Back in College with Kelly

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Back in College with KellyBack in my college days, I had a girlfriend named Kelly. She was smart and a lot of fun. We had some classes together and would go to parties with each other as well. I lived in a dorm on campus and she had a 1 bedroom apartment a few blocks off campus. One afternoon, I was hanging out with Kelly and we decided to head into town for dinner and a few drinks. It was about 10pm when we decided to head home. After about 5 minutes of walking, it began to pour. It took about 15 mins to get back to her apartment and we were totally drenched. We stripped off our clothes and showered to get warmed up. Something I didn’t tell you was that Kelly was really hot looking and incredible in bed, or even in the shower. She also had nice round tits that she always liked to soap up and wrap around my cock. Most of the time I would give her a good tit fuck and cum all over them. But this time she let me lift her up onto my cock as she wrapped her legs around me. He pussy always seemed to swallow up my cock with ease. It was like she was on a bungee cord, springing up and down on my cock. I felt myself ready to cum so I leaned her against the wall giving her a few good hard thrusts, pumping my cum deep in her pussy. We stood there, exhausted, holding each other tightly until I had the strength to slide her off my cock. After we re-showered, we headed into her room and went to bed.The next morning I woke up to Kelly stroking my cock. It was rock hard and I tried to get her to climb on top of me. She stopped me and told me I have to wait. Frustrated I got up and realized that I have to go to class anyway since I have an exam. I went to get dressed only to find out my clothes were still soaked; not that we did anything to try to dry them since we were a bit preoccupied. Kelly got up as well to get ready for her day. I asked her if she had any sweats I could wear and she went into her closet to find some that would fit. She handed me some pants and a college sweatshirt. I knew there was no way I could wear sweats without underwear, having my junk just flop around. Kelly just stepped into the shower when I asked, “What about underwear?” and she replied, “Look for yourself, see what you can find.” I had never thought of wearing her panties before or anyone else’s for that matter. Plus I figured, maybe I will have enough time to go back to my dorm, change, then head to class to take my test. I opened up her underwear drawer and it was a mess. I knew Kelly mostly wore thongs and those were all in the front of the drawer. I pushed them all aside and found the more “fuller” cut ones in the back. I really didn’t have time to be picky so I pulled out a couple and held them up to decide. The first ones looked the most guy like. They were a plain grey cotton, but they were way too tight or smashed my cock when I tried them on. It didn’t help that I was starting to get aroused handling her panties and trying them on. I found a couple of nylon, silky kind and there was one that had a wider crotch area with a little bit of stretch. I figured this would be better. The panties were dark blue and very stretchy. I slid them up my legs and they fit perfectly. Plenty of room for my cock and yet supporting as well. They were trimmed with some lace around the legs which looked kind of sexy against my skin. The feeling of my cock in her panties was making me hard, but I knew I had to focus to get to class on time. I found a t-shirt to wear and put on the sweat pants. The pants fit kind of snug around my ass and thighs but were loose the rest of the way. They were not your typical guy sweats, like a pair of “tubes” connected at the crotch, these were more “fitted”. I put on the sweatshirt which came down over the top of my pants and found some socks. Before I left, I poked my head into the shower to say goodbye to Kelly, then headed out the door.On my way back to my dorm room, I ran into a bunch of guys from my floor. We usually walked to class together, then split up at different buildings. They started teasing me about “shacking up” with Kelly and before I could defend myself, Jim who lives next door to me said, “Do you blame him? She is smokin’!” Kelly was hot and everyone knew it. In fact, I have no idea how I landed her. I told them I wanted to go back to the dorm to clean up and change, but they insisted I didn’t have time and, really…they all looked like me, wearing sweats to class. I figured if they hadn’t noticed anything, what’s the big deal. Maybe no one will notice so I continued to walk to class with them. Just to make sure, I moved into the back corner of the “walking formation” and talked to Jim the whole way. As I was walking, I kept thinking about is anyone could tell if I was wearing girl sweats and panties. Oh and OMG…panty lines???!!! I knew about them, like I have seen them on girls, mostly older women but I really didn’t know what caused them. I mean, I knew it is caused by panties, but is it from them being too tight? Too loose? Certain types? And how would I know if I was showing any? I would try to look behind me to see in anyone was staring…this was starting to get awkward. At times I would run my hand across my butt to see if I could feel any bumps or lines. It was a little chilly out in the morning so I put my hands in the pockets of the pants. My fingers would find the waistband of the panties and I was feeling them and the soft fabric. It felt how it did when