazy. He set me on the edge of the tub before stepping out of his jock, releasing the glorious beast that lived between his legs. I licked my lips, but ne knelt in front of me licking the large wet spot that had seeped through my compression shorts. He licked and nibbled on my manhood through my tight shorts, I was moaning and squirming. Rob picked me up, hastily pulled off my compression shorts and pulled me into the shower.

I jumped as the cold water hit my body; it did nothing to cool down my libido as I quickly turned the knobs to heat up the water. We were both half in, half out of the spray. He stood behind me; we were both facing the shower head. I felt fingers running through my hair, smelled the scent of orange shampoo as I canlı bahis siteleri closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands running through my hair. They disappeared briefly and I guessed he was doing the same to his own head. He leaned forward and rinsed off the shampoo, before doing the same for me.

Next his strong arms wrapped around me and I felt a bar of soap being lathered against my skin. He massaged my neck sensually, scrubbed my armpits, which tickled and I squirmed until he relented. He continued with my arms and back before rubbing the soap across my stomach, pressing it against each ridge of my abdomen. He ran the bar and his fingers around my groin and I groaned at the torture. His soapy hands gave my aching dick three slow pulls before he was below me picking up my feet and washing up my legs. He cleaned my balls and every nerve in my body pulsed with pleasure from his touches. He ran the bar of soap up the crack of my ass and I jumped when it hit my puckered hole. He gently rubbed my round cheeks with one hand while with his other he traced lazy soap circles around my hole. I had to brace the wall for support at the sensation. I gasped when I felt his finger enter me, startled at first but that quickly faded and I moaned as his finger gently prodded inside of me. My cock was aching, begging for attention, I don’t know what switch he found in my ass, but when his thick finger rubbed against it, I almost collapsed as I unleashed strong jets of my juices onto the shower floor. My ass clamped and pulsed around his still finger as I slid down to the shower floor.

“I think I found your prostate babe.” Rob said before slowly removing his finger from my hole and pulling me up into his strong embrace. I stayed slumped over, still not able to speak. He held me and gently rubbed my body until the soap was gone and I started to regain my composure.

“You found something” I managed to get out. “That was amazing.” He had begun to soap himself but I took the bar of soap from him. Turning around I saw he was extremely aroused as I lathered up his hairy chest; I was fascinated at the soap bubbles in his manly fur. He grabbed the soap and turned me around to face the shower head again. I felt his hardness pressing into the small of my back and leaned back to meet it, trapping it flat between our bodies as he slowly thrusted up and down.

“Let me try something babe.” He begged rather than asked.

“I don’t think I’m ready…”

“Trust me.” He said and I leaned against him nodding my agreement.

He began soaping up under my balls and my inner thighs, my ass and crack soon became rich with lather as well. He wrapped his strong hand around my dick which quickly returned to full hardness. I leaned back more as he held me and I was practically standing on tip toes leaning against him before I felt his manhood slide under my balls and between my legs. Realizing what he was doing I squeezed my legs together eliciting a moan as he sucked on my neck. He timed his long thrusts with his hand on my cock. He fucked my thighs long and slow until the passion built and he increased his pace thrusting and moaning until I felt him pulsing between my legs. I felt him sucking hard on my shoulder as I watched spurt after spurt of his precious nectar flow down the drain. The sight of his release and his hand still gripping me drove me to my second release. I don’t know how he supported both of us after that but somehow he managed.

“I can’t get enough of you.” His deep southern voice whispered in my ear as I turned off the shower.

We stepped out of the shower and I toweled off every inch of him I could reach. He returned the favor as we headed back to my room. “It gets better every time.” I said reaching up for a kiss. He happily returned a slow lazy kiss.

We got dressed and when the rest of my family arrived we were sitting downstairs at the table looking over the brochures we picked up from the assembly.

*The story continues in Chapter 10*

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