I would feel pinbahis Kelly’s panties when we would fool around. “Crap!” I have to stop. Not only was feeling them making me aroused, but my hands in the pockets probably made the pants tighter on my ass showing off those panty lines! “Only about 3 more minutes and I will be in the building”, that is all I kept thinking. Once inside the building, I quickly went up to the 3rd floor and found my class. The room was still a little empty so I took my normal seat, middle row, 3 seats from the door. The class started to fill up fast and we waited for the instructor. Once we got going, I couldn’t help but to think about the panties I was wearing. I would lightly shift in my seat and feel the softness of the fabric against my cock and ass. Sometimes I would put my hand in my lap to feel my cock covered in them. But my mind would also think about whether or not they could be seen, making me pull my shirt down every so often. Two cute girls sat in the row behind be and I would often make small talk with them during class, but never really knew them. Well, during this whole ordeal, they would occasionally chuckle and talk to each other. I would look over my shoulder and they would focus back on their paper and giggle. This made me so paranoid. I was embarrassed which made me quickly finish the test. Once I was done, I turned in the test and headed out the door before anyone else saw me. Once I made it through the door, I stood in the hallway and leaned against the wall. My heart was racing and I was thinking the worst. What did they see? Did they see the waistband of the panties above my sweats? Were there panty lines? The girls were going to tell EVERYONE and I would be the laughing stock of the WHOLE school. I relaxed a bit and when I turned to leave, Kelly was standing there. This is not a surprise since we have our next class together and she sometimes comes to “pick me up” so we walk together. She asked me what the matter was and I told her, “I feel really self-conscious about wearing panties and your sweatpants. Do they look girly on me?” She replied, “No, not really. They just look a little tight across your butt. But you have a cute butt and it looks hot.” I really didn’t feel relieved from that. Just then, the two girls came out and when they saw me, they both looked my way and giggled to each other. One of them even moved her mouth as if to say, “bye.” Now I knew they knew. My face turned beat red. Kelly asked what that was about and I told her, “it’s nothing, they just sit behind me in class.” Kelly smiled letting me know that she totally knew what it was about. I told her that I wanted to go home and skip class, but she said, “We are already out, let’s just go. It’s no big deal” and she took my hand as we left. Kelly seemed totally OK with it. If it was really noticeable or obvious, she would have said something. So it really was no big deal and I started to get turned on by it. Maybe they were really hot looking girly pants and I bet my ass did looked great in them. And I hope I had panty lines. So what if people see. Being with Kelly made all my fears disappear. We headed to our class, sat in the middle like we always did and I never paid attention to anyone around me. I really forgot about the whole thing.On our way back to my room after that class, Kelly would put her hand behind me into the waist band of the sweats, feeling the panties inside against my ass. A couple of times I would pull her hand out and tell her to stop and not here. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Your panties feel so hot. I can’t wait to see them on you.” I was so horny and I couldn’t wait to get home to fuck her brains out. Now I forgot to tell you, Kelly is bi. Her girlfriend, Lisa is hot. Before we started dating, Kelly was very, letting me know that she was attracted to both guys and girls. But it wasn’t just any girl, it was Lisa. Lisa was a physical trainer major and taught aerobics classes. Her body was perfect. Just the rights shape and not too muscular. She also had a nice rack and would often wear shirts showing them off all the time. Kelly was hot too. In shape too with a nice figure but not with defined muscles as Lisa. Kelly had nice tits too, not as big as Lisa’s, but they were very full. Sometimes I would be a little jealous when I knew they were together and a little envious. I didn’t mind sharing Kelly with Lisa but I always thought, if I share Kelly, why can’t she share Lisa with me? Anyway, long story short….We arrived at my dorm and stepped into the elevator. Kelly pushed me against the wall and had one hand down my pants before the door was even closed. She grabbed my panty covered cock and stroked it while giving me a deep kiss. The elevator soon stopped and she removed her hand and walked out. My cock was sticking straight out as I walked down the hallway. We got to my door and quickly went in. Kelly locked the door behind her and came up to me kissing me hard. Both her hands dove back into my pants and were feverishly feeling my cock. With our tongues tightly inter-twined, her hands went around to my ass and she pulled my pants down to my knees. I quickly pulled off my sweatshirt. She stepped back and said, “Let me get a look at you.” As she was admiring the panties on me, she fixed them a bit, tugging and straightening them. “You look cute in your panties. I like how hot your butt looks in them”, Kelly said as pinbahis giriş I looked down to see her staring at the outline of my cock, tracing it with her fingers. Then she went back to feeling the panties on my ass and cock, grabbing it tightly. The feeling was so incredible that my cock was dripping now. Now she was pumping my cock and a big wet spot formed on the front of the panties. She said, “Now look what you did.” Kelly grabbed sides my panties pulling them off. She came back with them and wrapped them around my cock, stroking me with them. “You like feeling panties wrapped around cock”, she asked, to which I was overwhelmed with pleasure and couldn’t get a word out. She arranged the panties so the silky fabric easily slid around my shaft. Now normally, I would have lost it by now, but there was something keeping me going. And with that thought, Kelly pushed me onto the bed and brought her head down and put her warm mouth around my cock, hungrily sucking it and stroking it. No words could describe the feelings I was having with her wet mouth slobbering all over my cock. I reached down and put my hand in her pants feeling her ass and panties. The heat poured out of her and her pussy was dripping already. It took me no time to work around her panties, slipping my fingers into her pussy. I was pumping 2 fingers into her pussy in unison with her sucking and stroking. She had my panties in her hand cupped around the base and balls as she sucked. Now, I couldn’t hold it, I started to tense up and release. Kelly caught all of my cum in the panties, completely soaking them. When I was done, she used the panties to wipe my cock off and threw them to the floor.Before my cock had time to go soft, Kelly shucked her pants and panties off and sat on top of my cock. She didn’t lose any time getting back into the rhythm and rode my cock hard. Her hand went down to her pussy, rubbing her clit. She let out a cry that would curl your hair as she bucked against her hand and my cock with her release. Her being wet was to say the least. I had not known her to be a squirter, but that was the biggest, wettest orgasm I have ever experienced her having with me.We laid in the bed, in each other’s arms catching our breath, dozing off to sleep. I don’t know how much time passed when I woke up and Kelly was gone. I got up, called and left her a message and decided to take a shower. Getting shower stuff together, I found the panties I was wearing on the floor and hers seemed to be somewhat kicked under the bed. I tossed them both in to the laundry basket which I figured I’d wash with my stuff. Later that night we went out drinking with friends. I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her, replaying the events that took place earlier. I feel our sexual relationship went to a whole new level.A few days later, Kelly was over, and we started making out. Kelly stopped and said, “Where are your panties?” “They are in the top drawer”, I told her. “I washed them and put them in there for you”. Her pants too were in there. She took the pants out and set them by her bag, then she went back to the drawer and took out the panties that she wore the day before. She held them out and said, “Here, put these on.” “Why?” I asked. “Because they look sexy on you and I like it. Plus I like the way it turns you on”, she said. I put my legs into the panties and she slid them up, adjusting my cock and feeling my ass as if to smooth out the back. My cock was rock hard already. I guess they did really turn me on. And she liked it too. Kelly took her pants off, and straddled my cock, grinding her panty covered pussy against my panty covered cock. This was hot. Both our panties became soaked from each other’s wetness. I started to think, “Is this is what Kelly and Lisa do?” She jumped off and got on her hands and knees saying, “I want you to fuck me from behind and leave your panties on.” Happy to comply with her demands, I pulled my panties aside to take my cock out. Kelly did the same, making her pussy exposed. When I was behind her, she licked her hand, slapped the spit on her pussy and grabbed my cock, rubbing the tip of it into her slit. With ease, my cock slid into her soaked pussy. Kelly let out a sigh, feeling the length of my shaft. My hands were feeling all over her panties on her ass. She kind of turned on her side, looking towards me, starring into my eyes with the “Fuck Me!” look. With every thrust I felt elastic of my panties slide across my ass. The feeling was so hot. I had one hand on Kelly’s ass, guiding her against my cock and I had my other hand feeling my own ass. The feel of the soft fabric, watching her eyes roll up into her head, seeing her bite her bottom lip, made us both have an explosive orgasm with her burying her face in the sheets as she cried out. Both our panties were soaked and so were the sheets, but that didn’t stop us laying down in each other’s arms, falling asleep right then and there.The sex was incredible. Kelly really enjoyed fucking me while I was wearing panties and I loved it too. This carried on for a few weeks. Kelly started to ask me to wear panties out and to class. Kelly would start doing “Panty checks” when we were out. She would come up saying, “Are you wearing your panties today?” or sometimes just slide her hand down the back on my pants to check herself. I could tell when she got excited too from knowing if I was “wearing”.One time I went to her apartment pinbahis güvenilir mi and we started fooling around. We were laying in her bed only in our panties. She got up and went to the dresser pulling a few things out. I really couldn’t see with the lights dim and all. I felt something soft and silky sliding on my legs. Not knowing what it was, Kelly slid it up and across my panties. Then back down my legs again. She asked if I liked that which I didn’t have to answer. My cock responded for her by throbbing in my panties. She went down to my feet and slid into what I later found out were stockings. She had one leg covered up to my knee and was caressing it with her hand. Kelly asked me again, unsure how I would like it. I mumbled, “keep going” and she slid my other foot into the other stocking. She grabbed my hand telling me to stand up as she finished sliding the stockings up my thighs. I loved the look of thigh high stockings on her, especially with garters, but I had no idea how sensual it felt. My legs were tingly all over and I couldn’t help but to reach down to feel them. They had lace on the tops and rubbery stuff to keep them up. I looked over to the mirror and my legs looked so sexy with the lacy stockings and panties. My cock was loving this too, nodding with approval. I loved how my legs felt when I would rub them together. Kelly had me lay down on the bed and she ran her hands up and down my legs. She especially liked feeling the lacy tops on my thighs and brushing against my panties. It was driving me nuts and I was totally under her spell. She pulled my panties aside to pull my cock out. Kelly stroked my cock like she always did, occasionally sucking on it to get it wet. But then there was something different. I felt her hand pushing my panties into the crack of my ass. Feeling the fabric gliding on my tight hole became quite arousing. I raised my knees and spread my legs to give her more access. Kelly focused more on my ass then my cock, pushing harder with her fingers. It felt as if she was pushing my panties inside my hole. Feeling her finger inside me was making my cock drip with cum. She wiped the tip and brought her finger up to her mouth to lick it off then went back to sucking my swollen cock. I felt like I was in heaven with everything going on. The panties, the stockings, her finger probing my ass, all while sucking my cock, I couldn’t hold out much longer as streams of cum landed all over her face. Kelly stood up, spun around and squatted down on my face. She moved her panties to the side and slapped her soaked pussy onto my waiting mouth. She gyrated her hips making her pussy slide back and forth on my tongue. Kelly was so hot and so wet, it was like she couldn’t get enough. She reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart, placing her tight hole onto my tongue as she said “Lick my ass!” Not like I could say no at this point. I stuck my tongue straight out as hard as I could so she could press against me. I wiggled my tongue deeper in to her as far as I could. Once it was all wet, Kelly bounced up and down a little to fuck her ass with my tongue. She reached down feeling the stocking again and grabbed my cock. Kelly bent down putting my soft cock into her mouth and sucked me hard again. My tongue moved back to her pussy and flicked against her hard clit. This instantly brought her to another intense orgasm that made her shake all over before collapsing on top of me.After a minute or two, Kelly turned around and laid next to me with her head on my arm. Her leg was feeling my stockings, sliding on top of my legs. We laid like this, eventually falling asleep for a bit. When I woke up, Kelly was gone. I was laying in the bed still wearing the stockings and panties. I heard noise from the bathroom, then heard the shower turn on. I thought about waiting for Kelly to finish, but then thought, maybe I will join her. I stripped off the clothes and slid into the shower. Kelly looked at me saying, “I hoped you would join me.” I gave her a big kiss and hug, feeling her soapy tits against my chest. She reached over grabbing her scrubbie thing, squeezing some soap into it. Kelly stepped back and started soaping up my chest and arms. Then moving down my stomach and around my cock. She squatted down washing my legs which made me think she was going to suck me off again. But she didn’t. “Turn around so I can wash your back”, Kelly said while making circles with her finger. It felt really nice to have her wash me, very relaxing. She made her way down my back and soaping up my ass then down my legs. Coming back up, I felt Kelly’s hand slide between my butt. Her soapy fingers were feeling my tight hole again as I leaned against the wall. I felt one of her fingers slide deep into my ass, feeling inside me. Normally, I would cringe with the thought of this, but it was really pleasurable. My cock was getting hard and she reached around to stroke it. Her finger in my ass kept pressing in a spot that made my cock twitch. “That’s your prostate”, she said adding, “It is like a g-spot for men.” Well, I had no idea. Kelly pressed harder, working her finger back and forth, rather than in and out. “I take it you never had your ass played with?” she said, working another finger in. My cock was dripping like crazy now and she grabbed it, squeezing really tightly around the base. Within about 30 seconds of this, I was squirting my cum against the tile. Kelly slid her fingers out, but rubbed them against my closing hole momentarily. I spun around giving Kelly a deep kiss, telling her that I have never experienced such intense sex before. She looked at me deviously saying, “That’s good to hear. Then I have something you will really like.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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